Top Ten Songs Whose Title Refers to or Shares Its Title with a Movie, TV Series, Book, Character, Comic or Video Game

The Top Ten

Sanageyama - Dat Adam Sanageyama - Dat Adam Cover Art

"Sanageyama" is a character from the anime "Kill La Kill".

The song is about DatAdam's problems with society. Sanageyama blinded himself literally, while in the song Ardy complains that people look away from the world's problems, metaphorically blinding themselves. - Martin_Canine

Ralph Wiggum - Bloodhound Gang Ralph Wiggum - Bloodhound Gang Cover Art

Ralph Wiggum is a character from the animated T.V. series "The Simpsons".
The song consists of quotes from him. - Martin_Canine

Bikini Bottom Gangster - Spongebozz Bikini Bottom Gangster - Spongebozz Cover Art

This is quite obvious, isn't it?
Bikini Bottom is the hometown of "Spongebob Squarepants", and SpongeBozz's stage persona and rap name is based on Spongebob. - Martin_Canine

James Bond - Kollegah

He compares himself to James Bond in the chorus - he's a womanizer, has a noble style and can kill you. - Martin_Canine

Chinatown - Kollegah

There's actually no connection to the Roman Polanski movie of the same name. But the title is the same. - Martin_Canine

Poison Apple - Blood on the Dance Floor & Jeffree Star Poison Apple - Blood on the Dance Floor & Jeffree Star Cover Art

The poison apple is a well known part of the famous fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", which was the basis for books and movies.
In the song they compare themselves to several evil or spooky things, among them the poison apple. - Martin_Canine

Bruce Wayne - Shindy

Bruce Wayne is the protagonist of the "Batman" universe which has spawned comics, T.V. series, movies and games.
He is in fact Batman, and wears an all black costume. Shindy prefers noble black clothes and therefore wears black just like Bruce Wayne.

(That kinda sounded like a Rap Genius annotation^^) - Martin_Canine

King Kong - Shanadoo King Kong - Shanadoo Cover Art

"King Kong" is the antagonist/anti-hero of the classic movie of the 1930s, a giant gorilla.

This Japanese song is about a guy whose online nickname is King Kong and she falls in love with him (that's what I read at least, I don't know any Japanese).
The melody of the chorus is taken from the song of the same name by E-Rotic, which is about sex with King Kong and his "ring-a-ding dong" - obviously one of the songs with the dumbest lyrics I know. - Martin_Canine

Steve Urkel - Shindy

Steve Urkel is a character from the sitcom "Family Matters".
In the song he says he needs pants like Steve Urkel because regular pants can't hold the money he made from his debut album (which was a sleeper hit and surprisingly topped the German charts). This silly metaphor also is a perfect example of the laid back fun attitude of Shindy. - Martin_Canine

Johnny Fontaine - Farid Bang

Johnny Fontane (without the "i" used by Farid Bang) is a minor character from the classic mafia movie "The Godfather" who is a singer with mafia ties.
The song is an attack on several other rappers of Germany, a large amount of which are gangster rappers. He compares them to Johnny Fontane, because they have to give their money to the mafia, but also clarifies he himself doesn't. - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

Timmy Turner - Desiigner Timmy Turner - Desiigner Cover Art
Dracula - Iced Earth Dracula - Iced Earth Cover Art
Tarzan & Jane - Toy-Box Tarzan & Jane - Toy-Box Cover Art
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