Strongest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

The Top Ten Strongest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

1 The Winged Dragon of Ra

The egptain god cards like slifer, obilisk, and raw are the strongest cards, but exodia is unbeatable and raw is stronger then slifer

The Winged Dragon of Ra is by far the best card in all of Duel Monsters. For one, he is an Egyptian god card, which by itself makes him unstoppable. Second, his effects make him good

This is a butt kicking card. It also has 3 forms of DESTRUCTION. This is the strongest Egyptian god card.

Ra can put his attack as the attack of all the monster it has sacrifised. It can make an amaxing attack

2 Slifer the Sky Dragon

HE LIKES TO BATTLE A LONG SIDE WITH THE PHAROH AND I HOPE SLIFER WINS AGINST ALL OYJER MONSTERS AND OTHER GOD CARDS but that's just my opinion I was just wondering I have been watching yu-gi-oh on my T.V. and I really like seeing slifer the sky dragon on my T.V. because he looks cool and I really wish I could ride on slifer the sky dragon and how can you find all the god cards in real life and why are they really hard to find in virginia because I have been trying to find all the god cards in every yu-gi-oh packs and I can't seem to find the god cards in virginia and what yu-gi-oh packs do I find the yu-gi-oh god cards? Do you thinkbyou can tell me what packs I can find the yu-gi-oh god cards?

This card is OP. I love it so much but I like ra better. It gains a 1000 atk for each card in your hand.

He can beat almost any card. If you have 6 cards in your hand, he would have incredible attack and defense in thousands. I once had 10 cards in my hand and that made sliver the sky dragon have 10000 attack and defense power. Sliver is so awesome!

I have all the yu gi oh top ten and I am nearly unbeatable but have been beaten and slifer the sky dragon is my favourite and best card I have

3 The Dark Master - Exodia

Exodia is the strongest Yugioh monster easily. You don't even have to summon all his pieces to win. When his parts are together in your hand, you win! Plus, he is so strong that he had to be split up into five card! That's how powerful he is. When he is full again, he is so strong he guarantees you a win

Exodia is by far the strongest monster in yu gi oh

I think obelisk should be here because he is one of the egyptian gods and those are like the strongest in the game.

He is the ULTIMATE weapon to win the game!

4 Obelisk The Tormentor

The weakest of the 3 gods. It is a very good card because ... well it is just awesome because it is a god card.

Using the card I won my duels when I summon him # top 3 monster good

Obelisk for me is number seven because it can easily be encountered by Ra Silfer Exodia and even Dark Magician

My top ten strongest yu gi oh in my opinion are
1.Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon
2.Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
3.Blue Eyes White Dragon
4.Dark Magician
5.Dark Magician Girl
8.The Winged Dragon Of Ra
9.Silfer Sky Dragon
10.Red Eyes Black Dragon

I like obelisk for his three tribute summon effect I once did this against a friend of mine it really caught him off guard he had silfer on the field with 7 cards in his hand

5 Five Headed Dragon

It is very hard to summon but I have never lost a Yugioh card game if I summoned this card. Plus, it can't be destroyed by battle with a wind, water, fire, dark or earth monster. AMAZING!

I think that 5 headed dragon is the best card if you have dragon type deck

5 headed dragon is one of the strongest monster in the yugioh game AWESOME!

Rocks cannot be destroyed in battle by other cards only specific cards it can be attacked by. This actually I feel is really strong but its rarity is not that well since I have two... as I said very strong cannot be normal summoned usually I'm up to ten life points haha ha. But it's better in my opinion than any other god card, because the god cards just make you loose your life points for well taking out one monster when this guy can do all of it.

Thanks for reading it, I hope I did not hurt any ones feelings. :) good luck

6 The Creator God of Light, Horakhty

Best card ever! Almost the same as exodia.
Here is his effect:Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 3 monsters whose original names are "Obelisk the Tormentor", "The Winged Dragon of Ra", and "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. The Special Summon of this card cannot be negated. The player that Special Summons this card wins the Duel.
Sweet, hein!

