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1 Michael Scofield Michael J. Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American television series Prison Break.

He literally tattooed an escape plan onto his body, and then used it to break his brother out of Foxriver--a prison thought to be unbreakable. Who else is going to beat him?

Well, not the greatest acting chops but good enough to pull off an incredibly interesting character, plus not exactly hard on the eyes.

Damn, he's such a good-looking genius, who doesn't like him? Plus, he gets himself into prison on purpose to save his brother's life

2 Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell

Definitely T-Bag. Carefully articulated his moves. Slippery as a snake. Man this guy blew the show out the roof top. I would rank Mahone/Abruzzi/Brad Bellick for the second spot. Bellick rocked in uniform and inside the mexican jail was really funny. But Brad dying scene was very emotional. Abruzzi tone and body language in prison is damn cool gangster type.That rocks. Mahone was the addict cop. We can relate to it in our real lives. Overall T-Bag for the craziest, greatest natural actor.

It's the relation between you and him. A relation based in hate.
He is creepy and he knows it. Best character in the series.

3 Alexander Mahone

Best Character development on the show. He matched Scofield's genius and later became a dedicated 'crimininal' bound to helping take down the company. all he ever did was kill criminals to save his family

Intelligent and determined just like Michael. He is very good at the job he does. He I ready to sacrifice anything for his family.

William Fichtner...'enough said. One of the beet and most versatile character actors around.

4 Paul Kellerman

He is very good on what he does. In the beginning he is is a pro killer that kills innocent people but than he realises everything and he become very useful for Lincoln and Sara freedom.

Kellerman framed someone for murder killed his lifelong friend Daniel Hale threatened a kid with a gun as well as trying to use warden popes affair to blackmail him still can,t get enough of him

5 Fernando Sucre

Love this guy. His presence added so much to this show.

He is always there when Michael and Lincoln need him.

Easily, he's just a loyal and good friend.

6 John Abruzzi

Abruzzi was an American Italian mob boss incarcerated for conspiracy to murder on Otto Fibonacci's testimony. Following this, Abruzzi became obsessed with finding and killing Fibonacci, forming an uneasy alliance with Michael Scofield to do so. Part of his motive to do so was that his family was under threat from Philly Falzone if Abruzzi did not kill Fibonacci.

Abruzzi would exact revenge on those who betrayed him, cutting out Gus Fiorello's eye when he tried to usurp Abruzzi's position as head of PI. He also worked with Michael to trick Philly into getting himself arrested. Despite these ruthless actions, Abruzzi had a sense of honor, arguing against his teammate T-Bag's decision to kill Bob Hudson as Bob was an innocent man. T-Bag told his cousin James Bagwell of the escape attempt so he would not be kicked out of the team. Abruzzi fingered this by ordering his friend Maggio to kidnap James. When this led to the death of James's son, Abruzzi converted to Christianity. Filled with remorse, he confronted T-Bag, who cut his throat after escaping. Abruzzi cut off T-Bag's hand, giving him a chance of survival out of remorse. Sadly, because of his misguided desire for revenge, he was killed by Alex Mahone's men.

7 Sara Tancredi

Liked her character and storyline with Scofield.

Super hot. Can't believe she used to be an addict

Adorable and very loyal. She and Michael
do everything to find each other

8 David "Tweener" Apolskis
9 Lincoln Burrows

Lincoln is actually not a bad character he always helps his friends and family when they are in danger.And he always stays strong and positive no matter what people think or say about him.

Can't act his way out of a paper bag but liked his dynamic with Miller.

He is very strong and he does everything for people he loves.

10 Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin

Yall don't know what your talking about, C-Note is the guy! He said duck the army, I'm going jail. He just wanted a family ting, American be haters. Free up c-note he should at least be before Lincoln and Paul. Who likes Paul.

A good parent and a great husband. He sacrifices everything for his family.

He escaped prison with the law. Good father and even better character

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11 Gretchen Morgan
12 Charles Patoshik

As we see the story from michael,s point of view we dislike Haywire instantly because he,s a threat to michael however the sad truth is Haywire was one of the many Michael screwed over in the process of trying to do something good.Haywire is different from other prisoners being mentally retarded and having no qualms with trading prison secrets for favorable treatment. after escaping the prison Haywire only wants to move on with his life and not hurt anyone tragically Alex Mahone goaded him into killing himself to protect his family

13 Theodore Bagwell
14 Veronica Donovan

Veronica is such an underappreciated character. Shes a loyal, smart and tough girl who fought so hard for Michael & Lincoln. Her death was sad and I wish she lasted longer on PB

15 Brad Bellick

Great job. Perfect casting, and like Sucre, added so much by his presence.

Disliked him strongly in season 1 and season 2, but loved him in season 3

16 Charles Westmoreland

Being a helpful companion to Michael, he was quite honestly a very memorable character! Also has a huge passion to his cat Marilyn. Really sucks that he was short lived.

Serving as an advisor to his friend Michael Scofield throughout season 1, Charles Westmoreland was an accomplished liar whose sense of decency and honor earned him respect from inmates and guards alike. Unlike other inmates, Westmoreland was extremely loyal to Michael. After being told he was not allowed to see his daughter before she died, he got in on Michael's escape plan. In doing so, he was killed by his rival and former friend, Captain Brad Bellick. In his last moments, Westmoreland told Michael to give his hidden money to his daughter, showing the consideration that made Charles so likable.

17 Warden Henry Pope
18 James Whistler
19 LJ Burrows
20 Henry Pope

Pope was a father figure to michael who treated his prisoners with respect and eventually confessed to his wife fathering a child from another woman to stop paul kellerman and Daniel Hale blackmailing him regarding Michael. A brave man I,d love to have as a friend

21 Sofia Lugo
22 Avocado

Avocado is just plain hilarious, personally. Every time I look at him I just chuckle.

Avocado is the coolest. He shagged Tweener. He is a true inspiration. I admire his personality.

23 Nick Savrinn
24 David Martin
25 Officer Roy Geary

Officer Roy Geary was a corrupt man who stole michael,s watch when Michael had tweener steal it back for him roy informed Bellick who blackmailed tweener Roy,s corruption was exposed when he was wrongfully implicated in a burn Michael sustained Bellick looked down on him for getting caught so Roy reported bellick for selling prison industries to John Abruzzi Roy allied with Bellick to capture the Fox river. Eight and they tortured T-Bag in the end Roy betrayed bellick before T-Bag killed him all round not a nice guy

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