Best Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps

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1 Guardian

Absolutely fantastic! Much better than anything on Reach. Many great maps but this is definitely first! Guardian then construct for the top 2.

Perfectly designed map. Enough cover, but with no real camping spots. Layout is wicked, and I love the feel of this map.

Just awesome, the main circular bit is so fun everyone just lobs grenades at each other

I like this map because you can shoot the 4 winged birds out of the sky with rifle

2 Valhalla

I remember the days of doing barrel rolls into trees with banshees. I did it all the time, until my friend decided to go commando with the spartan laser.

Suprised it wasn't first, its awesome.

THE ffa Juggernaut and cta map

Best map in all why in the heckk it wasnt first so werid

3 Last Resort

Oh man... This almost bring a tear into my eye. Of course! How to forget those days back in the 2007 listening Last Resort - Papa Roach while playing on Last Resort only snipers and Br's.

Absolutely loved the good ol' days on custom game

4 The Pit

Completely symmetrical, from the beginning rushes to the sniper & rockets to close encounters in the sword room. The Pit has it all!

Amazing. Just won a 1 on 4 game by 13 points this morning (team slayer). Love the symmetry, rushes for power weapons, and long sightlines. By far the best halo 3 map.

Awesome map, always action and just when you think your safe, you get assassinated.

It is so awesome

5 Narrows

So many memories of dying on that huge bridge. Every time I look at this map it just screams nostalgia.

6 Construct
7 High Ground

Made for attack and defense single obj. gametypes, and it excels at just that

excellent for creating forge maps and always fun with more people

8 Sandtrap

I always liked reach better, but this is an awesome map. Plenty of vehicles, a banshee, elephants, a banshee, circular outside, a banshee, an amazing center, a banshee, wide weapon variety, and of course, a BANSHEE!

This map has been crazy! Especially for CTF with flags on elephant. Oh the nostalgia!

Best map for big team battles

Great map should be at least 5

9 Sandbox

For default maps it should be Guardian as Number 1 but as an overall map... You can make anything you want on this map. You can make maps for any specific gametype. It made hundreds of thousands of players keep playing Halo 3 and have more interest in it after its been out for 3 years already.

I loved this map just because you can do pretty much anything and everything on forge mode here.

Duh' BEST CUSTOM GAME MAP, you should look on the bright side, FORGE was epic because of this, and don't get me wrong, it was the best map for FORGE.

Duh! It's called sandbox for a reason! You can build ANYTHING in it!

10 Isolation
The Contenders
11 Epitaph

Love this map because you can camp everywhere!

12 Snowbound
13 Standoff

This would be awesome for a machinima.

Just a fun well done map

14 Ring of Fire

There is a map called ring of fire, It has this carefully lined up ring that has explosions that go off continually when started. Almost every respawn is safe and it is a fast close quarters map with three open levels. I really enjoyed this map.

15 Foundry

Amazing for custom game modes

16 Avalanche

It's pretty big and good for messing around in mongooses

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