Crawling - Linkin Park


The lyrics are so deep and vivid. When Chester Bennington screams, he shows the angst of a young woman going through child abuse, and is somewhat based on his own life. One of the most underrated songs of all time.

Sweet Child O'Mine by Gn'R or Crawling by Linkin Park? What should I choose, but finally I choose Crawling by Linkin Park. Why? Because I'm LPU. Take it easy, dude...

, this is one of the most creative songs I've ever heard... The meaning is great, the instrumentals are so unique! Surely deserves to be on at least top 30.

This is an amazing song, Linkin Park is a great band and I love them and their lyrics are such an inspiration. I already want to have their next album in my hands. LINKIN SOLDIER FOREVER!

All songs of Linkin Park are awesome. But Crawling is an incredible song that touches my soul. I'm a big fan of Linkin Park and Crawling. You guys should vote for Crawling.

This is such an amazing song! It deserves to be in the top ten at least, but even more surprising is that the far better songs of Linkin Park, In the End and Numb, are not in the list. That just sucks.

This song is the legend, Chester gives an awesome scream and flow in this song, this song should be amongst in the top 20 and must be... Vote! Linkin Park Fans...

Where the hell are in the end and numb in the list. if crawling is at 29 than they definitely deserve to be in the top 5. Linkin Park fans what are you doing?

The song that got me hooked on them along with "one step closer", very good played and sung, my fourth all time favourite

In top 10 it should be 9 of Linkin Park, there is only two kind of music is available in this world, number 1 Linkin Park number 2 rest of Linkin Park

chester benningtons voice is very powerful,he,the band and their songs are very,very underrated.

Great lyrics, beats, music I love it. I wish I could vote 10 time more for this song. Has a great meaning. Love it. Long liv Linkin Par

Linkin Park is the best modern rock band ever. They have given an awesome flow in this song!

This Is The song that made Hybrid Theory the best selling album of the 21st century

This should be way higher... Crawling was just too good. The emotions seem to blend with the music. It's too good.

Best song I've ever heard and the loudest in my collection, it's my favorite. I will advise every one to hear it.

Man how is this Possible that it is on 21st position. It deserves the infinity cause Linkin Park Just Rocks! 11

The best shouts compared to any other songs throughout the history! It really touches the deep within!

This song is awesome, Crawling, Numb, In the End, New Divide, What I've Done are one of the worlds best songs

It just pours deep inside your skin and send shivers all the way thorough your spine! Awesome!

Love this song like hell! It's the best song of Linkin Park! Heal me during my bad time literally... - Fami_4

Where is Linkin Park best songs numb and in the end...? Those are best of bests songs ever I heard...

This is one of the best song of their debut album, must be in top 20 must.

This list is sick, totally dominated by boring classic rock... It pains to see Linkin Park at 34

This song is beast and anybody who disagrees can get lost because it truly is