Top 10 BMX Street Tricks

There are hundreds of BMX street techniques that provide a rush of fun-filled enjoyment into the sport. Here are some basic street movements and techniques to get you started safely on your way to full BMX mastery.
The Top Ten
1 J-Hop

To do this, pull up on your handle bars and lean back. Then, when your front tire is at a height comfortable to you, push yourself forward to bring up your back tire off the ground. At this time, both tires should be off the ground. Lift yourself and the entire bike up toward the sky to reach your maximum height before you land.

2 Bunny Hop

To do this trick, you first need to lift the front wheel and then raise the back without dropping the front. In the end, you should land on the rear wheel or on both wheels simultaneously.

3 Fakie Out

To perform the fakie out, begin biking backwards as you pedal backwards. Then, j-hop and turn the bike around at a 180 degree spin. When you land, straighten up your direction and begin riding forward.

4 180

Start riding forward. Then, lift your front tire off the ground, looking over your shoulder. Perform a j-hop to lift the bike in the air, kicking out your back tire as you turn completely around (180 degrees from the direction you started in). When you land and are backwards from your starting position, perform the fake out.

To 180, you are going to want to ride forward, then lift your front tire and look over your shoulder. Then, lift and kick out your back tire, turning you completely around. Once backwards, fakie out.

5 360

The 360 is the exact same procedure as the 180. However, instead of rotating 180 degrees, you will rotate 360 degrees, or a complete spin all the way around. Therefore, no fake is needed at the end, so once you land, continue biking forward.

6 Tire Stall In a Wash

To do this move, ride straight up on your bike toward the face of the transition of the wash, also known as the kip. When you reach this point, j-hop as mentioned above and rotate the bike ninety degrees. To the left or to the right, it doesn't matter which way you rotate the bike. When your tires reach the top of the lip, hold yourself and the bike in place. Then, simply hop back into the wash.

7 Disaster In a Wash

To perform the disaster in a wash, face the transition and ride straight up it. When nearing the top of the wash, perform a j-hop and rotate the bike 180 degrees. As you land on the ground, ensure that the front tire of your bike is in the pipe and your back tire is out of the pipe. Then, simply hop back into the wash.

8 Tailwhip

The rider throws the bike out to one side while still holding onto the handle bars so that the frame goes 360 degrees around the steering tube. The rider then catches the frame again and stands back on the pedals.

9 Barspin
10 Superman Seat Grab
The Contenders
11 Footjam Tailwhip

Start by moving at a comfortable, slow speed. Slowly put your foot between the front tire and the forks. Then swing your frame 360 degrees while your foot is still holding the front tire.

12 Manual
13 Tabletop

While in the air, the rider will bring the bike up to one side of him or her by turning the handlebars and using body movement, making the bike look like it is flat like the top of a table. Commonly confused with the trick, invert, which does not include much turning of the bars, but still executes the move in a tabletop manner.

Superman: The rider removes both feet and extends them outwards to resemble Superman in flight.

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