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Special operations units are by far the most well trained soldiers on the planet and for good reason being sent into life or death missions. The toughest situations on the planet easily. All special forces are equally well trained since most of them cross train with each other. I'm not some person who played COD or MW3 and now thinks he knows SOF. My father is a US Marine FORECON Sniper, my grandpa a former US Army Ranger, my uncle a former Norwegian Navy SEAL, my other uncle a former Danish Army Hunter and me a special forces hopeful. I'm not saying I'm right 100% but I think I my list might have a bit more credibility than ones.
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1 Canadian Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2)

One earlier commenter conveyed the idea that JTF2 accepted membership from other countries, which unfortunately is incorrect. All operators in the unit are hand selected from CAF members with a minimum of two years service. JTF2 has never lost a man to any opposing forces and never failed a mission. I thank all military personnel for their service, and JTF2 for their integrity in service.

JTF-2 remains the only foreign special operation unit to be conducted into American Tier 1 ranking (Along with Delta and Seal Team 6). Furthermore, JTF-2 is a military unit specifically requested to perform operations that were seen as incapable for other special forces such as Seals, Green Berets, and Delta during operations in Afghanistan. They are experts trained to operate in the worlds most deadliest terrains where they specifically train in frozen and mountainous environments. Information about JTF-2 members is deemed classified and members of the unit cannot inform family members of their involvement within the unit. One of the most guarded and secret special forces unit in the world. Products of a nation that values training rather than advancement of weapon technology above all else.

Canadian special forces training and Canadian Forces training has one of if not the most rigorous and efficient training on the planet and has for years upon years. Even things like P90x training system are based from an old Canadian military program, which even one of the Prince's used to develop his physical capabilities. The British have frequently cited Canadian military training programs as being the best available. JTF2 have even trained foreign troops including the US, and Canadian military frequently train other foreign infantry just as the US, Britian etc does as well. Yes even the US trains Canadian military in the south for the climate just as other ally nations help each other when needed, but the training that goes on above the 49th parallel and especially for JTF2 seems to be the best in the world.

As a Canadian citizen, I can tell you how under the radar these guys are. Almost no one knows about the JTF2. Their size is unknown. They could be larger than any special force in the world, no one will know. Another factor that makes Canada's JTF2 is that countries don't suspect Canada as a major threat and contributor in anti-terrorism and counter insurgency, which allows them to operate with little international pressure. Technically, Canadian solders are considered to be some of the best trained and equipped in the world, with a great salary. I can only imagine the quality of the solders in the JTF2.

2 British SAS/SBS

Hands down #1 since 1940. Every special forces on this list is proud to be the child of their motherland and the daddy of all special forces, the SBS/SAS.
Extremely well trained physically, coming through the Marines and Para's for most part, both of whom would contend with anyone on this list and both of whom undergo some of the most grueling and intense physical training in the world of warfare. The SBS and SAS kick that up another level and throw in some of the most intense mental and emotional tests a human could bare (although most cannot ). Add to that, the british are able to drop these troops anywhere on earth and have experience in combat in all arenas of combat. Something very few countries have the resources to do

With the best intel in the world out of uk MI, great military tech at their disposal and some of the worlds greatest military minds leading them, the most rigorous training and greatest experience. These are the most elite special forces on earth bar ...more

I'm a retired Canadian "grunt" and have worked with both JTF2, and SAS, am intimate with both of their training methods, deployments, and history.
I respect the work my fellow countrymen do, but they just do not have the broad reach, technical diversity, and level of field experience afforded the SAS. No fault of their own, just the way it is.
The screening and failure rate for SAS candidates...who then go on to a brutal regime of mind numbing physical and psychological training, is top drawer.
You're information about JTF2 training other 5 eyes special forces, is incorrect. They train with them, they don't train them. You won't hear Navy Seals, or SBS commanders saying to their troops "your fitness level is lacking, lets go ask JTF2 if they can help."

IMPO it should be SAS #1, JTF2 #2.

The British special operations units SAS and SBS are so similar in form and function that most people lop them together in one boat. However, their similarities only make them that much more effective. They are the 2nd special ops unit ever created in the history (after US, England and Canada Devil's Brigade from WWII). Many special forces after have modeled their training from that of the SAS/SBS and many other forces cross train with them including JTF2, US Navy SEALs, Norwegian MJK, Danish Army Hunters and many more. The SAS and SBS have proven themselves time and time again even playing a major role in the rescue of the Iranian hostages in 1980 from the embassy.

