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261 Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins V 1 Comment
262 Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson

This song has a beautiful strong message. Go Kelly clarkson for telling us this!

Best song ever should be in to the top 20

Good song. Love ya kelly clarkson­čśÜ

263 Thorn In Your Eye - Anthrax
264 Rise Above - Black Flag

Certainly not the best song ever, but the best when it comes to US-Hardcore-Punk. Genre-defining!

265 Until the End - Breaking Benjamin
266 Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson
267 West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

The pet shop boys at their best great atmosphere on their first hit

268 Dead! - My Chemical Romance

Amazing song by a great non-Emo rock band - Aman42k

269 Mortal Share - Insomnium V 1 Comment
270 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

R you crazy ac/dc rules! I demand 4 you to rank it betta man.

The song that explains the life most of us live or want to live. The best song from the best band that ever walked across the stage. Bon Scott will live forever in his music!

Bon Scot is no doubt the most legendary singer of the 80's and the opening guitar riff makes you feel like your actually on a highway to hell

What the
Why is it in 267
It should be first

V 17 Comments
271 They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson


The beats of this song are amazing... Makes me want to dance

I love this song, and it's pretty famous.
I guess this list is going to become a "best songs" list, instead of a "most popular" list.
Nevertheless, this song deserves top spot in any list.

I love this Michael Jackson song so much. I think that the determination this song shows should make it go from 250 to top 50 or 100.

V 11 Comments
272 Awake and Alive - Skillet

Skillet the best Christian rock band

Come on guys, it's Skillet! For crying out loud, vote Vote VOTE!

Once of the first songs apart from Hero that Skillet got Jen Ledger signing in. Her and Jon Coopers voice work so well together. Also the song itself cannot be faulted.

Why THE **** is Skillet so LOW?

V 12 Comments
273 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

Best solo, best chorus, best melody, best orchestra! - Varun303

What the hell is wrong with people these days?
This is easily the greatest song ever,
AND IS LOWER THAN BABY BY Justin Bieber! (at the time)
That is just wrong and needs to be fixed

Easily the best song on their new self titled album. The solo is amazing.

That's song is AWESOME

V 7 Comments
274 Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

I don't want to say this site is bad, but seriously? The first dire straits song on number 153? This is (one of) the greatest rock bands to ever exist, and I'm not only talking about this song... Telegraph road, Romeo and Juliet, tunnel of love, love over gold, they should all be in the top 50 at least.

Why is Michael jackson, akon, backstreet boys, mariah carey all in front of his song. what is wrong with you people

LISTEN to this song people! it's a disgrace it's not even in top 3. Must be a kiddies charts (unbelievable)

This song is so perfect, musically and lyrically... Not even in the top 100? Tsk tsk tsk.

V 5 Comments
275 Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

Best song ever made! Love it! Why isn't this Number one on this list?

A great rythym, great chorus, paradise city is great!

When I saw this list I thought it was going to be 1st

It's The Best Guns N Roses Song Ever

V 8 Comments
276 I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys

why is this all the way at 341? its one of the best modern songs and pretty much sums up todays youth

Classic tune, classic Arctic Monkeys!

650! Are you kidding me! - neel9248

Fluoresence adolescence and mardy bum ain't bad either. AM for life

V 1 Comment
277 Titanium - David Guetta

This song is amazing. It was one of the best songs in that year. It has a meaningful message. Sia's vocals are FANTASTIC! David Guetta and Sia make GREAT songs! It should be at least in the 70-80

Amazing song! I don't understand, all my relatives hate this song and I'm the only one who likes it! Best song ever!

Best song ever taylor swift sucks

Totally agree with the person who liked turn me on.

V 4 Comments
278 The Final Countdown - Europe

Just an amazing song, love it!

This song is awesome. Why is it so far from top 10?

I'm voting for it because my favorite song is already #1. How is this song down here? I ' love it - PeeledBanana

Come on, it should be at the top 10 people! - Yungstirjoey

V 1 Comment
279 Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

One of the most powerful songs with one of the most important messages

Best song ever great meaning but how does kei$ha make the list she suck like tim tok is horrible

Amazing song

280 I Miss You - Blink 182

just a classic, no other way to describe it. Blink 182 at their best - especially for double singing

Not the best blink 182 song, but it should have been added a lot sooner. This song is one of a kind.

Good song even if you don't like the band

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