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81 What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

Motown.. Motown.. Motown one of the leaders of his era. Again who are these people that think Eminem is so much better than a Marvin Gaye and so many others that have been pushed down in the top 100 songs..REALLY? All I can say is sorry your ears deceive you so badly, the talent then is far and above the small pool that is out here now. I am glad country singing still knows that there are instruments used in a song, not soundboards and fake beats and synthesized everything. I am not old, I just appreciate true talent and musicians who play can music.

As relevant today as when Marvin composed the song, a brilliant look at a world in trouble, each lyric, chord and note is perfectly balanced to deliver the message of the song.

THe most soulful and eloquent song of it's time, and it still holds strong despite 40-some years of amazing music. THere is literally nothing wrong with this song, and it transports you out of life for a brief three minutes, just like any great songs should.

Bullet For My Valentine? Eminem? Linkin Park? You think that they are better than this? - 445956

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82 Black - Pearl Jam

it truly does'nt get any better

Sheer brilliance in the lyrics! The more you listen the more powerful it gets!

Powerfully and emotionally written and performed. Number one in my book

How is this so far down? Amazing song. Intense.

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83 Somebody to Love - Queen

freddie mercury put his best vocals on this one and i think it should be number 1 or 2

Masterful. Freddy shows what he got on this song. Should be top ten.

Freddie Mercury made this song great with his vocals - Ajkloth

One of the best queen songs. Very emotional

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84 Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

A super song about the troubles and strife of everyday life, capturing perfectly the teenage rebellious-ness.
Really an epic song, and learning all 9 minutes of the lyrics isn't much of a feat, because its so catchy you end up singing it

this song is beyond words. Its perfect. If you don't like it. You probably don't understand it. its the modern bohemian rhapsody. just punky. my favourite song of all time. and to all who think this music is crap. I saw comfortably numb and I knew I would vote it. its beyond feelings. but I know this band have out more into this song than any other song I've ever heard.

Amazing song.
Rock opera!
Dark, poetic, emotional lyrics.
A revolution to today's rock music.
One of the greatest songs ever written, in my opinion.
Creative music video to match, directed by the talented Sam Bayer.
Truly an anthem for this generation of teenagers and troubled youth. A comment on society.

Green Day's best song, a truly 9 minutes of Green Day experience to me. - malamJONES

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85 Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis

One of the greatest for sure without a doubt. Can't believe that songs from MJ are topping songs from this band, such as this one.

Very few artists could pull off sampling Imagine, but Oasis does it as well as anyone ever could.

Beats wonderwall for me. Great song

I agree,Oasis best song...Should be so much higher on this list,it ain't funny.

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86 When I'm Gone - Eminem

One of the BEST Eminems songs and one Of the best songs EVER! Should be at top 20 at least! Anyone disagrees?

Great song. tells a great story. Eminem is phenomenal

I guess this is the MOST inspirational, emotional and touching song by Eminem!
Deserves to be at least top 50...

This is one of the most touching Eminem songs ever

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87 Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park

Not even in the top 100, whats the matter with you people, this is the best song ever made by anyone, let alone Linkin Park. - lukestheman4

How can any song be better than this one? It's the greatest song ever.

You should see the Egocity Chap version of this
(ec-breakig the habit) - sagat2010

Want to hear it know

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88 First Date - Blink-182

Its a classy act by the one of the punk Greats. This song actually showed how the band was humourous, fun and obviously cool. Check out its video, cried laughing...

Cool PUNK MUSIC VIDEO... you all should listen it and VOTE it...

An awesome song and music video. should never be forgotten.

I was surprised there weren't any Blink songs higher up on the list

89 All the Small Things - Blink-182

Amazing song, with an equally awesome video!
I can listen to this song all day, and still love it each time. This song deserves to be ahead of some of the new junk that is cluttering the list... It's easily top 50! Go Blink!

A classic by my favourite band.
Should be number one! x

This is my favorite song ever!

Is fun and never gets old!

90 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

Best song ever I love all the cool beats they have.

Amazing! My best electronic song

At least get the name right

So damn catchty

91 Holiday - Green Day

Why do they have rappers on this list rappers are discaraces this is a true song sick guitar riff epic solo and its not an anti American song it an anti war song

This is my all time favorite song, but my lord this comment is awful - ProPanda

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the timing of the rest of our lives

Love this song I just love it no matter what!

Green Day at their best!

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92 We Will Rock You - Queen

Should be in top 20 at least! Recreates the spirit of humanity and is the perfect example of a SONG that unites HUMANITY...!

The Chorus part Is Very Good... Many Of Them Know This Song Without Knowing About The Legendary Band Queen... - saihemanth

This song brings out your inner tiger. Very uplifting in the soul and I know all the lyrics to this song, maybe all the lyrics. Here we go. " you got mud on your face, A big disgrace, spread it on the ground all over the place, saying we will, we will rock you, we will, we will rock you down pick you up, like a volcano about to irupt, rock'in all day an night, ride'in the alto ride, " and on and on. GO QUEEN. You ROCK!

This is a strong rebellios song that deserves its popularity. Queen is by far one of the best musicians. Go away Taylor swift make room for the 90's!

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93 Every Breath You Take - The Police V 3 Comments
94 21 Guns - Green Day


21 Guns is such a fantastic song! It's really strong and meaningful, and the lyrics are brilliant. - badwolfgirl

Good song, no doubt. But where the heck is Basket Case?

Why not on no. 1!?

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95 Sing for the Moment - Eminem

I'm not exactly a big fan of Eminem, but he's got a knack for sampling great songs very effectively.

Well I don't mean this should be in top 3, but why is this only 261th? Get this at least top 50 or top 100, please. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Perfect lyrics, love this song so much

Brilliant song, Eminem really knows how to get someone motivated

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96 I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe

The song is very beautiful and inspirational. It is a song that many people can relate to. I hope people would listen to the song and want to love God.

i believe that it should be in the tops because i really love and i seriously can only imagine it myself and jesus' feet and standing before the throne of God and thats all we can do right now is imagine... imagine and believe

This song describes a moment I can only imagine.

Great song

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97 Happy - Pharrell Williams

This song is played so much it makes me unhappy

What this song is terrible how did it get here

I really liked this song, but it got played so much that it started to annoy me. - swrs1234

This is above Time by Pink Floyd... - christangrant

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98 Raise Your Glass - P!nk

Raise your glass. Sure it sounds like a drunk crazy party but it's still amazing

RAISE YOUR GLASS LIST this is gon to far down the list

A fun song, I enjoy listening to it.

Its good but id ont think its good enough for this list specifically in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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99 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

Worst song ever worst song ever

People have to stop voting for songs they like at the time. This is a list of songs which stand the test of time and then some. - Songsta41

This song isn't really that bad, but let's consider that the lyrics were not well thought of. But anyway, it's still really catchy and isn't much of a disgrace.

It's a fun, mindless happy song with powerful vocals and great production, and it uses it all to its advantage. It gets better every time I hear it.

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100 Painkiller - Judas Priest

This is one of the best songs of all time and the best metal song in my opinion

Why is this at 982?

this should be in the top 100

A metal masterpiece, I don't get why this is at 1000

Happy by Pharell is above this masterpiece... - christangrant

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