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1 Season 5

I got to admit that Season 5 is a fantastic season. The episodes in that season are brilliant! Treehouse of Horror IV, Cape Feare, Homer Goes to College, Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy. These are examples of brilliant episodes that are memorable yet so worth watching!

Absolutely the best time for The Simpsons. After this season, the shows downfall began, very slowly, but surely. Today the show is mediocre at best

Best season of any television show period! Animation can be a bit off at times in this season but the writing is flawless...Cape Feare need I say more?

2 Season 6

This is my favorite season of the show. The darker and serious tone in the episodes yet still has the original and comedic charm is clever. This season included my favorite episode of the show, "Homer Badman". There were also some other fantastic episodes like "Bart's Girlfriend", "Treehouse of Horror V", "Homer the Great", "And Maggie Makes Three", "Round Springfield", and "Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)". This season stands out really well. Such a classic season!

Some of the most hilarious episodes ever example. Homer bad man lisa's wedding Bart of darkness treehouse of horror v my opinion the best treehouse if horror ever. By far my favourite season. Don't hate it is my own personal opinion

3 Season 4

Like Season 5, this season is marvelous. Within its development, the jokes were getting better, the animation was getting better, the tone is more entertaining and funnier, and the storylines are getting more fascinating. "Homer the Heretic" is my third favorite episode, but there are also fantastic episodes such as "Mr. Plow", "Last Exit to Springfield", "New Kid on the Block", "Marge vs. the Monorail", "Homer's Triple Bypass", and "Duffless". What I can tell is that Season 4 is when it started to get more brilliant ideas and jokes that are memorable, clever, and hilarious. Really well-settled enjoyable season.

4 Season 8

This season starts to decline quality, as its tone and writing is becoming wackier, but otherwise, it was still a good season. It kept the original charm from the previous seasons. "Homer's Enemy" is considered one of the best Simpsons episodes of all time despite its darker tone (especially at the end), but there are some other episodes that stand out, such as "The Mysterious Voyage of Homer" (my second favorite episode), "The Springfield Files", "Brother from Another Series", "Grade School Confidential", and "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson". Overall, still a good season.

5 Season 7

Season 7 has some of the most interesting episodes of the show. And of course, it still has the original charm from the previous seasons. Some emotional episodes, such as "Mother Simpson" and "Marge Be Not Proud", are involved, but there are other brilliant and solid episodes that stand out, such as "Bart Sells His Soul", "Lisa the Vegetarian", "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming", "Homer the Smithers", "A Fish Called Selma", and "Summer of 4 Ft. 2". Overall, a fantastic season!

Does anyone remember when Homer was chasing Uder around with a wet towel and smacking him with it? HILARIOUS!

6 Season 3

Season 3 is a really nice season that is worth-watching. The brilliance was getting better, although within its development, it still has some of the charm from Season 2. The animation improved a lot from the second season, as it is more colorful and clean in terms of quality. Some episodes are great, but others are decent. Episode standouts include "I Married Marge", "Flaming Moe's", "Colonel Homer", "Bart the Murderer", and "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington".

Season 3 is the greatest season of the show, in my opinion. It had great plots and stories, fantastic running gags, and there were very few bad episodes. Here are some of my favorites from that season: "Stark Raving Dad" (I just love the Michael Jackson voice cameo, and I don't understand why the people who work on the modern episodes removed it due to the Leaving Neverland documentary), "Saturdays of Thunder" (I find this episode heartwarming, and the montage where Bart and Homer build the soapbox racer really exemplifies it), "The Otto Show" (Spinal Tap, one hilariously satirical rock band, makes an appearance), and "Flaming Moe" (Aerosmith!). This season is filled with epic moments and highlights; it truly rocks!

7 Season 9

Season 9 was when it started to decline even further. It is basically a mix between classic charm and more serious, wacky, and jerky gags, along with some "Jerkass Homer". This is a very mixed season to me. The worst one of the ninth season is "Trash of the Titans" because the plot and concept was too jerky and wacky, and the ending was atrocious (although, I do have to admit that I enjoyed the U2 scene). A few other worse ones include "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace", "All Singing, All Dancing", and "The Principal and the Pauper", one of the most controversial episodes of the show. As for the rest of the episodes, they are either mixed or positive. Some of the best episodes include "Lisa the Skeptic", "Lisa the Simpson", "Lisa's Sax", "Natural Born Kissers", "Realty Bites", and "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson". Overall, it is a strange season.

