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1 Barney Stinson Barnabus "Barney" Stinson is a fictional character portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris and created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother.

I would describe barney as. a brave soldier. his childhood wasnt great and his adulthood is an emotional rollercoaster for the guy, which he hides from the rest, he says he is fine and puts on a brave face but in reality he is a broken man, he is just the greatest character and robin never deserved him, he should have stayed with Nora

This is a no brainer. Barney kept the show from being cancelled. He was so funny and awesome. Sad that he didn't get the ending he deserved. He got robbed on the last episode but he is one of the greatest characters in T.V.

Barney is just that guy who I don't wanna stop watching cause he always cheers me up, he is funny, love his playbook and stuff and I don't usually find sex jokes funny but man this guy makes him hilarious, anyways, thank you barney for an amazing period in my life watching you.

2 Marshall Ericsen

Barney's definitely the breakout character, but Marshall's my favorite because he's the biggest goofball out there; and an extremely lovable goofball as well. Marshall and Lily's relationship is the epitome of a PERFECT MATCH, which makes for some really heartwarming moments. Barney's hilarious, and so is Marshall, yet Barney's a pretty bad person, and a little hard to relate with. Marshall is by far the most relatable character on the show, and he's the one that I've grown to love.

Marshal the second funniest, the first being Barney (of course), and most relatable. He also has one of the best relationships on television. I love his little songs that he makes up about mundane events.

I can't even begin to say how much I love Marshall!
The gang is all wonderful but Marshall has always been my fabourite.
He is just really sweet: he loves Lily with all himself, he has his own sense of humor, he is sweet, he believes in ghosts and other paranormal stuff, he has his own values and wants to fight for them... I love him so much :,)

3 Ted Mosby Theodore Evelyn Mosby is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the U.S. television sitcom How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Josh Radnor.

Barney is definitely the coolest and most fun character but Ted is just great. There aren't enough words to describe him. He is absolutely romantic and I love it! He is cute, charming, a lot of fun, passionate and he believes in love. Also he is still the main character and his lovestory is the reason why we watched the whole show! Appreciate Ted Mosby!

He is so sensitive and expresses his emotions. He is after all the main character and his love life if the main story. There are not enough words to describe Ted Mosby. Passionate, funny, sensitive, emotional, brave, outgoing, believer.

I think he should be lower than this. Why? Because Ted is bitter when he shouldn't be. He's an attractive man with a great job, a nice apartment and awesome freinds, and yet he's still bitter and hateful. And don't even get me started on the finale!

4 Robin Scherbatsky

She's just straight up cool! She can handle her scotch, she is strong independent ambitious without playing the stereotypical feminist. She is honest about what she wants and doesn't want and can be the voice of reason to some of the other characters.

*Ted playing detective* "Robin, I appreciate your help, but there's a reason your name is Robin, not Batman." Haha!

Her crying under that table with a bottle in her hand, I can't think of anything funnier than that.

5 Lily Aldrin

Voting Lily because I think she should be above Robin. Don't get me wrong, Robin from season 1 - 4/5 was fun to watch, but after that she became annoying. Things like her truth voice or just the way she got offended when Marshall thought Lily was hotter than Robin made me hate her. Let alone the time she threw the open house for Barney's appartment (without beforementioned Barney's permission) and the Minnesota Tidlewave thing. I get it's for the laughs but it never worked for me.

Meanwhile, Lily is an interesting character that has developed quite a bit.

Deserves number 3. Barney its too awesome and Ted is Ted he was just perfect for his role. Lily is funny you never know with what shell come up with. Shes smart too, unique, lovely, spontaneous, gorgeous, yes, she is my fictional crush too and with good reasons people. She is the heart of the whole group and keeps them together! The perfect girl in my eyes...

6 The Mother

She is actually a really nice character and it could be great if she had a bigger role in the show. Any way, she shouldn't die and Ted shouldn't be with Robin in the end. She is the coolest character in te show, I love her.

Just... Just... Just watch season 9. Especially How Your Mother Met Me. She's almost the best (behind Barney of course)

The umbrella was from a UFO!

7 Ranjit

Funniest character, should've appeared more.

He don't mess around

8 Marvin Erikson Sr.

Just as loveable as his son.

9 James Stinson

Islands in the street that is what we are...

He's black and gay, what's not to love.

10 Victoria

I find her annoying. Even tho people love her for me she is the type of person I would want for a girlfriend.

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11 Sandy Rivers
12 Wendy the Waitress
13 Steve "The Blitz" Henry

Gotta love the Blitz episode one of the funniest of the series.

Best guy ever

14 The Captain

The captain should honestly be top 3, hands down.

15 William Zabka

The true karate kid.

16 Klaus
17 Mickey Aldrin
18 Nora

She's basically the perfect girl!

19 Zoey Pierson
20 Carl MacLaren
21 Quinn

She is lovely

22 Arthur Hobbs

How is he so low?
He is my favorite (besides Barney of course)
His dog is awesome too

23 Patrice

Nobody asked her...

24 Kevin

When he offers to go to weird alwith ted, who was an ass to him, shows how much of a nice person he was. He was even willing to forgive robin and try and help her.. And got screwed over by her

Wish he coulda been on the show longer.

25 Jerome Whittaker
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