Top 10 Greatest Street Skateboarders of All Time

The "best skateboarders" list, I think, is a horrible list. Too many types of skaters, and Bam and Ryan Sheckler are definitely where they shouldn't be. So I'm going to make the street skaters list, vert/pool skaters list, and a lot of other lists, so be on the lookout.
The Top Ten
1 Rodney Mullen

If wasn't for Mullen none of these guys would even know what a kickflip is man. We are talking about best skateboarder of all time. All of the guys are great but really would Sheckler be kick flipping them 17 steps or fence if it was for Mr. # 1 on this list. I would name all the other tricks he invented that would take too much time. And Mullen became pro when he was ten. People might say that was before I was born skating was easier then but thirty years later would they still be talking about these guys like mullen

He was a great freestyle skater at first, then he was forced to start street skating, and I love the way he infused his freestyle tricks with street skating! Like his primo slide and casper slide, and how he will do truck stands and stuff at the top of ramps! He is a great skater, and to the guy who said make some new tricks on Chris Coles, he invented pretty much every trick.

Mullen is on the number one spot forever, I see him as the reason why skateboarding is as big as it is. The very few videos you are able to watch, it is all perfection. Probably the only person that is capable of doing flawless 10 minute runs and yet doing insane tricks. He invented and did the kickflip on a flatboard, Mullen is a genius.

Rodney Mullen is ridiculously awesome. He is the genius of street skating. He didn't learn how to skate street he invented how to skate street. Think about that for a second. In competition I think his record is something like 29-1 in which he probably could have been undefeated.

2 P-Rod

Paul is just an all around amazing skateboarder. His style in my opinion looks effortless and simply amazing. Just wondering why is Mullen on this list? He's a freestyle skateboarder not street. Paul should be number one. Plus he has become a role model for many kids and teenagers now like me.

P-Rod is just the best street skater. I am an 11 year old skater, and P-Rod was my inspiration on street skating. Tony Hawk is the best vert skater besides Shaun White.

Most x-games street gold medals. That's all that needs to be said..

I 32 and P. Rod been killin the street

3 Chris Cole

Chris cole is epic, when he skates at his best he is unstoppable. His concistency as a skater is unbelievable. He is an icon and ambassador for skateboarding, he revolutionised the sport

Mullen deserves his#1 sot but cole should be closer to p rod than sheckler but shecklers 1 of those guys you love him or you hate him!

Baller, one of only like 5 skaters to ever win a SLS stop plus he's just been crushing it forever and still is.

Why isn't chris cole 1st?! Mullen only does trick that LOOK cool! He doesn't skate stairs or gaps or anything!

4 Ryan Sheckler

Sheckler should be first Ryan is awesome he in X-games 2012 street final he was last the almost the whole time and he went from last to second he beat Nyjah Houston. Sheckler is way better then anyone on this list better than Chris Cole P-Rod Rob Dyrdek Jereme Rodgers and every on this list.

Sheckler winning the X-games at the age of 13! He can pull of tricks much more advanced then anyone on this list. He owns the kickflip for example his kickflip at Marblehead and the huge kickflip over fence, not forgeting his kickfliping 17 stairs. He is the most talented skateboarder of all time. Sheckler is street skating!

Ryan Sheckler should be #1, not #5! He's such a good skateboarder, he has absolutely amazing skills! This whole list is mixed up, Ryan should be first, P-Rod should be second, and Chris Cole should be third.

Definitely should be first. I understand rodney mullen is great but Sheckler was an inspiration to a lot of children who watched him go against adults and do better than them.

5 Nyjah Huston

Nyjah is a great skater and is defenetly not afraid to go big on anything he he does. He always brings his agame and is competitive to others but he isn't mean. He is a great skater and that is very true. Great job Nyjah!

Nyjah should be at least 2nd he has won street league 5 times! He was the first to win and win 3 times in a row. Sure he has never really changed the sport but he could problay beat almost everyone on this list.

Nyjah has been a street and compitition god all of his life. He won the first street league when he was 15, and won some xgames medals before and after that. He was simply built for skateboarding.(He's probably so good because his father almost forced him into skateboarding, along with his other siblings, at a really young age)

Nyjah is just awesome he has great style and technique I think he's better then Ryan sheckler. I don' know why he's not up there.

6 Rob Dyrdek Robert Stanley Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

PLUS ONE for the sheer contributions Dyrdek has made to street skating. How sick was his part in The DC Video...and then when Rob and Big came out on MTV as a television series?! come on dawg. Dyrdek mainstreamed street skating. Respect.

I don't think Rob is the most technically skilled street skater of all time (Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song are just technical superhumans), but he's able to hold his own as a very old in athletic years. He clearly deserves high respect for that too.

Rob dyrdek is better than any other skater, no doubt about it. He is my idol, I want to aspire to be like rob dyrdek. He flipped a car! Name one other person who has flipped a car before. And he is also the only skater who goes around, spending lots of his own time & money to fix up skate parks for kids, out the goodness of his heart.

His world is skateboarding. everything from business ventures to his foundation. His foundation the Rob Dyrdek Foundation builds skate parks for kid called "Safe-Spot-Skate-Spots" and holly hell he KICKFIPED A CAR!

Best by far. The guy has influenced so many people into skateboarding and always wants to give back to what made him who he is

7 Daewon Song

Daewon Song is amazing! Mullen is also amazing, but he just annoys me when I watch him skate. Deawon just takes the hardest tricks, and makes them as smooth as butter. P rod IS boring, and Chris Cole's style doesn't seem as effortless as Daewon's. I actually think short skaters look smoother because of their lower center of gravity. All these other guys don't have the smooth/ difficult combo of tricks. Daewon should be #1 (for now)

Daewon should definitely be at the top of this list for his technical and graceful approach. Nobody compares to his ability and creativeness, for example; nobody utilizes as many objects to skate and yet make the tricks look so easy. Also, his ability to balance himself and pull off the tricks he does is unmatched. Unseen style of skating and a true original pioneer.