8 Season 2

Season 2 is when it started more development from the first season. More characters started to appear, the animation improved (though not as good as later seasons), and the writing obviously increases more brilliance and ideas over time. The innocence and down-to-earth tone was still there from the first season, but it was a good season. Standouts include "Bart Gets an 'F'", "Lisa's Substitute", "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish", and "Bart the Daredevil". Overall, an underrated and good season.

Season 2-8 are excellent with seasons 2-4 being the most consistently brilliant but 5-8 have some very strong standout episodes and as I already stated are excellent. Season 2 is the best though. Bart the Daredevil is the greatest episode ever. There just isn't a bad episode - so many episodes I'd forgotten - Itchy & Scratchy & Marge - Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish - basically the whole season is outstanding. It has the charm of the first season but a million times funnier and better written!

9 Season 10

This season is so funny! My favorite episode is Viva Ned Flanders ( Desperate to enjoy his life, Ned Flanders goes to Vegas with Homer and gets drunk and marries some bar girls. )

I love this season! My favorite episode is called "Bart the mother". The plot is Bart killing a bird by accident so he takes the eggs and raises them.

Amazing episodes from this season in the top ten.

Best episodes: Viva Ned Flanders, Lisa Gets an A, Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo, Treehouse of Horror IX.

10 Season 1

Season 1 is underrated. It has the charm that is not like other seasons, and the animation is colorful and rough. Although earlier-written episodes can be inconsistent from later-written episodes, the episodes are still enjoyable to watch. There's a feeling that you will have when watching this season. This season is easy to remember due to its animation and least amount of episodes. Episodes that stand out include "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", "Moaning Lisa", "Life on the Fast Lane", and "Krusty Gets Busted". Overall, very underrated season.

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11 Season 12

Season 12 was great. Perhaps, even greater than Season 11, the worst season of the Silver Age (11-18).

The first season that I bought! Ahh good memories

A resurgence of the Silver Age ( 11-18 ).

12 Season 15

I don't agree 100% with the first comment but I really appreciate its courage. Saying The Simpsons' quality got better season after season, and that season 15 is the absolute best, is like insulting God inside a church on a Sunday. I don't see the thumbs down anymore but I guess they must be a lot and, by the way, it isn't totally wrong. The first 3 seasons aren't crap but certainly they're far from great: animation, dialogue and characterization are very mediocre, there is nothing characteristic of the Simpsons we all know.

PS: I didn't vote because I think season 15 is the best, but to show solidarity with a comment so contrary to the vast majority. My favorite is probably Season 6: Lisa on Ice, Lisa's Wedding, Bart's Comet and Homer Badman are all among the series' very best.

13 Season 22

Ok, I prefer the old simpsons seasons like from 4-10, but this season is great. The Fool Monty was hilarious, there was a great treehouse of horror, and an amazing Christmas special. It is a very impressive season!

There's literally no good episodes in this season. They're all garbage, and even some of the worst of the whole series.

It has its good episodes, but some of the rest can be pretty mediocre ("Love is a Many Strangled Thing" in particular is one of the show's all-time worst episodes).

14 Season 23

I know it's not finished but it's brilliant! Bart shows his academic side in "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts"; there was a great Avatar parody in the treehouse of horror; we visit the future in "Holidays of Future Passed" and Bart and Lisa learn about parenting; and how could any of you forget Homer and Bart's tween book 'The Troll Twins of Underbridge Academy"? This is clearly the best season!

Season 23 is excellent. It includes the episodes "The Book Job" and "How I Wet Your Mother" which are unique, stand out episodes. Both episodes are hilarious and, especially "How I Wet Your Mother", include a level of sophistication that make the episodes almost art works.

