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1 Karma Akabane

There is just so much dynamic to this character. Okay yes, he caught my eye because he's hot, but when you really consider everything that he says and does, he's a really interesting guy. He may be gifted, but it's his hard work that puts him high above everybody else in the class.

I love Karma because he is sadistic. He's smart, and he is good at fighting too. Most of all, his character development was amazing. He also is good looking, and I like his personality.

The main reason why I decided to watch Assassination Classroom all the way through is because I loved Karma's character so much, and I wanted to see what happens to him and his character development.
Even though I didn't necessarily like the anime series, Karma's character and his development was really worth watching it for. Kudos to the writers of Karma's character.

Truly a unique character. It would've been easy to just relegate his role in the show to being a badass who is good at violence. But nope. They fleshed his character out, and as the show went on you could physically see him transform. He started as a genius rogue who believes that the way to challenge the world is on his own, and turned into a genuine leader who has realized what it means to combine the strengths of everyone around him. Whoever wrote his dialogue and plotted out his character development, bravo. He feels truly human at the end of the show, arising from the fact that you are with him when he's failed and succeeded alike. He will inevitably end up being someone you admire.

2 Koro-sensei

Kor kor! Koro Sensei is one of the nicest teachers you could think of. He really cares about his students. But what made me cry was that he had to die to end it all-

The best teacher ever! By the time you are halfway first season you will start working you had a teacher/mentor like Koro Sensei.

Koro-sensei is another cute character in this series. I haven't gotten far into the series yet so I don't know his backstory but from what I've heard it's really sad and tragic. He's the best teacher anyone could ever have. Always trying his hardest to make his students feel good and develop their academic skills.

He's absolutely hilarious! He has such good character and such a tragic back story! His humor makes everything better! This is exactly why he's an amazing character!

3 Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa is super kind-hearted. He has a good personality towards everyone, maybe kinda besides his mother. He makes everything super interesting.

Nagisa is my favorite character because he's a kind and shy boy who is still strong regardless. His appearance makes it so that you won't suspect him allowing him to easily let the enemies guard down. I didn't think he was a girl at first because of a video I watched which is what introduced me to Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. I can't decide if he or Itona is cuter. I love how he has pigtails despite being a boy but that's sorta his mom's fault for not letting him cut his hair. Regardless it makes him really cute and girly despite being a boy. I feel bad for him for having an abusive mother but the good thing is that he's still kind to others even though his mom is abusive. I never thought I would see an anime guy with pigtails. There is a Korean cartoon where a ninja boy has pigtails.

Literally the cutest thing ever. He's my biggest anime crush at the moment. I have so much fanart of him on my phone. If only people didn't ship him with Karma.

Nagisa may be shy and quiet, but that's what I like about him. Also, the cross-dressing is SUPER funny. Really, Nagisa is my favourite. Easily

4 Kaede Kayano

Kaede is one of the nicest girls in Kunigigouka (However you spell it). She cares about everyone, especially Nagisa. I don't care that she turned insane and tried to kill the teacher too early, but she is a nice person.

Most amazing person ever and queen of pudding!

I never notice that she really was hiding something so far that was the best assassination in class

She is so cute and funny

5 Tadaomi Karasuma

He and Koro-sensei are the best teachers anyone could have. Even though he is stern and strict he shows that he still cares for the students and his voice is magnificent.

I love his personality and how he helps the class develop. definitely an amazing dude

By far the best character.

He's a really good teach.

6 Yuma Isogai

Despite living in poverty, Isogai has a giving heart of gold and is trying to do what's best for his family, friends, and others (even if it includes breaking the rules). He has proven to be a great leading, leading class 3-E members many times. He also has many talents and is very intelligent when it comes to Social Studies/History.

The only flaw he has is being poor but other than that he indeed is an Ikemen. I would have to agree that he is the most handsome boy in class E. It's funny how everything he does is attractive but when others do the same thing it's just kind of pathetic. But that doesn't mean I hate them that's just the humor in that scene.

Isogai is super nice, cute, and sweet. What's cute is that he works at a restaurant when he was only in junior high.

This guy is literally the best despite it having a lot of money.

7 Itona Horibe

When I first saw Itona in the manga I instantly thought he looked cute. Even though he was a villain at first I still thought he was cute. I've gotten to his tragic backstory part and I can't help but feel bad for him. It was cute when he smiled when his classmates accepted him and he even thought that class E was a good place to stay at. I think he looks better without a bandana since I think his head is part of what makes him cute but I understand why he has it. It's to keep his tentacles in control. I was surprised to know that I wasn't the only one to think he was cute after all he has a unique kind of cuteness that you can almost never find elsewhere. And lastly Itona is a cute name for a boy. He and Nagisa are my favorite characters because they're both cute and they're both the same height.

They didn't chose Itona to be their secret weapon for no reason. He managed to jump over 6 feet (with Isogais help) while an average 15 year old male manages to jump an height of 18 inches only. He is revealed to be extremly intelligent and has a high knowledge of mechanics and machinery. Funny is that Itona is a side character with many episodes with him being in the spotlight (3, 4 or 5 episodes? ) while people like Okuda or Maehara has none as far as I know. Pretty sure he even has more spotlight episodes than Kayano, who is a main character lol. Therefore Itona probably is the most important side character in the series and really funny (especially when mocking Terasaka) with an interesting character development (from a psychopathic to calm-minded).

