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141 Jesus Alone - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
142 Changes - 2Pac

Definitely my favourite song of all time. Yet I guess people who like this sort of music don't spend their time voting on these sites constantly

Tells a great story, about how we should all just get along. The lyricism of this song is insane! - roblist

A pristine example of the good soul Tupac shakur had, and a reminder that the world has forver lost an inspiration from the heart of the west coast.R.I. P

Although it is rap, it tells a great message and is written amazingly. Get this in the top 100!

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143 Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce

This song is just genius the entire way through. It does not matter whether or not this is your type of music, you can still listen and be blown away by it. Insanely awesome! And thank god for that odd game Guitar Hero, for bringing this to the attention of the masses. It will get you motivated, chill you out, push you further, hold you back... Whatever you need it to. Definitely deserves to be a lot higher up than this!

Masterpeice... All you need to say. The Guitarist's battling in between the song doing amazing stints just completely blows me away.

How is the guitarist that good? - moose4life19

This rock song is strong and full of courage. We all go through our fire and flames but this genius song is one of the best in history

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144 Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

Just absolutely fantastic, incredible lyrics, uplifting mood, fits into so many situations, just fantastic

Oh My God. HOW is this song all the way down here?! It's one of my favourite songs, I just can't stop listening. I have no idea why this list is so crappy. WHERE is the Paramore?! Is it even possible not to like it?! Also, Smells Like Teen Spirit should totally be no.3, after Bittersweet Symphony and Misery Business. So a word of warning to the creator of this list: Change it or I will bite you. HARD.

One of best lyrics EVER! it's too emotional and realistic, really that song has to be in top ten =S!

Perhaps my most favourable tune in the world.

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145 My Generation - The Who

HOW ON EARTH CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE ON 395?! Come on people, you've got to be kidding! This song was the song of a whole generation, the mods! It is definitely better than Tokio Hotel, Jason Mraz or The Veronicas?! - thestranger

No way should this be on the list. One of my favorites from the who, even though my generation wasn't the best in terms of the music. - matty925

Wait, I thought this was the worst songs of all time list. Pardon me. This should definitely be higher up. - matty925

Brit bands are being ignored

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146 What's My Name? - Rihanna

Laugh out loud this is bull crap - LegitGames12

Haha, this has got to be a joke, right? It isn't? Oh dear god.

I love this song

Oh wow this is in the top 200. People getting triggered lmao. - ProPanda

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147 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Saw this band live at a smaller venue. And they were not on top of there game that night. On top of that, the frontman (His name escapes me, and this incident almost certainly scarred me) stopped the show and whined to the audience that we were the reason their performance was off. We apparently weren't appreciating his "Art" in the proper way. I couldn't believe it! Folks got upset and yelled back to just play the music and such. It was trippy, and a drag. I like a lot of Smashing Pumpkins music, but every time I hear it now I'm reminded of that incident. Dudes kinda a prima donna - Ned964

Immortal song. Not like all of the crappy songs up there you listen 3 times and switch to something else.

I am in utter disbelief that this is not in the top 100. This song is haunting and amazing. Gangnam Style is ahead of this... By a lot... That should tell you a lot bout people these days.

Great Alt Rock Song - Du

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148 I Remember - Deadmau5

Definitely one of my favourite songs of all time. Catchy, uplifting, addictive; it's amazing. Will never get over the fact that it was ever in 290th. - PositronWildhawk

I know two Deadmau5 songs but I don't know the titles

149 Ridin' - Chamillionaire
150 Heroin - The Velvet Underground
151 War - Nas
152 'Til We Die - Slipknot
153 First Date - Blink-182

Its a classy act by the one of the punk Greats. This song actually showed how the band was humourous, fun and obviously cool. Check out its video, cried laughing...

Cool PUNK MUSIC VIDEO... you all should listen it and VOTE it...

An awesome song and music video. should never be forgotten.

