Atrocious Animation: One Coarse Meal (Spongebob)

Turkeyasylum OCM was so bad, I don't remember most details of it. Here's the basic plot: Plankton watches a video (if I remeber right off of Karen) about whales. It says whales eat plankton. Than, he tries to steal the formula. He sees Pearl there when he tries to take it, but runs away due to seeing her. Then, he tries again, but Mr. Krabs comes out wearing a Pearl costume (creepy how you'd have a costume of your daughter, right?) to scare Plankton. Now to the worst part: Plankton lies down on the road a little later, to try to get run over by a boat. Spongebob sees this, and he tells Krabs, and he LAUGHS. He is totally mean in this episode!
Awfulness Rating: 87/100

Envious Ending 20/20, Plot Holes 7/20, Horrible Humor 20/20, Treturous Twists 20/20, Catastrophic Characters 20/20

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-Plankton was not shown watching the video
-Krabs scared Plankton in the costume for WEEKS.
-Plankton doesn't ACTUALLY die, you forgot that part. - Garythesnail

Good review, worse episode in the series, but you left out some stuff about the episode. - Skullkid755