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The groundbreaking TV show Lost took us on a six-season rollercoaster ride filled with mind-boggling mysteries, complex characters, and an island that seemed to have a life of its own. The brainchild of J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Jeffrey Lieber, it first hit our screens in 2004, turning television storytelling on its head with its non-linear narrative, deep character arcs, and a storyline that constantly kept us on the edge of our seats.

Whether you were drawn to the intricate plot, the multilayered characters, the existential questions, or the unabashed supernatural phenomena, one thing's for sure - every viewer of Lost has a handful of episodes that are etched into their minds, episodes that managed to elevate the show from a mere drama to a piece of art that continues to captivate us, even after all these years.

Maybe you're a fan of character-driven episodes that peel back the layers of our favorite survivors, like Walkabout, which revealed Locke's backstory in a heart-wrenching twist. Or perhaps it's the mind-bending, time-hopping adventures like The Constant that keep you coming back for more. Whatever your preference, we want to hear from you.
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1 The Constant In this fan-favorite episode, Desmond's mind begins to time-travel, leading to a tense narrative interweaving past and present. His one constant through it all? His love for Penny. A love story to remember.

The phone call between Penny and Desmond was one of the best scenes EVER!

The episode where Desmond finally talks to Penny on the phone.

Desmond's flashes through time were handled so well!

2 The End A grand, emotional finale to a six-season saga. Jack, with the survivors, make their final stand against the Man in Black, while also grappling with their own destinies. Heart-wrenching goodbyes and new beginnings collide.

If it had answered some of the more subtle mysteries of the show in a clear way, it would have made the perfect ending to a perfect series. The show upped the stakes and scope of epicness every season. It started out being about people on an island. Then you realize they were there for a reason. Then you realize the scope is not just them - but that the whole show is a metaphor for the battle between good and evil.

The scene with Jack and the Man in Black fight was epic. The end was so sad, but beautiful.

3 Pilot The episode where it all begins. A plane crash leaves 48 survivors stranded on a mysterious island. A roaring beast, a French distress signal, and a kaleidoscope of characters set the tone for the series.

The episodes where we first become lost.

4 Through the Looking Glass Jack's future is revealed through flash-forwards, turning the show's narrative structure on its head. Meanwhile, Charlie faces his destiny in the underwater Dharma station, making a sacrifice that echoes throughout the series.

The season 3 finale marked the end of the 20+ episode seasons. Charlie's death was a great wrap-up of the season's storyline, but it overshadows another death. Tom Friendly's death and Sawyer's great line, "That is for taking the kid off the raft," was an amazing full-circle wrap-up from what happened at the end of the season 1 finale.

Classic. While my deep hatred for Jack gave me low tolerance for the first flash-forward, Charlie's storyline was great. It was awesome when Sayid broke that guy's neck with his legs.

The episode where Charlie dies and Jack has a huge beard.

5 Exodus The gripping first season finale sees the survivors attempt to escape the island on a raft, while others try to protect themselves from the mysterious 'Others'. Danger, drama, and discoveries abound.

The scene where Sawyer told Jack that he met his father, told him he was sorry, he loved him, and he was a better doctor than he will ever be. Oh god, how many 'he's are there?

Exodus. Never have I felt more emotions in any episode. Through the Looking Glass was a little slow in parts, i.e., flash-forwards, until the twist.

6 The Incident Jacob, the enigmatic overseer of the island, and his malevolent brother are revealed in this game-changing episode. The survivors' fates intertwine with the Island's deities in unexpected ways, and the detonation of a hydrogen bomb leaves viewers hanging.

The episode where the bomb explodes and the screen turns white.

7 Ab Aeterno In this standout episode, the ageless Richard Alpert's past is unveiled. An eternal love, a tragic loss, and a pact with Jacob define Richard's existence and the island's mythology.

The episode where everyone is speaking Spanish.

8 Flashes Before Your Eyes A journey into Desmond's past reveals how his life is peculiarly intertwined with time, fate, and a certain island. Packed with clues and enigmatic references, it's an episode that rewards multiple viewings.
9 Live Together, Die Alone Desmond takes center stage, his backstory unraveling, while on the island, he triggers an electromagnetic anomaly that changes their world. The culmination of the Hatch storyline leaves everyone on a cliffhanger.