She's actually the strongest since she destroyed effortlessly Zorc Necrophades in just one hit. And by doing so, she's definitely much stronger than the rest for example The Great Leviathan. She's actually considered the ultimate card for being the only one where enemies are automatically considered lose when this card is successfully summoned. Also, the three Egyptians god when combined will summon horakhty and I think she's also unbeatable when battled with exodia.

It doesn't matter exodia's an instant win if you have all five in your hand or the field

It is literally the guaranteed win, like Exodia, but way easier to summon

The combination of three egyption god cards when it is on the field game over

7 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

He is a thunder bolt that will never brake and he is definitely one of the strongest yu gi oh cards ever used

I have one of these as well as 3 blue-eyes white dragons and I have never been beaten with it on the field! this card is even stronger than obelisk the tormentor! THIS CARD IS ALMOST UNBEATABLE!

Strongest dragon with original Atkins that can be summoned again after being destroyed plus mega morph him then he's at 9000 Atkins and have. Lord of d so he can't be targeted by card effects


8 Exodia

I have never lost a battle with these cards, yet it's still a little difficult to summon him since you have to summon all of the pieces of him. Huff.

Very strong card. Catches many opponents by surprise.

Exodia is good but it needs all of the pieces to activate it but its still a beast card

It is powerful, however if you don't have all in the hand, and your opponent activates card destruction, swoosh they go to the graveyard, and it is hard to get those cards back into the hand from the graveyard, unless you have 5 monster reincarnation cards which you can't have, but if you have a card that gives you back a spell from the graveyard, then you can activate 2 more of the monster reincarnation cards to get them all back into the hand.

9 Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

This ultimate beast is mighty it can negate any cards effect it has more attack it can absorb all the overlay units and gain 500 attack for each on. Also it can keep attacking. It can simply crush the gods cards combined with the attack of 4500 and the unescapable effect this monster is clearly one of the top strongest monster.

It's a cool card

This is from number hunter

He is super strong and will keep attacking. He is hard to summon but once u have him u win. He can use his ability for three turns and will crush anything because of the attack gain ability.

10 Red Nova Dragon

He is practically immortal a powerhouse straight from the jaws of hell
Immune to spells and traps plus he can prevent his own death if you manage to somehow over power him which is near impossible

My name Joseph Rex this card monster red nova dragon had all level stars what I think about this card had 3500 atk points is the best one red nova dragon is much biger in yugioh 5ds is the best of the best I love the card is powerful one

He is by far the strongest dragon second only to five headed dragon. I have never lost a duel when I got it on the field, and my deck is built around summoning it so its super easy to summon

It's attack is very high and it's effect is pretty awesome but compared to the divine gods it's not powerful enough.

The Contenders

11 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Can kill red nova dragon by negating his banishing effect. Can also kill five headed dragon. When I used a dragon deck I've had this card at 8100 Atkins points and killed my opponent in one hit. Plus most effects don't effect him like magic cylinder. This card should at least be higher than blue eyes ultimate.

Nearly invulnerable, and when summoned is only 300 attack points weaker the blue eyes ultimate. This has to be in the top ten, even if it can be hard to summon at times

Almost indestructible a lot better than blue eyes ultimate when using a dragon deck better than the god cards can also kill Five headed dragon and obelisk and can negate magic cylinder

Practically invincible when summoned.

12 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Too awesome you can't beat him he is indestructible because how awesome he is try to beat him your butt will be in the dirt

Hamon has super effect when you destroy enemy monster, he makes your enemy pay 1000 life points as tribute, so if you attack lover level monster in attack position, he losses half or more of his total life points... Laugh out loud

I have this card and with this card I have win all my duels

Yo this guy is awesome!

13 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

Yeah every turn it summons a fiend token with 1000 attack and defense which can be used as tributes and has a whopping power of 4000 attack and defense and can get stronger when equipped with the tokens!

