Best Robot Wars Drivers

A good robot is one thing, but a good driver at the controls can make all the difference. This list will include the Robot Wars drivers over the course of the 7 series who's driving skills shone throughout.
The Top Ten
1 Graham Bone (Firestorm)

Beat fantastic robots like Terrorhurtz, Panic Attack, Pussycat, Dantomkia, Bigger Brother, Wheely Big Cheese, S3, Wild Thing and Hypno Disc. Also came very close to beating Razer a couple of times. Firestorm certainly wouldn't have been as successful without his driving skill.

Firestorm is just one of those good all round robots. It was always aggressive, always finding ways to get underneath robots and Graham was an overall very well rounded driver. Firestorm was also the first robot to achieve an Out of the Arena with a hinged flipper and the first to topple Mr Psycho.

2 David Gribble (Pussycat)

Pussycat seems fiendishly difficult to control yet David Gribble managed so often to deftly avoid attacks and accurately put that cat's claw blade to work against an opponent's weak spots. He wasn't straight up called the best driver in Robot Wars for no reason, nor were they exaggerating!

I tried to drive Pussycat in the Iron Maidens competition so I know how hard it was to drive. He was a very talented young man and still sadly missed.

You would assume such an oddly designed robot would be hard to control but with this talented young lad at the controls he drove it to victory many times.R.I.P. one of Robot Wars finest drivers.

3 Kim Davies (Panic Attack)

The man who beat all odds and drove the charity entry to victory against the roughest and toughest of the second wars, Kim was not only a modest chap but a great driver (if a little naughty).

All due respect to George Francis and David Gribble (RIP), but I couldn't in good conscious not give my vote to the fan favorite from Wales.

Panic Attack would've done alright with other drivers, but only Davies could turn it into a champion.

4 George Francis (Chaos 2)

Ever since the first wars George has been credited for his superb driving skills, plus Chaos 2 was the first (and only) robot to win 2 consecutive series.

5 Nick Adams (Wild Thing)

Certainly not one to be overlooked, Wild Thing came up against some of the toughest opponents known to Robot Wars (Chaos 2, Hypno Disc etc). Whilst it didn't always come out on top it was well driven, always put up a great fight and only really lost on close calls.

6 Simon Scott (Razer)

The key to Razer being so effective was it always knew where a robot's weakness was and how to get around it E.G. puncturing Chaos 2s CO2 bottle to disable the flipper, and good driving has got to be credited for that.

7 Andrew Leadbeater (Hydra)

One of Robot Wars finest young drivers was not afraid to go up against the big boys. He proved very sharp with his driving but Hydra never had the success it truly deserved.

8 Andrew Marchant (Tornado)

I think Paul Snook from the Tetanus Booster team summed it up best "You never see the back of Tornado, it's always on you". Call it a box on wheels if you will but you can't deny Andrew was in control of some serious power here and used it well.

9 Michael Oates (Eruption)
10 Ed Hoppit (Storm II)

How can one control such a speed demon like Storm II (a top speed of 25MPH! )? Well Ed Hoppit certainly can, and well. It was persistant, very strong and should've won series 7.

The Contenders
11 Ian Watts (Bigger Brother)

His driving skill was very clear. Particularly when he drove Bigger Brother to victory against Hypno-Disc despite there being hardly anything left of Bigger Brother.

12 Dave Rose (Hypno-Disc)

Hypno-Disc scroed some fantastic victories and his good driving ability certainly contributed.

The only robot I think that never to win a series that should of done

13 Paul Cooper (M2)

A magnificent robot, controlled by a very skilled driver.

14 Rex Garrod (Recyclopse)
15 Alex Brown (TR2)

A contestant from the new series that impressed us all. At only 15 his driving was excellent and he beat such great robots like Dantomkia and Big Nipper.

16 Jason Marston (Thor)
17 Michael Oats (Eruption)

He has lots experience form competing outside of robot wars and pulled off a tense series 10 final

18 Shane Howard (Mace)

Quite a skillful driver for a well rounded robot. Too bad Gemini never managed to live up to their brilliant premise.

19 John Reid (Terrorhurtz)
20 Gary Cairns (Typhoon 2, PP3D)
21 Rob Knight (Mortis)

Very much described as Robot Wars's Inspector Gadget. His unique backpack to hold the controller helped him use it easier and he proved just as aggressive (if a little unstable) in the arena.

22 Dave Young (Apollo)
23 Kevin Scott (Stinger)

Stinger was very lousy in Series 3, but Series 4 however and people were surprised, as the thwackbot originally being the 20 seed rose to 3rd place.
The entire robot was a weapon on wheels, so perfect control was very much needed.
And it was executed very well especially in the 4th war, with it's hit'n run and spinning its "Spear-mace" that weighed as much as a woman.

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