Best Teen Wolf Couples


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1 Scallison Scallison

Scott and Allison the best couple, the first true love of allison, the first true love of scott, their love is so big, their are so beautiful together and she dies in the arms of her first love. I'm not kinda romentic or person that believe in love, such Teen Wolf is a Fantasie T.V. show but the love which was between them was kinda real

2 Sciles Sciles

Best bromance ever I think they are such amazing best friends. Every pair of friends should be like them They are childhood friends. They know each other and care for one another. They are cute together and they know how to handle each other.

3 Sterek Sterek
4 Marrish
5 Thiam Thiam

The most chemistry relation in the show they were so cute together and I would love to see them like a couple

6 Scalia

Because they are growing closer and Scott cares and looks out for her. He also would not let anything happen to her. They seem just right for each other in my opinion.

I hate them like a couple, malia is the best friend of Kira and Scott is the best friend of stiles WHERE IS THE LOYALTY - mazigh

7 Dethan

Ethan cares for Danny. He did not want to break Danny's heart. Danny wants to help Ethan out and cares for Ethan.and They're so cute together

8 Dreaden
9 Allydia Allydia

The most weired relation of the T.V. Show but their are so good and their friendship is the best of the serie without allison Lydia would never changed and fall in love with stiles ans without allison lydia would stay a bitch - mazigh

10 Stydia Stydia

I always felt that Lydia just didn't deserve Stiles. But then things started changing. She developed in so many beautiful ways and so did Stiles. Relationships based off lust first most of the time don't last. And this way you can see that Lydia's love isn't based off lust. I absolutely love Malia and Stiles, they're so passionate and cute. But Lydia has this understanding with Stiles that Malia will never get. I don't think that Malia will ever truly have a strong connection with Stiles. Stiles and Lydia are obviously in love and season6 proves this. His always loved her and she now loves him. They belong together and I think everyone knows it.

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11 Stalia Stalia

Malia cares for Stiles and Stiles cares for Malia. They are together and are helpful together.

12 Sheriff McCall Sheriff McCall

Love Them they should be together it better than Chris and Melissa I mean chris is the father of Allison and Melissa the mother of Scott its weird - bretty

13 Malira Malira

They are like the most fun BFFs ever. They have a really nice friendship that I think could become up to Sciles level friendship
I don't ship them the way I do Stiles and Malia. But, I mean did you see them dancing. They had chemistry.

14 Scira Scira

I ship scira! They are so cute togetherrr

15 Morey
16 Allisaac
17 Dallison
18 Layden

They have this love-hate relationship and I think it is great. I love how Liam is so protective over Hayden and would do anything for her

19 Scydia
20 Berika
21 Scerek
22 Chrilissa
23 Jethan
24 Stora
25 Scissac
26 Malydia
27 Jydia
28 Dennifer
29 Matheo
30 Theracy
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