Top 10 Dumbest Rap Album Covers

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1 Trap Story - Gucci Mane

This is far from the first terrible cover art from Gucci Mane, but it is one of the dumbest covers out there that simply ruins an amazing movie. And think about it: this cover is for a RAP ALBUM. Now I don't mind albums having covers that portray cartoons, considering one of the alternate covers for Kanye West's MBDTF had Olive Oyl from Popeye on the cover, but at least make the cover look more creative than photoshopping your ugly ass head on the characters! This is not the first time he's done this for a cover, though. There was one where they photoshopped his head and the heads of some other rappers on Marvel Superheroes. What was worse about that cover was that one of the rappers portrayed BATMAN. The album was called the AVENGERS. Batman is not an Avenger nor is he a Marvel character! And it wasn't even Batman's suit! It was Nightwing's, and I know their suits look similar but the cover artist could've done his research before making this!

2 Murda's Muzik II Return of the Bad Guy - Uncle Murda

Bro, what did the Care Bears ever do to you? Why would you do them like that, man? Worst part about this is that it says "Care Bears Presents..." at the top left. The Care Bears are out here helping you with your bootleg struggle tape and you just gonna pop them in the end? What's up with that?

3 Doe Boy I Got That Cake Mix - Gucey Guce

This looks like something out of a terrible gimmick 1990s horror film with awful CGI. I don't know what else to say about this cover. We've got a psychopathic murderer Pillsbury Dough Boy wearing jeans below his underwear and holding a cake mixer that, for some reason, is on fire, there's snow and cocaine packs all over the ground, and, for whatever reason, everything in the background is frozen. Like, is it the end of the world or something?

4 Welcome to Phunky Town - Money Butt Naked

Can someone tell me who thought it was a good idea to have the cover art of the artist taking a crap? Not only that, but he decided to hold up the middle finger for no reason and defy the laws of gravity by taking a dump 1000 feet in the air. And don't even get me started on the artist's name.

5 Thug N****z Thug Livin - Robinson Boyz

Wait, are these guys naked? Y'all call yourselves thugs but your album cover makes you look fruity as hell, and I don't have anything against gay people, but even gay rappers or gay artists in general for that matter don't photo themselves butt naked standing next to each other like they just got out of a prison shower for cover art. And what the hell is going on behind them? There is a cop car and a helicopter that seem to be chasing someone, and another cop car that seems to have crashed into something. It's like these guys just got through robbing a bank and once they got away, they decided to just strip ass naked and have one of their boys take a picture of them for their album with all of that crap going on behind them.

6 Fac Not Fiction - 187 Fac

What the hell is the purpose of this cover? Why are they naked in bathtubs floating in front of whatever city that is, and how are the tubs floating anyways? The weight of the tubs plus filled with water should make them sink! I honestly don't understand what the message behind this album is, nor do I understand what the hell the artists' name even means. Like, can anyone explain what a "fac" is?

7 Pull My Finger - Plain

There is just way too much crap going on in this one picture. First of all, the album is called Pull My Finger, which is bad enough on its own. If you look closely, though, you can see his index finger is on fire for whatever reason. I guess if you pull his finger, he releases an explosive fart that blows up cars like he apparently did to the one behind him. I also like how he's holding a gas canister. I believe the story of this album cover is that he filled up the gas can at the station behind him, gave himself a gasoline enema, and had his photographer pull his finger and blow everything up with explosive ass gas.

8 Illusions of Grandeur - Lil' B

What the hell is THIS? Why did you think this cover art would be a good idea? You're all tatted up from the ass up, and you decide to have an artist draw you with fake ass Queen Elizabeth attire on? And I thought Young Thug's Jeffery outfit was weird.

9 The Unborn King - CP Da Don

This is bad photoshopping at its finest. There CP holding up the peace sign who's terribly photoshopped behind stacks of cocaine and marijuana, which is also horribly photoshopped inside of the Marshall Mathers LP house. Such an amateur job done by the editor.

10 Slam Dunk'n Hoes - Top Dog

Okay, this album is both offensive, but also kinda funny. We have Top Dog or at least that's who I think it is, slamming a woman through a basketball hoop. While it did make me laugh, I can't deny that it is a pretty offensive and messed up concept for cover art.

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11 Will Smith is Trying to Eat Soy Beans in My Bed - SNCKPCK
12 Pac's Life - 2pac
13 Water - Ugly God
14 Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'em - MC Hammer
15 Sonic Jihad - Paris
16 Honestly, Nevermind - Drake
17 Stalingrad - Mome Boys

Basically it's just a picture of some background picture that copied another. It shows us a dog that looks like Walter who wears a hat and drinks alcohol.

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