It's awesome it helped me beat my friend

I have this card and in my opinion it isas good if not netter then obolsk

More like lord of fartasms

14 Yubel

Even though it has the drawback ability of having to tribute a monster per turn, it can still be a powerful monster at play especially when brought back by call of the haunted. It also gets bigger and stronger as it falls. And yubel can still be special summoned by cards like witch of black forest and mystic tomato. It works really well with tragoedia and monster reborn. (tragoedia effect- discard yubel- can take control of a monster that is yubel's level like ra or slifer- monster reborn to get yubel back, summon another monster- GG

My friend uses Yubel, and he's getting Terror Incarnate and the Ultimate Nightmare forms of her in a few days, so yeah. Yubel is broken - Mattblue66

She won me 5 duels and beat slifer

This card is awesome, although hard to summon, it destroys monsters immediately and can't be destroyed by battle, it's unbeatable!

15 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Awesome card. You can summon him by just tributing 1 dragon on the field. His ability lets him special summon 1 dragonn in your graveyard or hand.

I use him to stack my field early in the game and not give my opponent a chance

Great Card. I always win with this card.

Same man its epic

16 Uria Lord of Searing Flames

For every trap card in your graveyard he gains 1000 attack and defense power. So much fun to see opponents faces. LOL!

Best card in the world this card kicks butt. It wins every dual

Destroys my friends cards

The First Sacred Beast, Awesome powers!

17 Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragon is a very powerful card. Its attack is a whopping 2500 which as a synchro is very strong. Also the card is one of the legendary 5 Dragons so it has a reputation.

I have 5 different synchro dragon cards and this is far by my favorite and it's so powerful!

Stardust is a bull card! It is a card that should be banned in tournaments

It's effect keeps it as an amazing card!

18 Dark Magician

If you have supportive spell/traps your unstoppable.Dark Magician Circle and Eternal soul (have support against spell/traps that destroy your ones or all your monsters are gone) work well as practically once per turn you can banish a card on your opponents side of the field and if they only have one monster on the field, you can keep attacking dierectly

If you have the right combinations, this card is unstoppable!

All those boss monsters at the top...So easy to kill in reality. Now this card...If your opponent has Soul stele out on the field then your pretty much screwed until you kill it. Not only will it bring Dark magician back from the grave but it will also allow your opponent to retrieve Thousand knives and Dark magic attack, the latter is one of the reasons you would use the deck.

Its yugi"s favorite card so why not.

19 Armityle the Chaos Phantom

Gains 10,000 attack points each turn of mine! The best card I think

I have this card and it all ways wins me the duel but it is hard to get out but over all he rocks

This card is epic! It has more attack point's than any other cards in yugioh! Best card ever

How is this not the best it can't be destroyed by any monster

20 Relinquished

this card is totally awesome my opponent attacked me with a monster with 4000 atk and I was able to get it to my field

Relinquished can take your opponents monster and your enemy is hurt with battle damage too. If Relinquished would be destroyed, the equipped monster is destroyed so relinquished can take the stronger monster

So cool he can take control of you enemy's monsters and use them. And if he is attacked by a stronger monster he can use the monster he took control of a a sacrifice and you opponent takes all the damege

This card can take any monster card's attack and use it against your opponent! Beside this card is easy to summon because its a level one. You know what's better? A Gravity Bind on the field. After you do those... GG!

21 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Having checked the ban lists of every update for the past 10 years, I can confirm that this card has been flat out banned for AT LEAST a decade. That means something

This card is so overpowered that it is banned.

This card is op

It's half the yata-garasu lock, not letting your opponent do anything

22 Dragon Master Knight

Best card in my deck, I have some card called hex something which lets me use as fusion material instead of having to summon blue eyes ultimate in its place

This card works great and like the other person said it's not as good as exodia or the god cards but with a lot of dragon monsters it's attack gets REALLY high!

How can blue eyes ultimate dragon be stronger that this card when you have to tribute that card to make this card.