The episode where Desmond turns the key and the whole sky turns purple.

10 There's No Place Like Home Season four ends with a bang as the Oceanic Six find rescue. Back on the island, those left behind face a danger like none before. A thrilling split narrative that leaves viewers with more questions than answers.

The longest running episode, over 2 hours with all the parts included.

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11 The Man Behind the Curtain Delving into Ben's past, we learn about his childhood, his troubled relationship with his father, and his ascent to leadership in the Dharma Initiative. A journey into the heart of one of the island's most enigmatic characters.

The episode where we realize Ben is insane.

12 Walkabout A character-defining episode for John Locke, revealing his life before the island. The reality of his paralysis and his transformation on the island is both shocking and poignant. A testament to resilience and fate.

The episode where we find out Locke was a cripple.

The episode that really hooked me on the show.

This episode had the most breathtaking surprise of the series, the revelation about Locke.

13 Across the Sea We travel back in time to witness the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black. Their twisted relationship and its monumental impact on the island's future form the crux of this crucial episode.
14 Do No Harm An episode that sees Jack, the would-be hero, trying to save a life, while a new one is brought into the world. Claire gives birth to Aaron, and Boone's tragic story concludes, underlining the brutal cycle of life and death on the island.
15 The Brig Locke's complex relationship with his father takes a grim turn. An episode that tests Locke's allegiance and leads to a chilling encounter between Sawyer and the man who ruined his life. A taut narrative filled with revenge and regret.
16 Two For the Road Loyalties are tested and realigned as Ana Lucia confronts her past and makes a fateful decision on the island. This episode ends with a shocking double murder that echoes through the seasons.
17 The Shape of Things to Come Ben battles with an enemy force, showcasing his strategic prowess. In the flash-forwards, his off-island machinations reveal a dark path of revenge. An episode that cements Ben's status as a master manipulator.

The episode where Ben's daughter dies right in front of him.

18 Tricia Tanaka is Dead In this lighter, albeit bittersweet episode, Hurley finds an old Dharma van, symbolizing hope amid despair. It's a well-earned break from the intense drama, underlined by Hurley's backstory dealing with the repercussions of his lottery win.

Love this episode! So many good jokes, and who doesn't love some good Hurley flashbacks? Come on!

19 The Long Con Sawyer's con-artist past comes to the fore, as he devises a deceptive plan on the island. The power dynamics shift, revealing Sawyer's cunning side and his struggle to fit into the survivor's community.
20 The 23rd Psalm A deep dive into the life of Mr. Eko, exploring his violent past in Nigeria and his quest for redemption on the island. The mysterious smoke monster takes center stage in this spiritually charged chapter.

There are so many good moments in Lost, it's hard to pick one. The monster was always something that spurred curiosity. The first encounter with Eko was awesome. I'm still asking questions going into season six! (1/18/2010)

21 The Candidate Tensions reach a boiling point when a rescue attempt goes horribly wrong. With Jack in the lead, the survivors navigate their way through dangerous territory, culminating in a heartbreaking loss. One of the series' most poignant and tragic episodes.
22 Numbers Diving into Hurley's backstory, we uncover the origin and curse of the notorious numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. As Hurley grapples with his past off the island, he stumbles upon a significant revelation on it. A mix of humor and tragedy that makes Hurley's character so relatable.
23 The Moth Charlie battles his drug addiction, paralleling his pre-island life as a rock star struggling under fame's pressure. His journey to redemption with Locke's guidance is a moving portrayal of the human spirit's resilience. A touching episode about transformation and hope.
24 The Other 48 Days This episode throws us into the journey of the Tailies - the other survivors from the tail section of the plane. In 48 days, we witness their struggle, leadership shifts, and chilling encounters with the 'Others.' A different perspective that adds a new layer to the island's mystery.

It was amazing watching the tailies discover the island, but it was also sad about the tragedy of Shannon.

25 Confidence Man When tensions flare over stolen resources, Sawyer becomes a prime suspect due to his past as a con-man. His complex backstory intertwines with his challenging dynamic among the survivors. An episode that probes the grey areas of morality.
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