Monsoon - Tokio Hotel


I love this song is one of the best in their repertoire because this song make you feel that be one person in some place that love you and could make all for you I love this song and I love to them Bill Tom Georg and Gustav are the best I love this song is one of the best of his repertoire because this song makes you feel that there is someone somewhere that loves you and can do everything for you I love this song and I love bill tom gustav georg and

I cry every time I hear Tokio Hotel performing this song! Their passion in this one is just amazing! Considering how young they were when this song came out(they were 17-18) and people being here call it one of the best songs ever, I guess this says it all.

You just have to admit they are very good. They are. And Monsoon ftw.

I'm a fan of TH running through the monsoon, beyond the world, to the end of time, where the rain won't hurt and fighting the storm into the blue, together with TH fans we'll be running somewhere new and nothing can't hold me back from you (TH! )through the Monsoon, just us(fans)and you(TH)

Tokio hotel sucks they are a horrible band... Make my ears bleed.

Monsoon is the first song I heard by Tokio Hotel, and for the past four years, I can not get past them. They are a part of me, and always will be until I die. Since this song, the world changed. Lots of people have met, have become fans of Tokio Hotel. This is the best song I ever heard. And she deserved to be considered one of the best songs. I could never forget this amazing song that changed my life.

I love this song! And it has so much meaning to me, because through it I discovered Tokio Hotel, like so many fans... The lyrics are so dark and cold, but with love... When you listen to it you just fly in the Monsoon, it's really exciting... The soft, deep and sweet voice of Bill Kaulitz is priceless, it's heavenly! Is the most beautiful song I've ever listened to!

Out of all the songs I expect people to say 'changed their lives', Monsoon is definitely one of them. Out of all the songs I've ever heard, by tokio hotel or other, this is one of the very best. The words are so deep, especially coming from someone who doesn't originally speak English, and it's one of the songs that truly has saved me. Whether you think of love or family or something completely different when you hear it, it has that swell that just makes your heart rise up.

I can't really describe the feeling I get when I listen to Monsoon but it's definitely one of the best songs I've ever heard. It has everything: great music, great lyrics and so much emotions. It's obvious that the guys really put their hearts and souls in their music and especially this song and that's what make them so good. I think this song has a special meaning to all the Aliens

This is a super great song whether in German or English language it has been sang.. The deep emotions, significant expressions are already in this song. The message is really strong.. And my favorite part is " and when I lose myself I think of you" everyone can actually sing it even a 4 year old child can.. Whether your a boy or a girl. This song is just so awesome!

There's very beautiful and allegory song, it means so much for today. This is the first song for everybody who meets Tokio hotel at the first time, and thas is song you've can't ever forget. This is like first love. That people who's like Tokio hotel can say, that "Monsoon" is the first breath of Tokio hotel's freedom

Monsoon is one of the best songs I've heard, this song showed me that I have to learn to walk in the storm, face my fears and move forward, not give up because fighting is more satisfying, chasing dreams. Besides knowing that whatever happens, if I fall will be people to help me get up and that love is something that always came to us.

This song is amazing, just like all their other songs. It talks about going even through the biggest and most powerful storm just to be with the one you love and care about! How sweet and cute are these lyrics? Also "Monsoon" is like the band's baby and like their anthem

Monsoon is a amazing song I love it
Monsoon is a song that for me say:
Not even the most inhospitable in the universe can achieve overcome your wants, anything is possible.
This song, is the best song of the universe.
Monsoon is part of my heart
Tokio Hotel is a band that creates music wonderful

I really hope that Monsoon win. Amazing song! It's the perfect song for the rainy days, especially when you miss a person that you really love! Depressing emotions, wet atmosphere, hot tears, Bill's smooth voice and lots of rain! So what are you waiting for? Let's run through the MONSOON!

Monsoon is one of my most play song. It came first in half a day! I just fell in love with it the firs few seconds I listen to it! The emotions are here and everything is just perfect. I can't stop listening to it! Bill voice REALLY fit with this song! Forever Alien!

Monsoon is the first song that I heard by Tokio Hotel. My daughter had found Tokio Hotel on the internet and was listening to it. I stopped what I was doing and was mesmerized by the song. I have been a fan ever since. It is a song that you can listen to over and over and never tire of it.

This song change so many things in my life, and I've got no idea why it's only on 38 place. For us, Aliens, the song is perfect. In my opinion, it tells about the most beautiful love that I've ever seen - brotherly love between Tom and Bill, just saying.

Its a very very deep song. I think mostly everyone know the feeling about being in love, and this song describe it very well.

This song show that Tokio Hotel is a serious band. And not just a new mainstream band. They'll last for a long time.

this is the best song :) I loved, is amazing, all the song of tokio otel are cools an beautifuls, are the number one. I love the song "world behind my wall" I don't describe
just... tokio hotel for ever I love

When a song make you happy what can you write? Nothing, because there aren't words to describe it... When you listen to this song is like... that you are marring the singer. A sound sewn by a voice of an angel..
Beware They have just begun..

This song is a symbol in my life! I know TH with this song and I love them thanks this song! it is amazing! When I listen them I feel something in all my body x3 This group mekes me feel like me! I love them MONSOON FOR EVER!

This song is so beautiful! I love indeed! Your video is great! I love tokio hotel-monsoon! The truth every day it rains! Always the first thing is to think of this song and this video! I hope you win! A song is really cute!

The lyrics may be simple but they're full of meaning. What the text doesn't express the clean music does, and not least the voice of Bill. No other song awakes so much feelings just by sounding, it fills me.

This song totally has the essence which makes it different. When I heard it for the first time I was completely astounded by its music, lyrics, every second is worth listening, cause guys it will relate you somehow! #Brilliant Band!

I love this music, because, the german version made them become famous, express incredible who we are. It helped me a lot of times, when I was sad and wanted to die. Dann wird alles gut... I love them

This song was my way to dreamland! And for this I'll always be grateful to their creators and to their band if it wasn't for this song I would never know what emotions, true strong emotions mean... That's why I believe it should win.