Best Songs on Whitesnake's Snakebite

Snakebite is the first recording released by Whitesnake in 1978. It was a EP that contained 4 songs but a re-release added 4 more songs taken from David Cloverdale's second solo album "Northwinds"


David Colverdale - Lead Vocals (all songs)
Micky Moody - guitar (all songs)
Bernie Marsden – guitar (tracks 1-4)
Neil Murray – bass guitar (tracks 1-4)
Dave Dowle – drums (tracks 1-4)
Tim Hinkley – piano (tracks 5-8)
Alan Spenner – bass (tracks 5-8)
Tony Newman – drums (tracks 5-8)
Lee Brilleaux – harmonica (tracks 5-8)
Graham Preskett – violin (tracks 5-8)
Roger Glover – clavinet, cowbell, Arp 2600, producer (tracks 5-8)
Martin Birch - producer (tracks 1-4)

Tracks 1-4 are from the original EP, recorded 7–13 April 1978 at Central Recorders, London.

Tracks 5-8 are from the Northwinds album, recorded 10–19 April 1977 at AIR Studios, London.

The Top Ten

1 Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City

This is a cover of a a 1974 R&B song, written by Michael Price and Dan Walsh, and first recorded by Bobby Bland, Whitesnake would later release a live version of the song as a single from their live album " the Heart of the City" - christangrant

They did a great job here. Made the song sadder, slower and heavier. I prefer it over the original. - Metal_Treasure

Really pleased to see this one at the top. Love it. - Britgirl

2 Come On
3 Queen of Hearts
4 Only My Soul

One of my favorite ballads by David Colverdale - his deep sad voice sounds good on ballads.
When I heard Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple for the first time, I was surprised he was only 22 years old when sang it because this type of sadness (and maybe wisdom) isn't very typical for younger singers.
He recorded Only My Soul at 25 which is again too early for this type of a song. - Metal_Treasure

5 Breakdown
6 Bloody Mary
7 Keep On Giving Me Love
8 Steal Away
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