Top Ten Best Marathon Runners In the World

On this list we will provide the rankings on who is currently or was the best Men and Women Marathon Runners from around the world.
The Top Ten
1 Wilson Kipsang - Kenya

Was a current World Record Holder with a record time of - 2:03.23 at the Berlin Marathon 2013. One of the fastest Marathon time ever seen.

He is an inspiration.

2 Eliud Kipchoge - Kenya

He has the marathon world record. My question is how someone could be a better marathoner than the one with the best time ever. He also ran a sub two (with assistance). You don't just run a sub two marathon. I can't run a mile at that pace. That's less than a 4:30 pace. I think that's just incredible. Nobody is a better marathoner than Kipchoge.

When you can run 4:35 a mile for 26.2 miles even with all the specialized help like pacers, shoes, looped course, that is something special. No one talks about how the same materials didn't help Lelisa and Tadese. They had the same advantage as Kipchoge, but could only handle the pace for half the distance. Don't even think guys like Kipsang, Bekele, Kimetto would have been able to keep that pace. He only came in 2nd once in a marathon, and all others he has won with strong field. After his only lost, he came back strong and have such a perfect running form wasting no energy unlike other elite marathon runners.

In all of the marathons he has raced, he has only lost ONCE against Wilson Kipsang when he set the world record in 2013. All of his times are incredible, with the majority of them being under 2:05. On top of that, he now holds the world record by over a minute and he somehow managed a time of 2:00:25 in the Breaking2 Project, the closest anyone has gotten to a sub 2-hour marathon. He is undoubtedly the King of the Marathon.

He won the 2014 Chicago Marathon, 11 years after being the surprise winner of the 5000-meter final at the 2003 World Championships. With a time of 2:04.05 at the 2015 Berlin Marathon he is considered one of the Fastest marathon runners on the Planet.

3 Meb Keflezighi - USA

Is currently one of the best Marathon Runners to support Team USA with a time of - 2:08.37 at the Boston Marathon 2014. Fist American to win the Boston Marathon.

4 Dennis Kimetto - Kenya

Current World Record Holder with a Marathon time of - 2:02.57 Berlin Marathon 2014. Fastest Marathon time ever seen or recorded.

5 Paula Radcliffe - United Kingdom

I admired Paula for a while but she gave up when she started losing. It should have given her the incentive to keep going and get to the top of her game again but it didn't. She gave up and it's such a shame. Fantastic runner at her peak though.

Is currently the best Female Marathon Runner ever seen with a time of - 2:15.25 at the London Marathon 2003. Holds the Female World Record.

The greatest ever

6 Haile Gebrselassie - Ethiopia

Is the Top Marathon runner form Ethiopia and still hold the nations best Marathon time of 2:03.59 at the Berlin Marathon 2007. Also Held the World Record.

He is from Ethiopia an I mean that Ethiopia is the best country in the world

7 Khalid Khannouchi - USA

Could be called the best Marathon runner to support team USA with a time of - 2:05.38 at the London Marathon 2002.

8 Robert Cheruiyot - Kenya

Is one of the most famous Marathon and long distance runner to ever support Kenya with a Marathon time and Personal Best of - 2:07.14 at the Boston Marathon 2010. Broke the all time Boston Marathon course record.

9 Ryan Hall - USA

Fastest American Marathoner with a time of - 2:04.58 at the 2011 Boston Marathon. He currently holds the U.S Record in the Half Marathon.

10 Steve Jones - United Kingdom

Is ranked one of the best Marathon runners from the United Kingdom with a time of - 2:08.05 at the Chicago Marathon 1984.

Would probably run sub-2:04 with today's technology. Probably the most natural marathoner that has ever lived.

One of the hardest marathon runners ever. But a very down to earth person. Should have been Olympic,world, European and commonwealth marathon champion.

Really nice guy in his hay day not big headed. Should have been Olympic champion. From another Jonesey

The Contenders
11 Ronaldo Da Costa - Brazil

Best Marathon Runner from the country of Brazil with a time of - 2:06.05 at the Berlin Marathon

12 Joan Benoit - USA

Is one of the most famous American Marathon runners to ever support USA with a marathon time of - 2:22.43 at the Boston Marathon 1983

13 Abebe Bikila - Kenya

Is considered one of the Best Marathoners to ever support Kenya with and Olympic Record time of - 2:12.11 at the 1968 Olympic Marathon in Tokyo

Kenya? He was Ethiopian and represented Ethiopia. And, the picture isn't his.

No one better

14 Deriba Merga - Ethiopia

Is one of the top ranked Marathon runners to ever run for the country of Ethiopia with a marathon time of - 2:06.38 at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

15 Paul Tergat - Kenya

Is one of Kenya's best Marathon runners with a time of - 2:04.55 at the Berlin Marathon 2003. Also Held the World Record

16 Patrick Makau - Kenya

Is one of Kenya's top Marathon Runners and for a period of time held the record with a time of - 2:03.38 at the Berlin Marathon 2011.

17 Catherine Ndereba - Kenya

Is currently the best female Marathon runner from Kenya with a record time of - 2:17.18 at the Chicago Marathon. She also held the World Record.

18 Carlos Lopes - Portugal

Is ranked as one of the best Portugal Marathon runners with a time of - 2:07.12 at the Rotterdam Marathon 1985

19 Greg Meyer - USA

Was one of the Best American Long Distance runners ever with a Marathon time of - 2:09 Flat at the 1983 Boston Marathon.

20 Serena Burla - USA

With a Marathon time of 2:28.01 at the 2011 Amsterdam Marathon she is one of the top marathon runners in the United States.

21 Robert De Castella - Australia

Is one of the best Marathon runners ever to support the Australian Team with a time of - 2:08.37 at the 1982 Rotterdam Marathon.

One of the top ranked runners from Australia with a Marathon time of - 2:08.18 at the Fukuoka Marathon 1981.

22 Rosa Mota - Portugal

Easily one of the best marathon runners of the 20th century, she was European, World and Olympic Champion at the same time period (1986-1988), she also won Boston (the first non-American woman to achieve back-to-back wins), Chicago, Tokyo, and London - meaning she only miss 2 modern majors. she won almost 70% of all marathons she run.

Was considered one of the Best Female Marathon Runners of all time clocking in at - 2:24.30 at the Boston Marathon in 1988.

23 Ingrid Kristiansen - Norway

Is most likely ranked one of the greatest Marathon and long distance runners ever run for the county of Norway with a Marathon time of - 2:21.06 at the London Marathon.

24 Samuel Wanjiru - Kenya

Is one of the best Marathon runners for Kenya with a Marathon time of - 2:05.10 at the 2009 London Marathon. He currently hold the Course record.

He is now dead, died at the age of 24 by falling from a balcony.

25 Mary Keitany - Kenya

In 2007, Keitany earned a silver medal at her debut performance at the IAAF World Road Running Championships. With a Marathon time of - 2:18.37 at the 2012 London Marathon she can be considered one of the Fastest women marathon runners.

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