The Devil's Brigade was made up of only American and Canadian troops, no British Troops. 2nd Canadian Parachute Battalion made up the Canadian contingent of the Brigade (recently formed it's self from other Canadian Regiments. 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion was in training in the UK with the newly formed British SAS. JTF2 carries the tradition forward to this day.

3 United States Navy SEALs

United States Navy SEALs have been famed in many books and movies throughout the year depicting these elite naval commandos as America's last hope when all else fails. SEALs arguable have one of the toughest selection processes in the world involving BUD/S, SERE, SQT and TRP. They have been called on for some of the most daring operations in the world both on land and see have easily earned their right to a spot in the top 5. The SEAL Teams were also involved in Task Force K-BAR and were some of the key players in land operations along with JTF2.

They aren't built on fame and money as everyone guesses.. No! These are soldiers, with extensive two year training and for every day after that. I believe they're the best, no doubt. Although I would love for there to be 1 on 1 battles with each special task force, without killing eachother of course just to prove the SEALs to be the best.. And as well as extreme training, the technology provided for them only excels their skills in every way..

SEALs are 4th? Osama bin Laden, Mogadishu, etc. Ever heard of what they have done, plus countless covert ops unavailable to the public eye?

We're the dark matter. We're the force that orders the universe but can't be seen." Navy SEAL describing DEVGRU

4 Norwegian Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK)

The Norwegian MJK are a naval commando unit of Norway based in Haakonsvern. The MJK, like the GROM, have preferred to remain in the shadows until the government decided to finally allow them to enter the spotlight. The MJK had a profound impact in operation anaconda, working closely with the Danish Army Hunters in search and seizure, ship boarding and sabotage operations as a part of Task Force K-BAR. MJK applicants normally endure roughly two years of training before being a fully recognized operator.

The Norwegian special forces are immensely underrated, mostly due to very little being known about them. But isn't that a sign of a very professional unit? Also, they have had some international recognition. For instance, former SEAL Team Six operator, head of JSOC, and the guy who led the attack on Bin Laden, Admiral Bill McRaven, stated in an interview with VG, that the Norwegian special forces is "in the world's top" when it comes to special forces. Also, one of his favorite operations is the heavy water operations in Rjukan.

The Norwegian MJK is the crown Jewel of the north! They send 30 men to train resistance troops against IS and even Americans are like "Yeah, the IS is now literally messed". These guys are so hardcore, the Nordic gods don't accept them to their table to be good guys, the MJK invites the gods

These guys have by far some of the toughest training out there. Norway's naval elites have always gotten the job done when the situation called for it. FSK/HJK are also two spec ops units to look at too

5 Polish GROM

They are the guys which USA calls when they have a mission behind enemy lines (Afghanistan , Iraq are confirmed examples) that they want to keep very secret and quiet. Most of the times for years nobody even knows that any operations where conducted. They where operating in Iraq for at least a year before official invasion. (confirmed 10 years later) They also specialize in search and rescue operations behind enemy lines - yes they rescued SEALS from the hands of Saddam soldiers, more than once. Currently there are rumors that SEALS visit Poland to get training from GROM.

This highly secretive unit of the Polish military has been shrouded in mystery for quite some time. They have been hailed as one of the prime European special ops units and have established a reputation few can stand up to. They have been involved in numerous homeland defense missions and even more international operations normally working closely with other top tier special ops units.

Shrouded combat reports from a certain misson somewhere in afghanistan show that these armed beasts had over 200 confirmed kills without a single loss; using no more than 10 men. Due to brutal discipline and fierce training even SAS could dream of, these are one of, if not the most, elite troops in the world.

When the cia needed help in desert storm, the poles saved their asses.
Russians, French and britons refused the mission because it was too dangerous.

6 Greek O.Y.K. (Underwater Demolition Command)

They are going through the most shocking training and are facing death all the time.They are so cool and so calm at the most extremely situations. In combination with their new equipment the can reach everything.6 additional unconventional warfare speedboats are increasing their capabilities.The Hellenic Navy will aquire 2 multi missions frigates BELHARRA and there is option for another one plus Naval Cruise Missiles SCALP NAVALE (1000 km). On the other hand the Hellenic Air Force is probably going for the 5th generation joint strike fighter F-35 and together with the F-16 VIPER they will cover naval operations.

