Top 10 Best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs

One of the best things about MLP: FIM is the songs. These are the best ones. Enjoy!
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1 This Day Aria

The day this song was released is the day that Disney ate a trucks worth of dust! The only Disney villain song I really like that much is be prepared, and this is better by a freaking landslind! Brit Mckilip (guessing on the spelling) Mayor props.

This day aria is probably the only villain song that rivals the dazzling! I mean, come on, the dazzling entered Equestria Girls and absolutely stole the show, so this is very high praise. Also, I really like contrasting duets. This is like stop the bats to the max!

This song is so suspenceful, and flawlessly reveals both the evilness of the false bride and agony of the true one. It also kinda shows a good side for Chrysalis. In the song there are the lyrics "No I do not love the groom, in my heart there is no room!" indicating that something else was in her heart, her people perhaps?

2 Smile, Smile, Smile

In season one of my little pony friendship is magic, the songs from Pinkie Pie was not good. I don't mean their bad, but none of them was good to be on my top ten my little pony friendship is magic songs. But then, as I watched A Friend In Deed, ooh boy, the song was spectacular. While her other songs were good, this song puts the others to shame because the lyrics were great and this song was longer than her other songs. Her other songs were about 16 seconds or 50 seconds or 1 minute. However, this song was about 3 minutes in length. And this song reminds me of Pharrell Williams Happy. So, this song is the best song of my little pony friendship is magic.

Wow, all I can say is wow. If pinkies present didn't exist, this would be the number one solo pinkie pie song in the show. It's so happy and uplifting.

I love this song because it's so sweet and simple-sounding, despite Pinkie Pie singing it as the hyperactive pony we know. Pinkie is best pony in my opinion, she's so cheerful and positive - Something the world lacks around these days. No wonder she possesses the "Element of Laughter." And this song plays it well, it's the Pinkie I've known to love from the very beginning.

3 What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me

I love how this song introduces the problem of the episode in a comedic and catchy way. It has amazing performances by all of the characters, and gives birth to the ending frame of the ponies in halves.

Another catchy song. It involes all six which is good and it's a play over players and personalities. Or whatever the saying is. I think this song should go a bit higher. When it first came out it was the only song id listen to for ages.

I really enjoy this song. I think it would be hilarious if the Cutie Mark Crusaders got more members and they did a version of this.

4 Under Our Spell

I honestly expected this song to be waaay lower on this list... if it was on the list at all. Thank you people voting for giving this song the credit it deserves! Out of all the dazzling songs, this one is the best.

Under our spell is up the best song by the dazzlings. Not even welcome to the show is as good as it! I love the lyrics, they show the sirens evil side so perfectly!

This should be ranked way higher. It's extremely catchy and the singers have the voices of sirens. (Get it? The pun. Cause they're si-nevermind my lame puns :P) the song is enchanting and mesmerizing, love it way too much.

5 Winter Wrap Up

This song changed my opinion of mlp music forever. There were songs in my little pony before this one, but they lacked a lot of punch! Then, low and behold, out of the blue, came this song! Winter wrap up is so catchy and fun. It makes me want to smile, laugh, dance, jump to the beat, and sing along all at once! Yeah! It's that good!

It has very stupid lyrics, but you can't help getting this song stuck in your head. Personally, I think it should have been farther down on the list, but that is just me.

So far in season one of my little pony friendship is magic, pinkie pie's songs was not that good until came this musical number. Its catchy and everypony sings including twilight sparkle. It talks about the different things everypony does and how they do it.

6 Babs Seed

Do you know those kind of songs that you're obsessed with but eventually get over after a few months? This song is not one of those songs, for me at least.

I've always loved Babs Seed since the first time I heard it. I used to hate musical numbers, so whenever watching MLP, I would skip songs. But while watching One Bad Apple, this song hooked me in. The song is not too long either, it's about a minute and a half long, and it keeps your attention.

Overall, the song is energetic and definitely catchy! People tell me that the song is a bit repetitive, but that's what makes it so catchy and fun to listen to. The animation is fantastic as well. Plus, the CMC are so cute. c:

You know, the first two Cutie Mark Crusaders songs were awful. The first one was funny and the instrumentals were great, but the song itself was ear-bleaching and hard to listen to. The second was better, but it was to lovely dovey for me. But then as the third song called Babs Seed, damn. The song was catchy, it had the best visuals and they can sing better.

7 Helping Twilight Win the Crown

This song definitely deserves number. Not because twilight, but because of the awesome beats, music, singing, and overall awesomeness (I sound like rainbow dash)! And you know when a song is good when fluttershy takes part in it!

I love this song for my entire life, Twilight is very amazing. Twilight's part is my favorite when she and flash are next to each other, I totally ship them.

I love under our spell and welcome to our show but this is the Equestira girls that would not get out of my head. Oh great it's stuck in my head again.

8 My Past Is Not Today

Best EQG song, hands down! Now that Sunset Shimmer is has gone from a villain to a full fledged hero, the first thing she needs is an epic solo about being reformed. Sci-Twi really needs to listen to this song.

