Top 10 Best Lost Episodes

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1 The Constant

The phone call between Penny & Desmond was one of the best scenes EVER!

The episode where Desmond finally talks to Penny on the phone.

Diamonds flashes through time were handled so well!

2 Pilot

The episodes where we first become lost.

3 The End

It, had it answered some of the more subtle mysteries of the show, and in a clear way, would have made the perfect ending to a perfect series. The show upped the stakes and scope of epicness every season. It started out being about people on an island. Then you realize they were there for a reason. Then you realize the scopes are not just them - but that the whole show is a metaphor for the battle between good and evil.

The scene with the jack and the man in black fight was epic, and the end was so sad, but beautiful.

It wrapped it up so well and it makes you cry... What is not to love?

The best episode of any show in the world.

4 Through the Looking Glass

The season 3 finale, the end of the 20+ episode seasons. Charlies death was a great wrap up of the season's story line, but it overshadows another death. Tom Friendly and Sawyer's great line "That is for taking the kid off the raft." Which was an amazing full circle wrap up from what happened at the end of the season 1 finale.

Classic. While my deep hatred for Jack gave me low tolerance for the first flash-foward, Charlie's storyline was great and it was awesome when sayid broke that guy's neck with his legs.

The episode where Charlie dies and Jack has a huge beard.

5 Exodus

The scene where sawyer told jack that he met his father, and told him he was sorry, he loved him and he was the better doctor that he will ever be. oh god how many 'he's are there

Exodus. Never have I felt more emotions in any episode. Through the Looking Glass was a little slow in parts I. E flashforwards until the twist.

6 The Incident

The episode where the bomb explodes and the screen turns white.

7 Ab Aeterno

The episode where everyone is speaking Spanish.

8 Flashes Before Your Eyes
9 Live Together, Die Alone

The episode where Desmond turns the key and the whole sky turns purple.

10 Walkabout

The episode where we find out Locke was a cripple.

The episode that really hooked me on the show.

This episode had the most breathtaking surprise of the series, the revelation about Locke

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11 There's No Place Like Home

The longest running episode, over 2 hrs with all the parts included

12 The Man Behind the Curtain

The episode where we realize Ben is insane.

13 Across the Sea
14 Do No Harm
15 The Brig
16 Two For the Road
17 The Shape of Things to Come

The episode where Ben's daughter dies right in front of him.

18 Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Love this episode! So many good jokes, and who doesn't love some good Hurley flashbacks, like come on!

19 The Long Con
20 The 23rd Psalm

There're so many good moments in Lost, it's hard to pick one. The monster was always something that spurned curosity. The first encounter with Eko was awesome; I'm still asking questions going into season six! (1/18/2010)

21 The Candidate
22 Numbers
23 The Moth
24 The Other 48 Days

It was amazing watching the tailies discover the island but also it was sad about the tragedy of shannon.

25 Deus Ex Machina
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