15 Season 14

Better than 13. Though, 15 was an improvement over 14.

The beginning of the Digital Age (Seasons 14-18).

An impressive season. Well done.

16 Season 32
17 Season 17

The last good season, though there are still some great episodes after this season such as "Brick Like Me", "Barthood", "Flander's Ladder", and so forth.

It may not be in the Golden Age ( 1-10 ), yet in the Silver Age ( 11-18 ), but it's still a decent season after all.

This deserve more credits! It's a great season! Of the Silver Age (11-18), but still great.

18 Season 18

In this season, we see the death of Homer's vegas wife who, unless I'm mistaken, hadn't been seen since season 13. Homer joining the army, Marge becoming a "handywoman", Bart learning he kicks butt at drumming, Marge becomming addicted to an online MMORPG and Moe and Lisa writing poems are all some pretty good episodes in this season. 24 minutes was an excellent episode, too. Pretty good season.

The last pre-movie season. It may have not been in the Golden Age, but this season still executed fine moments. "24 Minutes" was truly amazing and its definitely one of the greatest episodes of The Simpsons.

19 Season 11

It sucks. IT SUCKS! Nobody likes this season. It's the downfall of The Simpsons and it is the worst season in The Simpsons history! Maude Flanders is dead, Bart sees his future and Homer becomes a missionary. While some episodes weren't that bad, others were way worse than said some episodes.

The Simpsons knew sadness in this season with the departure of Maude Flanders. But that didn't stop the DVD box from being adorned with Krusty the Clown. Bart sees his future in "Bart to the Future" and Homer becomes a missionary in "Missionary: Impossible". This was also the season that survived Y2K, ending in May, 2000.

20 Season 20

The 20th season of the Simpsons... it started out... interesting (what with the erotic cakes and stuff) but soon got amazing. The Simpsons started broadcasting in High Definition, with a new opening scene and stuff. Some really good laughs came from Lisa being on "happy pills", Bart, Ralph, Skinner and the bullies all being shipped off to Capital City during an important test at school (deviously done by Superintendent Chalmers) and Moe dating a... short person. This is the DVD season they'll be coughing up next, skipping ahead of seasons 13-19 (for now) and will offer it on Blu-Ray Disc because of the HD format.

21 Season 21

Although it's not done yet, Season 21 is looking to be a really good one. Not only does it look amazing, they haven't really done any "bad" shows yet. It was great when Lisa kicked Bart's butt at the end of "The Great Wife Hope" and the Treehouse of Horror's first part was actually kinda creepy. (Didn't like how they made fun of Christianity in the zombie one, though). I loved Bart's "brother" and the South Park-esque scene. That was probably the best episode so far (O Brother, where Bart Thou? ). Can't wait for the rest!

Season 21 didn't have a lot of good episodes, but it DID have 'Boy meets curl'. honestly love that episode.

22 Season 13

Ah, Season 13... full of some of my favorite episodes... and a couple stupid ones. I loved how Homer and Bart were chained together in the second episode. While watching "Brawl in the Family", where the Simpsons fight over Monopoly (don't we all? ), I was convinced it was one of my favorites... until Homer's vegas wife came and ruined it. I also didn't really like how Apu was cheating on Manjula. More of a "sweet and sour" season.

I don't care what people say about 90s episodes. The Simpsons is still brilliant.
Season 13 is on Channel 4 at the moment and showing episodes that are great.

23 Season 24

Okay, this season really doesn't deserve to be on this list. People who think this season was funny obviously NEVER watched any of the older episodes.

24 Season 16

This wasn't a good nor a memorable season. It was also a degrade from the previous seasons. Season 17, on the other hand, was a bit of an improvement over Season 16.

I love "There's Something About Marrying"! It has one of my all-time favorite bits, where Homer and Lovejoy ate on Smartline, I die with laughter.

It was mostly pretty good, but "On a Clear Day, I Can't See my Sister" is the first episode I outright hated.

25 Season 25

It had a few good episodes but like 23, most of them were forgettable. Some were even outright bad.

Am I the only one who likes the new simpsons series? Along with windows vista, 8 and the wii u?

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