I found this card one day. He is super strong but can be beaten by Egyptian gods or Tragegodia with enough cards in your hand or united we stand. I reckon it should be higher up to 12 or 9

23 Kuriboh

Kuriboh is the best card in yugioh

Yami: I sacrifice Yugi, to summon Kuriboh! (totally worth it)

Yeah he is so powerful he can jump and point his ferocious claws at the opponent

I don't thank he is the 24th strongest card unless you have the right spell cards

24 Harpie's Feather Duster

I have this on its fun to use

its BAN

25 Heavy Storm

They should un-ban this card! It's great to use against people who are too dependent on the back row, including pendulum zones

Banned but removes all spell 7 trap cards on the field.

Ya this is super powerful!


26 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon

Yet again I have one! And I use it a lot its very powerful

Best card for every dragon type monster in your graveyard you gain 300 attack perfect if you use D. Tribe then dispose of those cards to your graveyard.

its ass

27 Blue Eyes White Dragon

If you have the right spell card you can wipe out all of your opponents face downs

What the hecc is the blue eyes doing down here top 10 at least! 3000 atk and 2500 def what bro?

He should be in the top 10 not #54th

Yeah way to go push him up to the top 10

28 Majestic Red Dragon

I have this card and I honestly think it is the best card because it can't be destroyed by card kills all the defense mode cards on the field whats cooler than that

I agree that the majestic red dragon is an awesome card and that it should be put in the top 20 not top 30

I have a majestic red dragon

It's the #6 strongest card ever

29 Monster Reborn

This card is great if you have the ability to summon blue eyes ultimate dragon, and one blue eyes is destroyed, bring it back and summon blue eyes ultimate dragon

This spell card is probably the greatest, no wonder it's banned from tournaments. Monster Reincarnation needs to have a better card effect to replace Monster Reborn.

Sometimes when I play my monsters that I have get destroyed and when I draw this I never lose.

This is the best trap card in the game by far!

30 Lava Golem

I don't know wt card is this

WHAT the heck is this doing all the way down here?!?!.for 1 this card has 3000 atk points that's the same as b.e.w.d(blue eyes). Its one of the ultimate cards only downside is that it damages you every turn you weild it.

31 Shooting Quasar Dragon

IT SHOULD 1ST.It is one of the best card we have ever seen! And it can attack max. 4 times!

By far this is one of the strongest card existed it has a hgh attack and defense Attack:4000 Defense:4000
and its effect is really insane Effect:Its Maximum Number of attack is the number of non-tuner cards used to summon this up to 5 I guess (Min is 2 4000x2=8000 I guess max 5 4000x5=20000) and once per turn when any card or effect is activated negate the effect and destroy the card lastly if this leaves the field you can summon 1 shooting star dragon so by far this could beat almost any card I defeated all my classmates with this card some of them have really strong including neo galaxy eyes photon dragon so if you got ths card destroy all your yu gi oh friends! this should be number 1 card or at least top 10 its only weakness is cards that destoy this x2 including raidaraptor stranger falcon x2 its effect is to destroy a monster and inflict the cards damage to the opponent you need 2 of raidaraptor because shooting quasar have to destroy the first one to survive but you have to ...more

It's the strongest synchro monster in game, it has 4000 atk and definitely, it can attack at lest 2 times in a turn also once per turn you can negate a card or effect activation and destroy the card, if you can destroy it he will leave you a present a shooting star dragon

Amazing in correct deck

32 Red Dragon Archfiend

It is an ultimate monster. The attack power of 3000 is immense as it is stronger then any card I have ever witnessed. Its effect is awesome because if you synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend and your opponent has several set monsters then you could attack one monster and the rest would be destroyed so in one turn you can have an advantage over your opponent even though you the last turn he had much more cards on the field than you.

33 The Creator

Don't even have to be in your hand to win in your deck.


34 Judgment Dragon

Easy to get out all you need is 4 lightsworn monsters with different names in your grave, pay 1000 life points to destroy all other cards on the field. One of the best nuke cards in the game.