This song... is beautiful. I don't know how else to describe it. See, unlike "The Midnight in Me", which was Sci-Twi doing more moping and refusing to tell anyone what's wrong, this song is saying, "Your past mistakes are not what define you, it's what you do today that counts. You can't worry about the past because you need to concentrate on what's happening". Also, anyone else notice that Sunset's singing voice is AMAZING?! Sunset generally gets really good solo songs, with all three of them being some of my personal favorites. I said what was so great about this one, "Embrace the Magic" was Sunset encouraging her friends to find out what's happening, even though it may feel unconventional at the time. Basically, "It may not feel like a good time to get these powers now, but if we figure this out, in the long run it will make things a lot easier". And her last song, "We've Come so Far Together", serves as a great intro and sort of an exposition dump that isn't in the form of dialogue that the characters know. Instead, it's sort of like looking back on the events that have happened and saying, "Wow. Look how far we've come from how we used to be". However, My Past is not Today continues to be the best solo song Sunset has ever gotten, and most likely it will stay that way just because of how beautifully executed it was. Sunset literally gets a pair of wings and floats into the air just from singing this song! And no, this is not a Pony-Up, she doesn't get the pony ears or pony tail, and it can't be the magic of friendship, as so far that magic can only present itself when multiple friends are present, such as the main 6 or the young 6. This to me, personally, is a very special song because it encapsulates just how beautiful, amazing, and perfect(to me) Sunset can be, and highlights how, I know I already said this but, amazing Sunset is and why she is best character.

9 You'll Play Your Part

This is one of the most beautiful songs in the series. My comments to hasbro. However, it did feel kinda rushed when the other princesses joined in. But how can I complain when we get an absolute gem of a song, followed by the most epic battle scene in the series?

A wonderful work by Daniel Ingram. Fantastic singing, and even more marvelous orchestrals behind the voice. The music itself is quite powerful and strong. It perfectly complements the beauty of the voices of the three princesses. Absolutely gorgeous harmonizing. I doubt even these words do true justice to describe the beauty of this awe-inspiring piece of work.

My favorite. When I watched the last episode (I watched it when it first came out, so it was the last, then) I couldn't stop smiling and practically crying at the awesomeness. When Luna sings "I understand you wanting more; a chance to shine, a chance to SOAAAR! " It summed up how she wanted so deeply to rule Equestria, and turned into Nightmare Moon. I just love this song

10 A True True Friend

Just like winter wrap up, this song is REALLY catchy. Also, I like how it features all of the mane six doing what they were born to do and realizing it by getting their true cutie marks.

I like this song because it really reflects what my little pony is about. It's about there wonderful adventures as friends and this song definitely describes there true true friendship

I love this song for all of equestria, Rainbow and Rarity's part is the best. This is definitely the best song for me. I don't have any more songs than this one.

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11 Celestia's Ballad

As much as I loved this song, for some reason I got extremely depressed listening to it. It is like leaving an entire part of Twilight's life behind her to take on a new unwanted role of a princess. Still, very beautiful song.

A short song, but the first sung by Celestia! I really love this song. The flashbacks bring me back to all of the other episodes, and it makes me feel like Friendship is Magic is ending forever.

Celestia's only song (so far) was beautiful. They could have ended the show at that point and I wouldn't complain, as it had an air of closure to it, at least for this "chapter" of the show.

12 Apples to the Core

It basically sounds like a bunch of rednecks singing random country crap my dad likes to listen to. I have seen rednecks before, and apparently I heard people say stuff about Bolivar being the most redneck city in the state of Tennessee. It even sounds like something redneck.

This song was wonderful. It showed the loyalty family members feel toward each other, and it was great fun. I wanted to sing along, not to mention I wished I was Pinkie, being admitted into this awesome pony family.

I love this song! It's so happy and fun and catchy and fun and infectious and did I mention fun?

13 Stop the Bats

Stop the bats if a very interesting song. We see fluttershy defending the bats out of her compassion for animals, but I get where AJ is coming from too. I mean, I love animals, but applejack wants to get rid of the bats because they are a threat to her livelihood. To this day, I don't know who to side with.

Why is not higher? First, the visuals. When Aj sings, the mood is very dark, corresponding to the lighting, but when fluttershy sings, the screen is brighter and more delicate. The background music to, much like this day aria shows a real big contrast to the style each pony sings in. Applejack and her powerful vocals, fluttershy and her more timid yet lighter voice, it really tied the song together. Besides, I can't be the only one who got chills sat the end of the song, it is that good.

It shows that all th either ponies want to hurt the bats, Kind Flutershy tells Applejack that the bats may be different from them, but have feelings and says good things about the bats. Flutershy then wants to teach the other ponies to be nice to bats. She turns into a vampire pony and a vampire bat to teach them a lesson. After their punishment, they learned to always be nice

14 Hearts As Strong As Horses

This is one of the most bombastic songs in the show, and the best cmc song by far! It's what you might expect to hear is a bunch of 8 year old girls put lyrics to the training montage song from Rocky, and it left me quite surprised, as the CNBC's dpn't get many songs that I consider to be good.