They do not ask how many is the enemy. They ask where is the enemy.Winning the battle although outnumbered against all odds.That philosophy is deeply grounded in the hellenic military history since 4500 years.Not only in anicient times ( Persian Wars 499-449 because,Alexander the Great ) but also in modern times like the War of Independence 1821,Balkan Wars 1912/13,WW1,WW2,Korean War 1953 where the greek royal company saved Seoul although outnumbered by near 1:100 against the chinese attacks over 3 days or in cyprus 1974 where the greek army raiders ( LOK ) in suicide operation ( OPERATION NIKI ) and outnumbered by 1: 40 with no tanks,air force and limited number of anti tank weapons saved Nikosia, Nikosia Airport and Paphos.

They demonstrated their courage and abilities during the Lebanon war 2006 evacuating hundreds of foreigners. A masterpiece of undetected Infiltration inside the confused frontline between the Israeli defense Forces, the Hisbollah and the Lebanese armed Forces. Neither of them noticed them despite the fact they infiltrated at many points simoultaneously with the result of no losses.State of the art in training and tactics. Best of the Best not only in words but in facts.

The WORLDS COMBAT ELITE! Nothing compares to them. The TOP of the TOP in the list of Special Forces. Their Training is too tough to imagine. Extremely high skilled and professional.Statistical a constant number of Maximum 2% get into the Demolition Team.Their History is so secretive as their missions. Men with great characters, extremely modest and smart, ready for self-sacrifice.They are not talkers

7 Israeli Shayetet 13

The Israeli Naval Commandos have always had a strong rep behind what they are capable of. A highly well-trained group of soldier capable of assaults by sea, air or land and specializing in maritime operations. Arguments will most likely be made as to why this unit is not a top 5 unit. Most funding to Israeli special ops units like Shayetet 13, Matkal and Shaldag come from the United States. Therefore, since they are relying on an uncertain external force to keep them afloat, I consider their foundation to fragile to rank higher.

The best trained Israeli force is Sayeret Matkal directly dependent on the first minister, not the IDF. Among other feats it performed the Entebbe rescue. The funding of Israeli special forces does not depend on the US. Nor does the funding of the IDF. Israel funds its armed forces with its own money, it receives 2% of the funding from the US and it is used on US made equipment. The top antiterror unit in the world is the Israeli YAMAM that is part of the Israeli border police. It has won for three years in a row the SWAT competition in the US. The MATKAL is a force with enormous recourses a mixture of SAS and Delta but specialized on the ME and the Mediterranean basin.

Arguably as good as the Seals and SBS they are quiet and highly trained to perform the secret clandestine operations the world has ever known.

In my opinion and looking back in history. The Israeli Special Forces the sayeret are known to take care of buisness at any cost. They should be on top 1.

8 United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU)

Unmatched expertise and training. These are the absolute best soldiers in existence above all others. Their access to the latest information, most advanced and rigorous training, most advanced technology, and America's worldwide military infrastructure put their capabilities above all other special forces units in the world.

If these guys are not number one there is something wrong, they Killed Bin Laden, toughest of toughest soldiers. My Uncle who was in the SAS worked with these guys and said they are the highest trained warriors in existence.

Training is brutal. trust me I know a guy who worked with them and he is one of the most noble and independent SEAL I know. they are the bet of the best.

DEVGRU... U you see them, nope, they see you, yep. You die, rate you far side hockey chicken.

9 The Delta Force - U.S

I agree with whoever said that if Delta isn't #1, the list is a joke. Not only is the training ridiculous, their intellectual training and grounding is beyond compare. They have to run for 24 straight hours, eat rats, shoot with sniper-like accuracy and then they are expected to prepare a scholarly paper and top level briefing on the historical origins of the jihadist movement. Read the book "Blackhawk Down" for an inside look at Delta.