Song should be either #1 or #2 he does some if the craziest tricks and makes them look easy... Chis Cole is probably my 3rd favorite skater but there is no way in hell he should be above song.

Has the sickest array of nollies, flips, and stunts. Way too low on this list because of his excellence in style, flair in the way he flips with such accuracy, and gracefulness in his technique.

8 Andrew Reynolds

One of the best stair/rail skaters of all time and truly a perfectionist! Makes tricks but if he feels like he blinked wrong, he'll just do it again. An artist of skateboarding.

Craziest skate footage I have ever seen in baker 3. Definitely one of the top skaters that ever lived.

Baker3 with andrew was the craziest skating I've ever seen. Go reynolds and where the heck is john cardiel

9 Eric Koston

He's one of my favorite pro skaters! HE ROck!

Miss watching him skate

10 Tony Hawk Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk, is an American professional skateboarder, actor and owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and for his licensed video game titles, published by Activision.

Guys where have you been we are talking about TONY HAWK the best skateboarder well in my mind muller rocks I can understand him being first but the other guys. tony should be 2 or 3.

He shouldn't be on any list he stole tas pappases trick said it was all him and now he's loved for being a liar he's not Evan a street skater he's a skater but he s also a liar.

Wait a minute, this is a list of the best street skaters, why is tony on this list, he skates vert, but he;s number one in that

The Contenders
11 Chris Haslam

Haslam is probably my favorite skater to watch, I just love his style, but I get he probably hasn't had enough video parts; especially in recent years for people to keep rating him.

HASLAM is hands down the #1 Street Champ now, and one only has to look at the team roster for Almost to see the two biggest legends of street (Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song) who selected him to ride for them. Haslam has sick style almost like he is the Idiot Savant (without being socially retarded like Rain Man) of Skateboarding. Talk about trick combos he is the King Ol' Elvis himself would get up off the pot to stand for Haslam when he rolls by.

He can shred like no other!

Haslam's an uber beast! he made up a brand new trick right on the spot! double fakie laser flip! only Haslam can do that!

12 Luan Oliveira

Dude Luan is the flip king! he's got so much power and speed in his skating and he's super creative. Luan skates the way he wants and that's what skatings about.

He's tricks is the most beautiful of them all. The way he does is different than the rest.

Luan is the best, he wins tampa 2013!

He's the best for sure

13 Geoff Rowley

Watch more videos retard Mullen does rails & stairs maybe not as big as Rowley b/c He's a beast. I love both both Rowley & Mullen
And then throw in Haslam, Daewon & Jamie Thomas you got the Top 5 best street skaters in my book. Haslam, Daewon, & Mullen got your technical for miles, and the you got Rowley/Thomas for go big or go home baby!

14 Shane O'Neill

Definitely should be at least top 5. Never seen a skater so technical. And just a great personality all together

Shane O'Neill should be in the top 15 for sure. That guy is an amazing street skater

He's a sick skater with awesome tricks that he pulls off almost effortlessly, definitely one of the best

Top 15?
He must be in top 3

15 Mike Mo Capaldi

I feel like he should be higher on this list. One of the best skaters period.

Mike mo is a beast when It comes to ledges. Not that many skaters can fakie fs crooks 360 flip out.

The guy is so cool

16 Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill being number 8? This guy is so sick such that he switched ollied over 8decks, now imagine he's regular ollie how high it's gonna be? T-Puds is beast, he Pops so high, I've never seen a skater who pops like him, never, and he's laser flips are so good, and he's really, really good at ledges, he's the best tech skater of all time. He's Plan B "True." Is so gnarly! This guy pops really High! And he's Big Bang video part? It's so dope, it's the best skate edit ever! He's certainly better than Nyjah and Chris Cole, so he should be in the top 3. And he's the God of kickflips, whether you like it or not, it's not a question, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, he's the God of Kickflips, and that's a fact.

T-puds is a beast I mean look up the big bang video on YouTube you will understand then...

This guy is simply awesome. I love his Grizzly grip.

He can switch ollie 8 boards high and is god at lazerflips go tpud!

17 Mark Gonzales

Mark and Natas skated street together and were the first skaters ever to do tricks down handrails and flips down stairs and much, much more. Placing them in the 30's is downright disrespectful. Study and you shall learn!

I always liked Natas better than the Gonz...but saying he's #26?

People are ignorant. One of the beat of all time...if not THE best.

Man Gonzalez the man, the legend.

The best of them all!

18 Bob Burnquist

You can't have a top 10 list without Bob on it, he's at least top 10 in every discipline.

19 Bam Margera Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera is an American professional skateboarder, stunt performer, filmmaker, musician and television personality.
20 Chris Joslin

Should be #3 at least

21 Jamie Thomas

The most fearless skater ever. My person favorite is the video where he came off the rooftop at a school or something and his board shattered when he landed. That skate clip changed my life

One of the best street skaters of all time. these kids haven't proved anything yet!

22 Stevie Williams

One of the best ever! Straight from the ghettos of Philly. Best looking tricks of all time. Best manuals. Should be number 1.

23 Mike Vallely

Smooth at everything

24 Chad Muska

He's gone through most hectic stuff most skaters have ever gone through in their whole life He's a straight warrior.

25 Dustin Dollin
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