Top Ten Stereotyped Types of Music Fans

The Top Ten

1 Metalheads

Just good music

Totally awesome fans (most of them). I’m a metalhead myself and I’m proud. - PhoenixAura81

2 Juggalos
3 Punks

Punks are stereotyped more than any other music fan.
Metalheads is thought to be of explosive temper or make people wonder " Why their ears aren't bleeding, it's so loud"..But majority of people don't even consider Punks good or moral humans. - Ananya

4 Beliebers

We are not bad, we just like his music. On fact, anti- Beliebers are very annoying and hyperactive. - GeneralJP

5 Hoppers/HipHopfans
6 Emos

I hardly ever hear say they like emo music I imagine it is partly due to stereotypes.

7 Goths
8 Ravers
9 Little Monsters

But Lady Gaga is awesome! - PhoenixAura81

10 One Directioners

The Contenders

11 Black Rappers
12 Swifties
13 Mansonites
14 Dubstep Fans
15 Pop Fans
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