This list is ridiculous. It has even been stated by a member of the SAS that delta operates at a higher level than even the SAS. That JTF 2 crap up there saying they took on missions that Delta couldn't is complete bull. Delta can do any mission, anywhere. At least they're up ahead of DEVGRU, which members have even been known to recruit to Delta

They recruit from all branches of US special forces. No other military in the world sees as much combat as the US. Israelis are close on a per capita basis, but they go into Gaza and Lebanon, the U.S. sees action worldwide in varied enviornments, Delta recruits from all of the branches and even seals. DEVGRU recruits from other Seal teams, which are made up of sailors and marines.

I am not saying this group is number one because I was in the Army. They are number one because of results and adherence to being selfless by not wanting to be "patted" on the back, publicly.

10 United States Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)

JSOC is comprised of the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU aka SEAL Team 6), 1st SFOD-Delta (Delta Force), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Nightstalkers) and 24th Special Tactics Squadron (24th STS). Each of these units hold Tier 1 status and fall under command of JSOC. They are without a doubt the most trusted SOF units in the world and are even placed above SAS/SBS in some respects. Their ultimate, forever claim to fame is the killing of Osama Bin Laden performed mainly by DEVGRU with the assistance of Delta Force and Nightstalkers accompanied by 24th STS. Not much is known about these few select men, but what is known makes insurgents groups check their closets at night and makes Jihadists, crime cartels and mafia organizations tremble in their underwear.

As much as I admire the other units listed here, the very fact that these very pleasant compliments to those firebreathing, snakeaters at JSOC (lol), as flattering as they may be, would be disagreed with by most of the guys I've met and spent time with. They are just great, solid operators who've just spent more time doing actual real-world door-kicking/smoke-checking of Haj elements than most other units in the UK and elsewhere (hence the comment above about them "possibly being above SAS/SBS". don't get me wrong, I think the SBS (and sure the SAS to an extent) are, next to the GROM, the best operators on Earth. The only group I would compare Tier 1 units like the ISA (another unlisted JSOC unit you don't hear about/or see here below who work in SIGINT/HUMINT "spy" type of work, I guess you'd call it) or CAG (Delta) is those amazing recce units working with the SRR and SBS. They pretty much own the world of SOF among the old timers at Whitehall (and this is coming from a prideful ...more

I can say just say two missions and they should win...DEVGRU with Osama Bin Laden and Delta Force with Suddam Hussein. They could all kick anyones but they wanted

They are the most trained men today

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11 German KSK

The German KSK are an elite commando unit of the German military and cross train very often with the elite police unit known as GSG9. The German KSK have been involved in training many other European special forces units and have a high reputation among military leaders around the world.

Good training is not enough! The german authorities have an immense lack in structure,logistic and communication. This has led to disastrous results for KSK in Kundus,Afghanistan in 2008 and for the GSG 9 in Bad Kleinen and the failed rescue of hostages of the Hansa Stavanger.This reflects the general problem of the Bundeswehr despite the defense budget of 43 billion Euros yearly.In this point they can learn from much smaller NATO members like Norway or Greece who have much smaller defense budgets but higher readiness in personnel and equipment.

They are a very good unit, their tactical knowledge is above others.

Our german KSK are the best special forces in the world!

12 Navy Seals - U.S

To say they aren't number 1 is complete arrogance... Look at their extensive training! 2 years to even be on a seal team. Then more time to train for certain classes/roles. Then 6 months to train with the seal team your going to, with their types of operations... Even after you keep training, developing new skills. Not to least say the U. S Navys technology is advance to no end either...

They'll eat your face and make your puppy have babies with your wife.

13 Australian SASR

Aussie SAS deserve to be ranked alongside the best SOF units anywhere. They have to perform multiple roles and really equivalent of SEALs/Delta/Green Berets wrapped into one. They have impressed the US military in Afghanistan and due to exploits there were given control of the Western Desert in Iraq 2003..had it in safe hands within a few days with only 75 men! Also excelled in Vietnam without any losses..Viet Cong called them 'Phantoms of the Jungle'. As for individual operators look no further than Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG.. 6ft 8 all muscle and single handedly silenced two Taliban machine guns.

They are the elites of an already very well trained military, in addition to being jack-of-all-trades badasses. These guys train in conditions tougher than their American and British counterparts. The Canadians, Israelis, Russians and British are realistically the only guys who can compare - that is, if the massive bloody budget of the SEALs are removed. They are efficient and highly skilled. They may be "quiet achievers" but they deserve recognition.

