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Special operations units are by far the most well trained soldiers on the planet and for good reason being sent into life or death missions. The toughest situations on the planet easily. All special forces are equally well trained since most of them cross train with each other. I'm not some person who played COD or MW3 and now thinks he knows SOF. My father is a US Marine FORECON Sniper, my grandpa a former US Army Ranger, my uncle a former Norwegian Navy SEAL, my other uncle a former Danish Army Hunter and me a special forces hopeful. I'm not saying I'm right 100% but I think I my list might have a bit more credibility than ones.

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41 Sri Lankan Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol

One of the most elite, well trained and advanced special forces units in the world!

The blacks ops of sri lanka their mission is to kill the brain and the heart of the enemy when the enemy learns that their leaders is dead its too late and that's how they got their nickname 'Mahasohon Brigade' mahasohona is a demon in sri lankan myths and LRRPS is the demon brigade of sri lanka

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42 Malaysian Special Operations Force

Got the best jungle training facility in the world to train counter guerilla warfare.. Even the green beret came to train there

They need to pass all 3 sas (22SAS, SASR, New Zealand SAS) selection just right after becoming one of the members.. It is to differentiate between GGK members and RGK members.. They also conducted yearly training with all 3 sas unit..

A great team. ~

1. Setup jungle war school for US army at Port Benning.
2. Rescue US ranger in black hawk down.
3. Direct involvement in Bosnian war.
4. Successful recovery of both MH 17 black box.
5. Captured Somalian pirates alive.

43 Irish Army Ranger Wing (ARW)

The ARW are brilliant special forces as they train with the SAS and do the exact same training as them too. They also are brilliant when it comes to internal areas of the country, like criminal activities.

Having trained along side the ARW I have witnessed first hand the level these guys are at.. Don't believe me? Ask the 75th ranger regiment or the SAS.. Where other SF forces have a battalion size of troops the ARW have an estimated 150 highly trained warriors

The ARW not only train WITH the SAS but they train WITH US and French special forces too not to mention they train most of the other special forces teams in Europe.Their also the UN's go to men when they need a specialized team.

Highly regarded special forces team from the Republic of Ireland,served in Liberia,Chad and East Timor, probably also in Syria, rumoured to have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Formed in 1980 but still very little know about them.

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44 G.I.S. (Carabinieri)

GIS has mor experience with organised crime than any other unit in the wordl, beseides every officer of the unit comes from a elite paratrooper unit

45 New Zealand Defence Force

The New Zealand defense force is great

Should read" 1NZSAS Group New Zealand" to better reflect the list title

46 Indian Para Commandos

MOST Toughest army in the World.

I Want to earn Maroon CAP... It's my dream.. THE GREAST ARMY..

47 South African Recces (Reconnaissance) Commandos

How on earth do so little people know of these guys considering there training is that of British SAS and similar to Seal Team 6? These boys are tougher than nails considering Rangers are tough as nails. On average a 1.25% pass rate. A British sniper holds the worlds longest confirmed sniper kill. The first of all SFs (in 6th place) is a Recce. Not only do they have the role of this class of sniper but also Spes Ops similar to Seal Team 6.

48 Portuguese GOE (Grupo de Operações Especiais)

The best in the world, they are trained by SAS

49 Danish Home Guard
50 75th Ranger Regiment

America's Premiere Raid Force! Starting to take on CAG missions RANGERS LEAD THE WAYY!

51 Light Reaction Regiment (LRR) - Philippines

With a little training the LRB(light reaction battalion) are the modified special forces unit of the philippine scout ranger. They most feared by terrorist and best in all terrain, either in the jungle, sea, urban, rural, or even in the dessert! (see simulation on how phil. peace keeper neutralized about 2,500 ISIS in the goland heights with only 72 units)

They are trained by land sea or air

These guys should be way higher up on list what they can do in the tropics unmatched...what they lack in tech tye make up for in so mzny other ways...thw jungle they are unmatched they are the jungle

52 Legion Española
53 Air Force Special Operations Command Special Tactics

Why is the Air Force Special Operations not mentioned. I'm a U.S. Air Force brat from the Vietnam era.
I lived at Howard AFB Panama from 1966-1969. My father was a member of the 605th Air Commando Squadron. The 605th ran the Special Forces Jungle Survival School. Air Force Special Ops., also plays
a major part in Special operation missions.

54 Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment
55 Scout Ranger - Philippines

Expert in anti guerella tactics..

Good traing

56 Croatian Special Forces

One of the few European Special forces with real combat experience

One of the most well prepared, if not the best well prepared Special Force in the Southeast Europe and Balkans.

57 Indian National Security Guard
58 United States Army Rangers
59 Spetsnaz - Russia
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