HoldenFanatic’s Thoughts On The Splinter

HoldenFanatic Hello comrades, my name is HoldenFanatic. Since nobody has done a review on Season 6, Episode 5, The Splinter, I’ve decided to do a review on it. But before I jump to conclusions, I’ll tell the plot as to why this episode is so bad.

The episode starts in the Krusty Krab. Spongebob is happily making Krabby Patties. When finished, he gets the 2 orders ready and insult from Squidward which has no effect. Spongebob is too excited that he throws his spatula up too high which ends up getting it stuck on the ceiling. Spongebob tried to get the spatula unstuck which causes him to fall and trip on tartar sauce. While he trips, he unintentionally drags his thumb across the wooden floor which causes a splinter to get stuck on it which causes his thumb to get swollen (and yes it actually shows what it looks like). Spongebob tries to take the splinter out, but he’s too weak to do it. Another solution he tries is biting it which doesn’t work either.

Meanwhile, a customer who is waiting for his Krabby Patty gets impatient. Spongebob tries to get to work but his splinter is preventing him from holding the spatula. Spongebob finds a way to work by tying the spatula up to his nose. Then Squidward finds out Spongebob has a splinter and tells that if Mr. Krabs sees his splinter, he'll send Spongebob home. Spongebob then begs Squidward not tell Mr. Krabs but he doesn't listen. Squidward hints that he's gonna tell Mr. Krabs and he'll get Spongebob sent home. Because of this, Spongebob calls Patrick to get help who later shows up dressed up in a doctor's uniform. So Patrick tries to "help" but only ends up making Spongebob's splinter worse (making it more swollen and enlarged making the scene more disturbing and disgusting). Patrick then acts like a fake doctor saying his shift is over.

When Spongebob walks into the Krusty Krab, he tries to hide his splinter from Mr. Krabs and Squidward. However, when Spongebob shows them his thumb (which is now bigger than his face), Squidward faints from how disgusting his thumb looks. When Mr. Krabs finally sees that Spongebob has a splinter, Mr. Krabs pulls it out. When he does, gallons of pus from Spongebob's thumb squirts at Mr. Krabs. So he basically got his thumb infected by Patrick for nothing. Later, Squidward assumes Spongebob is getting sent home from his splinter. He injures himself from the cash register so he can get sent home too. Mr. Krabs then tells him that his shift was already over minutes ago.

What did I just watch? In my opinion, this is the number 1 worst Spongebob SquarePants episode followed by “One Coarse Meal.” Now let's jump into conclusions. The first thing that makes this episode so bad is the content. The content is very disgusting and disturbing that it makes this episode unwatchable since the majority of the scenes show Spongebob's swollen, enlarged, and splintered thumb. The writers probably added this and the pus squirting at Mr. Krabs scene for the sake of "comedy," but there's nothing funny about that. This episode literally made me look away from the screen a lot of times and made me lose my appetite. I mean seriously, this a kids show. Why would you show kids a swollen red enlarged thumb or pus squirting at another person? Another problem is the "Dr. Patrick" scene. Don’t get me started on Patrick. Just look at how he acts in this episode. Don't get me wrong, I find Patrick acting stupid and weird hilarious, but not the kind of Patrick that just acts so oblivious in situations like this. All he was doing was making the Spongebob’s situation worse. Plus, this was all for nothing, since Spongebob could’ve just asked Mr. Krabs for help the whole time. The last thing is the plot. I found this episode to also be generically boring. This episode doesn't tell any good story. All it was about was Spongebob trying to take a splinter out because Squidward threatens to get him sent home because of it. Whatever happened to amazing and interesting plots such as accidentally murdering a health inspector, starting a band, trying to sell chocolate, delivering a pizza, etcetera.

I only have 7 words to describe this episode: disgraceful, disgusting, despicable, disturbing, boring, pointless, and torture. So, if you haven’t seen this episode, I’ll just recommend that you don’t watch it.

Rating: 0/10
Recommended: ❌