Their training is ruthless but not as in your face as the Americans. In my opinion they are the elite of the elite.

Australia's Commandos deserve a mention too. Highly effective and heroic service in Afghanistan... Including Cpl Cameron Baird VC.

14 Russian Spetsnaz

From what I under stand they function much differently from most special forces. Most special force operate units that take on special jobs. Although the Spetsnaz can fill this roll they are frequently mixed in with regular troops; wearing the same uniforms and insignia as the units they are mixed in with. Historically Russia troops aren't very well trained as the Russia used a lot of draftees during the soviet era. So among a unit of draftees their is one or two total bad asses that can pull off some amazing feats (like accurate knife throwing while doing a flip, if the rumors are to be believed).

Their basically thrown in to keep their opponents off balance and make them hesitant and second guess them selfies when engaging Russian units.

The effectiveness of this tactic can be questionable but it produces extremely capable soldiers.

Deadliest warrior season one had an Green beret vs Spetsnaz episode. Worth checking out if your curious.

Their training isn't tough, its unnecessarily brutal. But don't short sell Spetznatz. Read the report on the 2002 Chechen terrorist attack on the Moscow theatre. Its true that 130 hostages died (out of 800+) but all 40 terrorists were neutralized. They never got to detonate any of the bombs they carried and none of the Spetznatz operators were killed. The hostage deaths were the result of bad communication with civilian rescue agencies and poor handling of disabled hostages. The Spetznatz role was handled superbly. May be the best overall hostage rescue ever.

Although Russia is an antagonistic player of the western alliance NATO, deeply respect and sympathy to the russian people.Greek greetings

Worst mission failure to win ratio of all special forces. They may train hard, but they can't orchestrate an attack better than a three year old due to the brain damage they receive in training

15 Turkish Special Forces Command

Big Loosers. They were arrested and got bags over their head by US Special Ops for some years ago in
North Iraq. They think they can mess with the US Superpower. They got their lesson. The only thing they can do is fighting against outnumbered unarmed people.

Come on guys, this ain't about your nationality, don't just go and vote for your folks. My top three would be maroon berets - spetsnaz - sas - us navy seals. I hear isreali guys are good too, but since what they do ain't warfare but terrorism, I don't regard them as "special forces".

Bordo Bereliler are very special in the fight against terrorism.
They are the bests of the bests
They have a shooting-training in which a soldier puts a water bottle on his head and the other soldier shoots it from the head of his friend.
Only the bordo bereliler has a training like that.

Has many operational experiences with terror organizations inside and outside their borders. Extremely aggressive state of mind.

16 Pakistan Special Services Group (Ssg)

Indian Marco? Who? You can't handle, beat and control ISI... (merely intelligence operatives) I.e: Bombay Attacks! and civilian, untrained independence fighters...

Also this website ranks Australian S.A.S.R & Spetsnaz way below in ranking... below Indian Marcos... in your dreams sons!

Also the reality of the situation is US, Australia, Canada & Britain... they have heavy weaponry and tech to assist with missions and yes they are fighting around all over in the world, but in most if not all cases they are fighting militias... not military. people who live in mud made houses and way backwards in terms of weaponry and tech. So if on basis of all this you want to claim top positions... S.S.G would rather gift it to you be the top to kill weaker, far lacking enemy.

My true advice to people here or on other forums will be to judge on material operations against worthy enemies... that will be true test of acid.

all forces around the world trained or selected few ...more

Just search the international defense reports... According to these report Pakistan's SSG is 3rd best special force for his training, planing and sccuceful operations in history and according to some other reports it is at nmbr 9 in other word its in top 10 best forces of the world... This survey is all about fool and lies. And not consists of true facts... So we now that we are beeter than most of above mention forces in top 10... I you don't trust just search on Google...

Pakistan SSG is the most bravest and the most successful special operation force of the world. Moreover it consists of the fighters for the cause of "PEACE".

I love you Pakistan SSG... SSG is best in the world... We are proud of you...

17 Shayetet 13 - Israel
18 Canadian Special Operations Regiment

Nobody knows who they are, nobody knows where they are. You Can't even find these soldiers before they find you. They are not glamourized, They are not Famous, But they are there to protect. They even do jobs that Are Harder than SEaLs and SAS. Yet they work very closely to JTF2 And they are one of the bests.

