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81 Sing for the Moment - Eminem

I'm not exactly a big fan of Eminem, but he's got a knack for sampling great songs very effectively.

Well I don't mean this should be in top 3, but why is this only 261th? Get this at least top 50 or top 100, please. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Perfect lyrics, love this song so much

Great rhymes, lyrics and message.

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82 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

Best song ever I love all the cool beats they have.

Amazing! My best electronic song

At least get the name right

So damn catchty

83 Layla - Derek & The Dominos

Two of the greatest guitarists ever (Clapton and Duane Allman) team up to deliver a true gem. The guitar work by Duane at the end of the song is AMAZING! - mdp1970

This is another song that is disregarded by to many of you all in here who the heck taught you all to understand real music? This is a true classic as written below I can say more than is written already this was a top 20 song period.

It's actually 2 of Rock's greatest songs put together. It starts with perhaps one of the most familiar guitar riffs in Rock history. Then at 3:10 into the song, it breaks down into one of the genre's most beautiful melodies. A classic.


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84 Every Breath You Take - The Police

Best stalker song ever

Awesome... If your a stalker.

Every move you make,Every single day,Every smile you fakee
I''l be watching youu

85 Not Afraid - Eminem

Its meaningful, it may be a song about suicide but, it shows how much you have to live for, that theres no reason to kill yourself. - Ally131

I don't really like Eminem, but I do like this one and I think it's pretty encouraging to me, usually when I'm having a rough day and I need someone to show they actually care. - Discord

Best ever song. Eminem+Nike AirMax = Best. I bet that one day it will be at the first position.

Nice song and the lyrics is also right

Keeps people's spirits high

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86 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Love It So So So So So So So So So So So Much - mneilan

I don't see why this is ranked so low. I guarantee that if you asked Americans if they have heard of this song, I bet at least 95 percent of them would say "yes". The reason why is because it is the best and most recognizable song in history. If you asked If they have heard of any of the other songs on this list you'd be lucky to get 75 percent of people knowing. This song and all other journey songs were written and sang from their hearts. It has such a powerful message no other song will ever come close to matching.

You have GOT to be kidding me. Don't stop believing is at 48! This is the greatest song of all time. It tells an amazing story of two random people from completely different backgrounds that meet against the odds and fall in love. The message is to never give up, which WAY to many people do these days. Whenever I am thinking about giving up at something, I think of this song and let it get stuck in my head until I force myself to decide otherwise. The toon is awesome, a way better training theme than the rocky soundtrack. It is a perfect blend of all styles of music. The instrumentals work in harmony with each other like a orchestra to create the amazing music. The message is overwhelmingly positive. Anything is possible. Humans can do anything we want. Just knowing that we can create this song can convince me of that. This is the Beethoven symphony of the 20th century for gods sake people. It should be way higher.

This has to be the most overrated song of all time - JarfDorkis

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87 Blackstar - David Bowie

I've never listen to Bowie beforehand, but he's incredible in this song. - SwagFlicks

Masterpiece, such a great farewell.

And this isn't in the Top 20 WHY? - DCfnaf

88 Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas

A classic song, with nothing but perfection. A song of hope, a song of peace, a song of comfort. I would give this song a 10. Great job Kansas.

This is one of the greatest and one of my favorite songs of all time. Everybody knows it and loves it. Please, PLEASE vote for this to be higher on the list.

Are you serious. There is absolutely no way there are 214 better songs that this classic. I won't say the top, because of other genres and other classics, but at least top 20. So much better than anything done by Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, etc. - esaoud

Has it ALL for a classic rock song, radio FM star song... virtuosity, surprising changes, rhythms that stop an go, prog chords all over.

The song is a JEWEL!...hear it you will love it!

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89 Uprising - Muse

Coolest rock music! Guaranteed that one will listen it again and again

Amazing song!

Sarah likes this song and if you don't she will kill you

Cool song

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90 Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

Common guys, this is such a great song. Metallica is one of my favourite bands, but Sympathy for the Devil is a perfect song. 32 on Rolling Stones Magazine for greatest songs of all time.

This song is amazing. People who first hear it probably think why is the tune repeated the whole time but the truth is this song is amazing and the devil-real or not- we should show some sympathy toward him/her

Out of all the songs on this list this one is the most profound. It looks at all the atrocities in history that has been waved off using the devil as a scapegoat. As Richard's stated, "Everyone's evil."

It's honestly disgraceful that this song isn't at least in the Top 20.

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91 Ghetto Gospel - 2Pac

Great song, should be in the top 100!

Greatest Rapper Alive

2pac is the greatest

Tupac is the greatest!
This song deserves to be much higher in the list - Kshmr1247

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92 21 Guns - Green Day


21 Guns is such a fantastic song! It's really strong and meaningful, and the lyrics are brilliant. - badwolfgirl

Good song, no doubt. But where the heck is Basket Case?

Why not on no. 1!?

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93 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Why isn't this number 1?

You should listen bohemian rhapsody dude, your music knowledge was so low - InsaneRockfan

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! A TOP TEN SONG IS SITTING AT #103! BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS, IN THE END (by Linkin Park), and Enter Sandman (by Metallica) deserve higher spots!

Probably not better than wonderwall... But I don't think it deserves to be below in the end.

Uptown Funk’s before Green Day and Sex Pistols?
Oh God

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94 Hello It's Me - Todd Rundgren
95 Distant Sky - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
96 Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana

This should be top 50!

97 With or Without You - U2

I don't know why this is put so below. This and 'All I want is you' are the most favorite song I have ever heard.

U2 is one of the best bands out there, and this is defiantly one of their best. Along with One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and maybe Desire, U2 really has some of the best music out there. Few bands can combine lyrics with quality music, but U2 and With or Without You nails it

Awesome song. Should rank higher than other songs that really don't deserve such a high spot on the list.

U2's best work are Where the Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, One, Pride (in the name of love), With or Without You, I Will Follow, New Year's Day, Bad just to name a few should be higher on the list it's a bit disappointing that G'n'R are rated higher

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98 The Show Must Go On - Queen

The last hit of Queen is the best of them

An absolute legend and probably the most powerful and naturally talented singer and performer to ever live, excellent song and so much meaning... Indeed the show must go on

The most powerful vocal performances I ever heard, and the fact that Freddie was dying and struggling whilst recording this beautiful song is outstanding. He still managed to pull off a brilliant performance. The opening rhythm is great, the voice is superb, the lyrics are fantastic and the guitar solos are spot on. How this song is not at the very least in the top 20 baffles me.

How is Happy by Pharrell above this godlike masterpiece that song is utter trash when compared to this oh and Freddie Was dying when he sang this and the end result was the single greatest vocal preformance of all time in my opinion this needs to be in the top 20 at least - christangrant

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99 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

R you crazy ac/dc rules! I demand 4 you to rank it betta man.

The song that explains the life most of us live or want to live. The best song from the best band that ever walked across the stage. Bon Scott will live forever in his music!

Bon Scot is no doubt the most legendary singer of the 80's and the opening guitar riff makes you feel like your actually on a highway to hell

What the
Why is it in 267
It should be first

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100 Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones

A typical Stones song with a fantastic beat

It's goth-esque, but not depressing. It's still got such a rock and roll feel to it.

I can't believe that The Rolling Stones. Paint It Black stands at the last place, This is a great song to sing, have a lot of meanings in it and it is just so phenomenal and I am sure The Rolling Stones have more fans than these hacky Tokio Hotel which stands at #11!

Come on.

Best of the bests

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