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1 Peter Disembowels a Beached Whale With a Forklift

How is this supposed to be funny? I don't want to see a two minute scene of a whale getting ripped apart by a forklift in a gory and realistic fashion. At least with moments like Quagmire killing the Simpsons and "Horton Hears Domestic Abuse In The Next Apartment, And Doesn't Call The Police" we don't have to SEE the gore. In most Family Guy episodes, the blood looks cartoonish, but in this scene, the whale and all its entrails are drawn as realistically as possible. Black comedy only works if the scene is over the top. This is why "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" works (nobody would have expected the babies to sing in smooth baritone voices and dance away from the garbage), and the whale scene fails. Mutilating an innocent animal is never funny, but the scene doesn't even try to be over the top. It just presents the graphic animal abuse itself as the joke. In contrast, the joke in "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" is how the babies act in a way that's unexpected (performing a musical number), not ...more

This is very gross, disgusting, and un-needed, but you have to give credit to the animation, it captures the inside of a whale very well.

To the people who say "the splinter" or the toenail scene (house fancy) from SpongeBob is disgusting, SHUT UP and watch this.

Ya know what would be funny? Peter doing something horrible and nobody trying to stop him.

2 Brian Dies

How is this at the top? A horrible character dies, it should be treated as a good thing. The only bad thing out of this episode was that he came back and decided to be an even bigger ass.

Truly depressing even worst The Griffins get another dog Vinnie who just plain sucks as a character and they completely forget all about Brian all except for Stewie.

Brian isn't a horrible character because he has like 6 or 5 years left to live because he's a dog. if I had 5 years or 6 years left to live, I wouldn't be doing things for other people, they aren't gonna die soon

Life of Brian... Seriously that the reference that the title makes.

3 Peter Asks Lois Which Way to Slit His Wrists

It's official Seth Mcfarlen doesn't give two krusty burgers. Whoever he hurts.
Rape jokes: ok
Suicide jokes: yep ok
Mocking religion well duh of course ok
Mocking the disabled: totally fine
But nudity: shame on you!
You should be ashamed of yourself Mcfarlen!

This is the worst joke, as it teaches depressed people how to slit their wrists. Why was that even necessary?

I know how dark comedy is done properly.
Read A Series of Unfortunate Events.

4 Boston Marathon Controversy

Seth Macfarlane didn't even know the bombing would happen, so don't put the blame on him

5 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

Macfarlane's crew only wrote this just to cover their tails from the infamous seahorse seashell party episode. Well guess what macfarlane? It's not covering your tail it's making you a hypocrite!

This was too hard for me. Not funny at all. There is real life abuse in reality! I am happy that Brenda's boy friend did die.

This whole episode is just awful and hard to watch.

Seth Mcfarlene should be ashamed of himself for this episode.

6 Meg Apologizes to Chris, Lois, and Peter For Letting Them Know About Everything They've Done To Her

She shouldn't have apologized. They all got what they deserved and what Meg said was absolutely true. I bet Seth MacFaralane just wanted to keep making jokes about Meg.

7 Pearl Gets Hit By a Truck and Dies

Was a sad scene until Dr. Hartman ruined it by shouting to everyone "Who wants to see a dead body".

That episode and song were both great.

I just wanna point out that there was the time Peter told Chris to stop treating his girlfriend like a human and that he should treat her like crap. Also pearl was a great character

That's not even funny

8 Brian Gives Stewie Herpes

I'm sure it was justified. It was probably karma from all those years of Stewie trying to kill Lois.

9 Quagmire Rapes Marge Simpson and Murders the Simpson Family

Oh Seth Mcfarlen still can't admit/ accept that The Simpsons is and always will be better than Family Guy. Sad sad man

I love the Simpsons Hate family guy!

Remember to never talk bad of Family Guy because they will kill your characters.

This is why I prefer The Simpsons over Family Guy any day.

Simpsons is better

10 A Raccoon Chews on Stewie’s Exposed Brain

That is uncomfortable to watch.

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11 Peter Tries to Marry Chris

Let's just forget that OK? Because that was one huge reason why peter is so stupid.

Do you see why DVD sales made this show rebooted after it was cancelled twice.

This was officially going too far for Family Guy.

Who the hell thought this was a good idea?!

12 Quagmire Speech for Brenda in Screams of Silence
13 Brian Not Caring That He Gave Stewie Herpes
14 Lois Makes Out With Meg's Boyfriend

This was just awful. needless to say, this family is going ot give meg a mental breakdown

15 Jillian Breaks Up With Brian

Terrible, even worst at the end Peter and everyone rubs it in his face.

16 Quagmire's Dad Gets a Sex Change
17 Stewie Makes Brian Eat Poop from His Diaper

I have a feeling that he tells the dog that his poop is chocolate and his pee is Apple juice and then the dog falls for it or whatever...

18 Aquaman Refuses to Help the Woman Being Raped

Seth Mcfarlen is the worst person ever! He's a homophobobic, mysogonystic, skin headded, White supremisystic, xenophobic,-religion hating, liberal, leftist, atheist jerk! (Takes breath) Who thinks he's the best thing ever!

I hate this show so much.

19 Joyce Reveals the Lois Was a Former Porn Star

A hard lesson learned by Lois, never tell anyone that you use to be a porn star especially a news reporter.

Never become a porn star.

It was funny at the end

20 Brian Hallucinates on Magic Mushrooms

This was so disturbing

21 Meg decides to continue to be the "lightning rod" for her family by letting them continue to abuse her

This Meg abuse thing needs to stop. I love Meg but I hate how she's abused.

22 The Brian and Stewie Episode with No Cutaways
23 "Horton Hears Domestic Abuse In The Next Apartment, But Doesn't Call The Police"

Seriously how/why did Mcfarlen think anyone, would find this funny! Why can I see Seth being a wife beater.

There is no way to make domestic abuse funny.

How is this even funny?!

24 Joe Gets a Leg Transplant and Acts Like a Total Jerk to Everyone

Why must a character always have to be a jerk after he/she is cured from an something he/she had for a long time.

25 Cleveland Leaves the Show and Starts His Own Spin-off Series

At least cleveland was a more pleasant main character than peter and stan smith.

This is one of the absolute worst things.

Why does this show even exist?

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