I was surprised there weren't any Blink songs higher up on the list

154 Lateralus - Tool

Lateralus. The album, the song, sheer genius. Allow me to explain. You see in music each line is comprised of measures and these measures affect how the timing in the song occurs such as the pulses and the drum beats etc. Most songs stay in either 4/4, 2/4, or 8/8 time signature, meaning four beats for every measure, etc. This songs chorus, comprised of three lines, descends by a beat each line. Thus you have 9/8 for the first line, 8/8 for the second line, 7/8 for the final line. If you thought THAT was crazy, that is only the beginning. You see, Lateralus is the title track for Tool's 2001 album "Lateralus. " Now Lateralus in and of itself was a complex song, and most fans thought it a bit awkward the way the syllables were laid out in the verses. This song actually acts as a gateway to a re-structuring of the albums tracks for a "Holy Gift" (as it is known by their fanbase). You see on The Holy Gift version, each track leads perfectly and coherently into the ...more

The most technical band that I have ever listened to. There should be more tool on this list

This is must hear song, the greatest song ever that created by tool. Maynard is very genius artist

Top 20 for me

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155 We are the Champions - Queen

Who doesn't know this one...

My older brother. He's 16 and the only song he knows is Thriller. Don't worry, I'm educating him on music😉 - kaitlynrad11

One of the most known songs ever and a total classic that never gets old

Why is this not on the list. It is one of the most recognized song in the world. Just overall a great masterpiece by Freddie Mercury.


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156 Drops of Jupiter - Train

I'm actually listening to this right now, it never gets old, && the lyrics are awesome!

Wonderful arrangement, one of the best I've heard, ever. I haven't researched this song well enough, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was "Ghost written" so to speak, because it is that good to me. Both the piano and strings are incredible. It speaks to me, and few Pop songs do. - Ned964

This song a modern classic. Undoubtedly the best song of the 00s. This song kind of defined slow rock. - superjason

Good song

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157 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

333, really? Seeing that Michael Jackson, Beatles and G&R (who are undoubtedly great artists, but honestly, there are not gods or something) all have around 10 songs in the top 100 while one of the greatest and most influential metal bands of all time has their first song at 333 is just sad. While BTROD is not their best song, it's just beautiful. It has both chilling and hard sections and a godly guitar solo. No hate against the other artists, but this should at least be 50.

This song should be near stairway to heaven it's just as epic

Not one of my favorite priest songs but it was the first I found on the list an its at 316 that's rediculousy low even for just this song it's got a good solo 2 good one in fact and great lyrics

Ahead of Judas Priest are Notorious BIG and even KPOP artists. SAD :(

Not just Judas Priest Beyond the Realms of Death, but there are way more Judas Priest, rock and metal songs, classical music, folk, and oldies music that should be filling the top spots instead of Pop (with the exception of Michael Jackson) and rap (though I think Gangster's paradise is a decent song)

158 I Am the Walrus - The Beatles

Best song about everything that doesn't make sense

this is a fantastic song,

semilina custard.... dripping from a dead dogs eye - and it does make sense - we did lyrical analysis a few years ago at school on it

This may be my favorite beatles song. I used to hate it because it's so weird, but now that I'm more into music, I can appreciate it. It's a great song.

If you think this song stinks,you need a Head-Shirker

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159 Paschendale - Iron Maiden

Can't stand to see garbage like Imagine and Smells Like Teen Spirit in the top five whilst this epic, but also poetic monster of a song is at #304. - IronSabbathPriest

160 It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion

This is my favorite song of all time. And no one can deny the fact that when this song was released, you actually thought or have said, this song is really great. - RLAAMJR

Spirit song, the words really mean. Everything was right back to ourselves... You who determines your path, your destiny, not fate determine our lives

This song is still one of the best love songs of all time and should be in the top ten best songs in history

That's a wonderful song. Nothing can disclaim that.

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