Top 10 Best Skateboarding Trucks Brands

The quest for the best skateboard trucks goes far beyond just the look or the brand name - it's about durability, turnability, and the right fit for your riding style. From grinding down the rails to cruising the streets or catching some serious air at your local skate park, the trucks you choose can drastically impact your skateboarding experience. Not to mention, the right set of trucks can enhance your control and stability, making every ride an absolute joy.

Skateboarding trucks come in different shapes and sizes, each offering unique benefits and drawbacks. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie just starting to find your balance, there's a lot to consider when choosing your trucks. From the width and height to the bushing hardness, material, and the brand's reputation, each attribute contributes to the performance of your board.

It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal here. What works best for street skateboarding might not suit a downhill speed enthusiast. And hey, that's where the beauty of this list comes in. By casting your vote, you're not just contributing to a community consensus but also getting valuable insights from fellow skateboarders who've been there, done that.

So, what are the brands that stand out? Which ones have been delivering outstanding quality and performance, year after year?
The Top Ten
1 Independent

Independent Trucks are the best! The grind so well, I couldn't grind on this ledge using my old skateboard which had bullet trucks ( they suck and when I changed a new board, I chose Indy stage elevens and I barely need wax on grind on street ledges now!

They are very durable and grind really well. After 2 years of skating the stock bushings needed replacement though, changed them to bones, which more skaters do after a while or right away. The truck is great but some people hate on their stock bushings

2 Thunder

Thunder trucks are really light and strong, which makes them last long and lets you pop higher. I'd recommend them to ANYONE that skates because overall, they're good at grinding too.

You can't really get any better! If you had thunders you would know what I'm talking about. plus avoid tensors there the worst ever my magnesiums bent after one 5 foot grind!

3 Venture

I had venture trucks on my old board they are light and grind well but for some reason whenever I try to ride them lose the bolt comes of.

I have had mine for two years and I still ride them!
And I recommend this trucks! Guarenteed. Venture Trucks forever! By the way Independent sucks laugh out loud

These trucks are good espically when you turn, grind and pop I highly recommend them to anyone.

4 Tensor

Their Magnesium Trucks are so durable and amazing. I like this list its probably the only skateboarding top ten that isn't voted on by a bunch of posers.

Um the best ever! Booya! The best are the sliders, so good and smooth on those deadly nose and tailslide!

Really light and strong! Way better than Independent & Thunder

5 Krux

Light, durable, grinds hella smooth and turn the best with bones bushings

6 Element

Awesome trucks,going great on any deck (of corse) had them for 4 years now.. So far no rust or anything on it and this truck is pretty on smooth on grinding.

7 Silver

The best for transition skating!

8 Destrukto

Tensors in front of destructo! That isn't right my friend got tensors and they broke left super bad.

9 Phantom
10 Grind King
The Contenders
11 Royal
12 Core

Core is number one. Great for beginers as well as for anyone. They are really good with reds. I just started skate boarding and I can almost can do a kickflip

13 Positiv
14 Spider
15 Theeves
16 Bullet

You get what you pay for with these, I snapped the back baseplate on my old set from ollieing down a small 6 set, best paying out a bit extra for a pair of trucks that will last, maybe I just got a bad set, but I won't buy another set just to find out.

17 Crail
18 Slant
19 Navigator Trucks
20 Tracker Dart

Can't believe why nobody has mentioned these, people seem to forget how great they are, I've been skating since the late 80s and I've rode a lot of different trucks in that time, everyone gets a boner for Indys but I really don't see the attraction to them.

I have a pair of Darts on my current transition board, and I honestly haven't rode trucks this nice ever before great feeling to them and their geometry is so nice, awesome for carving bowls, and they grind really well, I wouldn't use the 161s for street as they are pretty heavy, and with 66mm Bullet wheels on them with a 9.5" board flip tricks are REALLY hard on that setup, but again this is a transition setup, I run Tensors on my street board (element) with a set of Bones SPF wheels.

Most of the brands stated above are all pretty similar to Independent trucks in their design, Trackers 4 life!

21 Ace
22 Orion
23 Mini Logo
24 Blacksmith
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