Fantastic character development in such a short time. Best character in the series.

Does anyone besides me thinks that he is cute?

8 Tomohito Sugino

He is amazing. Not only is he kind and caring, he is relatable. He has insecurities about his baseball playing that Koro-sensei helps overcome. It's a shame nobody remembers him. I also loved how he could play baseball. Best boy for the win!

Another underrated character, I do feel that his character is somewhat under developed. However, I did he did fine as a supporting character.

I also love baseball

Puts the bae in baseball

9 Rio Nakamura

Nakamura is so cute! I'm pansexual and bisexual and she is a very cute girl! I try to rip my eyes out because of how cute she is. But she isn't as cute as my little bean, Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer).

I just love her personality, she is such a fun character, she also loves pranking and humiliating her classmates with Karma. She is honestly my favorite character

She's like the most similar to me. She likes to prank and is super smart. And because of that she wanted to be normal and dumb.
My friends also sometimes keeps distance from me because they think I'm smart which means I'll just mock them for being dumb. Sometimes I just wish to be normal, not too smart, not too dumb
Plus, I ship her with Karma

Most similar to me and super badass. How she made the 3-D class student bleed without a bit of regret and mercy? Yeah that's awesome!

10 Irina Jelavic

I can't decide whether I would pick her or Koro-sensei if I were to choose a teacher.

I hated her so frickin much at the beginning of the anime but now I love her.

I hated her with all my guts at first but her development is amazing and now I really love her

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11 Yuzuki Fuwa

Okay, Fuwa is queen. I love her detective skills and her breaking the 4th wall comedy is a gold mine!

She's literally me.

12 Ritsu

Ritsu is an easily likeable character. Her usefulness, development, and she did so many hilarious things, like when she dressed up as a cop during cops and robbers, or when she dressed as a detective when they were investigating Koro-sensei. She is amazing.

Easily in my Top 5 favorite character. Surprised she's so low in the list, there are plenty of times that she have proved to be influential in the flow of the series.

Ritsu deserves to be higher on the list! Definitely one of my favorites!

She's really helpful.

13 Manami Okuda

She is the most honest, innocent and kindness person I have ever seen. I like how most of us know about her because of her extraordinary in chemistry. It's weird when other people said that she is a kind of people that have a lot out there. She is special. It is very difficult for you to find a person who both shy and crazily honest, innocent, like you can't find a person who deaf but not mute right? By the way, I love her platonic relationship with Karma.

She's so cute with her glasses. Her love for Science is what attracted me to her character.

A master potion creator, and when teamed up with Takebayashi, create a scientific duo to be reckoned with!

Master of potions

14 Ryoma Terasaka

I find him interesting, despite his stereotypical brute personality. What I like best about this show is that it takes school cliques and digs deep into them, making an entire class of unique 3D people. Too bad we only got 2 seasons to enjoy them.

15 Gakuhou Asano

I cried during his flashback to the cram school. I hope he goes back to doing that.

I liked him 2nd to Korosensei at first because he was a great foil, but after seeing him change so much, he became my favorite by the end

16 Gakushu Asano

I mean it isent his fault that he's such an ass its just because hid dad is such a horrible dad so I get why he acts that way and he does not look that bad he's the most handsome person in class a nvm he's the. only good looken one

He is handsome and intelligent but no where around Yuma's level. It seems that he's the way he is because of the principal, his father. I heard that Gakuho has a tragic backstory just like Koro-sensei but I haven't gotten that far so no spoilers please.

Twisted, yet noble. And the ruler of whatever group he wants to conquer. One of the most interesting characters of the series.

Cool and popular no reason to hate him only to hate his dad. I totally ship him with Karma, even though they lok like siblings

17 Yukiko Kanzaki

Kanzaki had an extraordinary character development. She is also extremely relatable, having strict parents and wanting to run away from all that. She is a well written character.

She is beautiful and kind.

18 Rinka Hayami

My most favorite girl in the class! Her skills are the best. The coolest girl, fight me on this. I ship her so much with the emo sniper Ryunosuke.

She is awesome and she is a perfect example of a skilled, young and a hell of a great assassin! (if she was)

Her story is sad, which is the reason she dropped to E class. And I love her professionalism.

She is the best female in assassination classroom. she is pretty serious but fun too. so ya GO HAYAMI.

19 Ryunosuke Chiba

"I mean, come on. Chiba is badass. He is the best long-range shooter in the class, the cutest male tsundere ever, and his personality is just great! I like his bangs a lot too, it takes a lot of nerve to grow your hair out that long and be commited to it.

The coolest sniper. Together with Rinka, this pair is really dangerous.

I mean... Come on! This is the emo dating sim protagonist.

Emo sniper that should be with Hayami.

20 Hiroto Maehara

He is perfect

21 Megu Kataoka

Brains and power. She tells us girls don't have to be pretty, all they need is courage and strength.

The strict girl!

22 Masayoshi Kimura

I wanted to learn more about him!

23 Hinano Kurahashi

She is savage

24 Toka Yada

She's nice and funny

25 Hinata Okano

Even if she is the minority in this anime. I'm still love her because I think she's the most cute in this anime. Her tomboyish and her 'badass' is the one that make me love her.

One OF the best girl in anime for me. I think it's because she's the most cute for me

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