It is very catchy and powerful coming from the Crusaders. It is about them being as strong as their sisters and wanting to be like them.

I believe it had really added to the episode it featured in and it is the type of song I will never forget the lyrics to.

15 Open Up Your Eyes

This is by far the best song in the my little pony movie! Suspenceful, sinister, oh... It is just so perfect!

I love Emily Blunt's voice as Tempest. Best song of the movie hands down.

This song is amazing, it sounds straight out of a musical.

16 Let the Rainbow Remind You

It is such a beautiful song. It shows that even though we may make mistakes, we can always pick ourselves up and start over again. The song also reflects on everything that happened in season 4. When mlp ends, they should defiantly put a song like this, but they should have it reflect from all the seasons. I personally think this should be at the top 5 at least.

I love this song and think it should be higher. Though I like 'You're a princess, you'll play your part' slightly better, this song is my 2nd favorite by far.

I have 5 best friends like Twilight, and we all love singing and different mane 6 characters. We sing this one as our favourite characters!

17 The Pony I Want to Be

Seriously? 19? First off, Diamond Tiara's voice is GOOD. Second, we saw a side of Diamond that we've never seen before. I know we all hated her at one point, but this song really made us forgive her and feel sorry for her. And Daniel Ingram = GOD.

This song shows a part of Diamond Tiara that we've never seen before! It has beautiful lyrics and a catchy tune. I love how it shows that everyone (even people you wouldn't expect) has good in them, and how everyone has a story.

I read a comment that somebody hated this song. This list is for the BEST My Little Pony songs. Go find one that's for the WORST My Little Pony songs.

18 Find the Music In You

I know you people have heard this from YouTube or the rest of the Internet before, but this song is terrible. Well, at least until flutter shy joins in, NOT HER FLUTTERGUY VOICE, her normal voice is beautiful though! Otherwise, yea, it became annoying when it first played

Love it! This song should make top ten at least...

Just love the sound

19 Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

This should be higher.

Also, to the person who said that the cider was horrible: at first, the cider was shown to be actually as good or better than the Apple's cider. It's only when Flim and Flam get nervous and turn off the quality control to make cider faster is the cider not good.

(Actually, Flim and Flam were so far ahead that they didn't actually have to turn off quality control. That was a bad move.)

It really makes you want to buy the cider. If I didn't know how horrible it was, I would've bought 20 barrels.

This song is way to catchy for mlp. I don't care what they're selling, with a song like that, I'm buying it!

20 The Vote

I love this song so much. I listen too it more or less all the time. Contrasting music, contrasting lyrics. It's beautiful!

This is my favorite song in mlp ever. Why is it 95, anyway? It really deserves number one.

21 Let's Have a Battle (of the Bands)

I was surprised at how good the Rainbow Rocks ended up being. I didn't know whether to pick this, Under Our Spell, or Awesome As I Wanna Be. In the end, this one won out mostly because it starts relatively simple and just builds up as the song progresses, and I love songs that manage to pull that off effectively. But the whole soundtrack is really good.

I love this song, When I watch rainbow rocks. I am waiting for all of the song cause I think the songs in rainbow rocks were super duper cool.

Love it! Super catchy and very emotional. I sing it when I'm in the shower. Screw "Elmo's World", go Battle of the Bands!

22 I've Got to Find a Way

More people should vote for this. It is better than this day Aria because the theme is more sad and the piano vocals are amazing.I feel bad for Twilight. This song prefectly describes how bad she feels and sums it up in an elegant design.The backgrounds might not be the best but there pretty good.Am I the only one who voted for this?

I love this song and aftermaths remix of it!

This song is amazing like the character!

23 Magic Inside of You

This one of the best songs in the show. It's emotional, supportive and Lena Hall is a great singing. When I heard this song I felt at peace it spoke to me, make me want to improve in my work; and as much as it pains me to say this. It's better than This Day Aria and boy it did not fail.

This song is probably even more pro then most singers. It blew me away when I heard it. Its more emotional then funny. Especially because this is a kids show, its really good. I've been obsessed with it for weeks now!

This song is just absolutely amazing. It holds so much meaning and motivation. And the power that the voice actress put into this song is spectacular. Next to "This Day Aria" this the best song.

24 Rainbow - Sia
25 You're in My Head Like a Catchy Song

This song has impacted me more than any other love song I' ever heard, because it's so simple. No where in this song does it feel like the people at hasbro are turning it into a trying to be epic number. It's a single guitar and a single voice singing about their love. If this part of the episode doesn't make me cry, then the part at the end does with out fail, mainly because an instrumental of this song is playing in the background.

Honestly, this song is my favorite in the series. It's absolutely beautiful and learning about their parents with it was amazing and touching.

Makes you cry tears of joy that become tears of sadness when you remember that they both died.

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