I have this guy!

I have itt its awesome

This is The most powerful Card ever. This card destroy any Card in a blink of an eye. If you have more than 3000 life point in 3 turns your oponent can say godbye to The duel. Not even The Egyptian gods stand agains him.

35 Divine Serpent

It ducking open it should be #1

I have this card. VERY STRONG.

Infinite attack and infinite defense
Once you have this card on the field you cannot lose

On YGOPro, my Orichalcos OTK deck is practically unbeatable. I've only been able to get Serpent out twice, but when I did, it was invulnerable to all, and I won the game in one turn. Totally reccomend using a deck of this nature.

36 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Also the 'Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight' is good to, though this card can attack twice instead of just banish one, plus the twilight one is very hard to summon, you have to have an equal number of light and dark monsters in your graveyard then send all of the light or all of the dark to your banished pile or removed from play. So I vote for envoy of the beginning.

Awesome card. For a light and dark deck. Easy to summon, great effects. Good attack

Black luster soldier is one of the most rare and my favorite monster it has the same amount of strength as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

I am so surprised this thing isn't banned. It's so easy to get out and it can either attack twice or banish one card! This thing alone is an excellent reason to use a Chaos deck.

37 Magic Cylinder

Basically if you can end the game with an attack while it's face down well your screwed

I can destroy my opponents live points with this card

This card is the trap card ever, no doubt about it.

38 Dark Armed Dragon

This is generally the best dark-typed dragon-typed ever created

Super powerful

Have it love it

39 Man-Eater Bug

Best yugioh card, because it doesn't required tributes and has a flip effect that can destroy blue eyes ultimate.

It may be weak in Atk points and definitely points but it's special ability is amazing and also it's more known then the other monsters that have the same effect.

I have this card and it’s pretty good, but is it top 40 good

40 Crush Card Virus

Not a monster but it cripples some of the best decks.

It's so op it's band from the iPad game of Yu-gi-oh

This card has to be better than #40! ps I have it and it is just epic

How is this #41

41 Beast King Barbaros

Best card! Kinda hard to get the monsters to tribute for him thou...

42 Lord of Searing Flames - Uria

Uria can destroy 1 magic or trap card every turn,
And his/her attack and defense is affected by number of continous trap card in graveyard, for those who use a deck with a numerous continous trap card like me..
He is my ace!

43 The Wicked Avatar

It's affect us that it is 100 points stronger than the strongest monster on the field meaning it is the strongest yugioh monster ever made

This monster is always the strongest on the field no matter what, and on top of that, your opponent can't even activate Spells or Traps until 4 turns after you've summoned it!

Why does this card be at the bottom it is by far the best

This is one of the best cards saying that I have it

44 Red Eyes B. Dragon

The Red Eyes brings potential. Can be the strongest card in yugioh if you help it with supportive cards.

It is may second fave flaming fire ball is explosive when it hits the target

Red eyes and good attack explosives

Can't beat the gods but very strong

45 Millennium Shield

Just kidding'

46 Emperor of Thunder - Hammon

Hamon is a really strong card and you can win easily with him cause if you destroy one card you can inflict 1000 damage to your opponents life points

47 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Mates this card is a beast and anyone who denies its power really need to experience such overwhelming strength. This card is the raw essence of power. Every deck requires this plus add Lightray Daedalus and you have a extreme battle ground set up for even the most worthy of duelists.

I think this card rocks

I think this guy looks sick and also it's effect is a pretty good one. I have never lost a match with this card

Galaxy eyes if really powerful and belongs to kite he is awesome and can even become neo galaxy eyes but I like this one more!

48 Mirror Force

The best trap card in the game;says me

It is super strong

op trap

49 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World

He's so easy to summon,2700 ATK plus if discarded you get to destroy a card. By far the best card

I have this card.


50 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

It is op because it can be used in every dragon deck and I use it to make my Slifer invincible. In a sense, it is even better than Slifer

I love it what if I fused it together with my blue eyes white dragon.

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