They spend lots of time training with small arms so they are masters of it. Also they train in different kinds of environments so they are exposed to new places if a mission is recalled there

A tier 2 special operations unit that works closely with Joint task force 2

They work closely with JTF2 and are the equivalent of the Green Berets these are some tough soldiers!

19 United States Delta Force Tier One

Delta Operators come largely from SF. SF, come largely from the 75th Rangers. There's a long pipeline of training and experience that Delta has that not even Rainbow 6 has. Although ST6 are amazing, my personal (non professional) opinion would favor Delta over all others.

Baddest of the badasses. They will piss on your front porch in broad daylight, and shove an M4 down your throat bitches.

THESE are the best operators in the world, hands down. DEVGRU (ST6) are amazing door-kickers in the world of JSOC, but CAG is just an entirely different beast... And I do mean a voracious, savage, brutally efficient and intelligent group of shooters who can do things with their new-and-improved weapon systems that defy belief. Ask any Ranger, ODA, etc... They'll agree. If you wanna do the whole childish "who's the best" argument, you've already lost. CAG/ACE/Delta already won it ten times over during OEF/OIF/Mali/Pak--or Af/Pak/and just about anywhere in Africa (Somalia, Yemen, you name it). Despite the news saying it has died down in Libya etc, it hasn't) they are just straight up getting busy on those who attacked friends of ours (including my good friend Glenn at the Annex who fought with a 48 until his belt went dry and that cowardly mortar came in and ended an amazing career, and more importantly, a great warrior.

20 French Commandos Marine

Good job all around the world since 60 years. One of the most active unit in the world, real fight and not only training.

They're French. They make bread and wine, then quit.

Tough guys with brains

21 Mossad - Israel

Come on guys they kicked terrorists asses before it was cool

They beat the arabs every time

22 Alpha Group - Russia

Alpha group is russian most elite special force with lasstest tech and brutal training
To be part of russia spetsnaz is special cause they have most brutal training with pain and there was even deaths.
But alpha group is most elite one,they were part of assaulut where avghanistan president was killed with 200+ soliders that were deffending him

23 Sayeret Matkal

They did kick ass in Operation Orchard though

My top 5 (not in order since they are all the best in their specialty) devgru, british sas, matkal/shayetet 13, delta force, navy seals

24 Indian MARCOS

MARCOS have evolved as one the most well trained, well-equipped, highly motivated and professional special forces in the world. Some of their training modules are much tougher than those of the US Navy SEALS & British SAS. They have had rich operational experience within and outside the geographical confines of India, having conducted operations in Sri Lanka, Kashmir & North-Eastern India. Going by insider expert opinions, the SAS, Navy SEALS, MARCOS & Israeli Special Forces would be undisputedly amongst the best in the world!

Well trained like the SEALS. But the operational experience they have earned over the years is far above any other force besides the Israelis. They are brilliant with their unconventional tactics.

Marcos have an average training period of over 3 years, that's after basic naval academy training. They undergo training modules across India including in some of hottest places on earth (Rajasthan at over 50 degree Celsius, high altitude warfare training in Kashmir at over 18,000ft, jungle training at some of the wettest regions on the planet) Their all terrain training is unmatched by foreign counterparts, all Indian special forces undergo such training. Most of the folks in the list would have trouble breathing while operating in areas where the MRCOS does. Training & tactic they are easily number 1 along with Para SF, Garuds, SFF and SG all from India.

Look, the MARCOS have joint training with the British SAS and US navy SEALS.
Surely this allows them to be right up there with the sas and seals! But no because no one has heard of them. Why you may ask... Just because no one has made a video game or movie on them! They are top secret like the sas and seals so I want to see this shoot up faster than a bullet!

25 Swedish SOG Särskilda Operations Gruppen

SOG aren't there to play noce, they go in, do what's needed and get out. Experts in their own field and possibly the most skilled and supreme forces man to man in the world.

There is nothing like the units of Sweden. Awarded to be the best one man army soldiers in the world. Not many, but good quality on them. I must say this could be one of the best units in the world, the SOG (special organisation group). Too bad they are so secret and you don't know so much about them.

Selected men from the Swedish armed forces. These men go in, get the job done and go out.

Top secret. No information on them whats so ever.

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