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1 Goku vs. Frieza

This fight is definitely number 1. Out of all the DBZ fights, this is the most hate charged. The buildup, where we learn about the history of the Saiyans and Frieza made it so much more intense. Learning about Frieza's destruction of the Planet Vegeta, corruption of kid Vegeta, killing of Krillin, Vegeta, and the entire Saiyan race makes this fight so intense. Only in 2 other fights do we see the same level of emotion: Gohan vs. Cell, and Goku vs. Vegeta. Gohan only got mad at the end, and Goku was just Messin with Vegeta in their fight, considering he didn't even go SSJ3. The fight with Frieza is the only time besides the fight with Raditz that we see Goku full of hatred. Even though the fight is 4 hours long, it's tough to ever stop watching.

The most memorable and legendary of the DBZ fights. It's a shame they over-did the "power" aspect in the future DBZ sagas. Frieza was supposed to be one of the most feared warriors in the universe, and by the end of the DBZ series his power was dwarfed in comparison to others. Same goes for the Super Saiyan transformation; it was overdone. I understand Gohan unlocking his potential and reaching SSJ2, but the fact that Trunks and Goten as children reached SSJ, and SSJ3 emerged, it undermined the whole rarity and significant aspect of ascending to SSj in the first place.

There is no doubt this is the best fight in Dragon Ball, nobody pushed Goku over the edge as much as Frieza. With krillin killed right in front of Goku, he transformed into a Super Saiyan. Filled with rage over his friends that lost their lives by Frieza's hand, he mercilessly pounds Frieza. Frieza decides to destroy Namek because Goku cannot breath in space and he can. As planet Namek begins to collapses Goku defeats Frieza, but at a price. Goku took to long and now the Frieza's ship, his only hope of returning home... is fathoms deep in molten lava. As Namek collpases, Goku lets out a furious roar before Namek explodes. He finally becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan, the first in 1000 years and avenges his people, however he dies avenging his people on Namek.

This is how Dragon Ball Z should have ended.

There were a lot more intense fights after this (Goku VS Majiin Vegeta, Gohan VS Cell, Goku VS Cell, etc) but the tension in this fight was amazing and Goku and Frieza were almost evenly matched, making this fight the pinnacle of the entire series. I do like the Android and Cell Saga but to me, the end of the Frieza Saga is the ideal ending, like with Goku finally embracing his heritage as a Saiyan and (at least then) dying to save the universe...

2 Gohan vs. Cell

This is the best fight because honestly it was between the villain who nobody stood a chance against even the mighty warrior Goku. but the boy, the one almost nobody thought would beat him unleashes his full power and is the most powerful person in the universe at the time. it was a awesome and gohan himself is a awesome character. it was also gohan's kickstart. before that he was the kid who helped sometimes now he was the hero think of it he then goes on to kill bojack, and become the strongest at end of dbz's story.

There's no comparison with this fight. When Gohan gets angry it's just amazing. Gohan's power is unstoppable and we feel that no one can beat him. All the dialogues and scenes are really impressive. I can't stop watching that! My favorite dbz saga for ever!

Nothing compares. Dragonball Z was written to prepare for this fight from the first episode when Gohan gets mad at Raditz. This fight was so important that the android saga literally planned forward for Gohan being the surprise hero. Awesome.

The emotion Gohan's scream makes you feel when he turns ssj2 sends chills down my spine. The unsung hero aspect makes the story is more remarkable, and no better way to top it then with the father-son Kamehameha, best stilled image in all of DBZ

3 Goku vs. Majin Vegeta

The series is filled with great fights and choosing one best depends so much on mood and the kind it's fight you're looking for. That being said, Goku vs Majin Vegeta is the one I always find myself coming back to as my favorite. The tensions were already so high waiting to inevitably see this new villain in Buu, and yet Vegeta knowingly puts his own pride ahead of everything else to gain the power so that he can fight on par with Goku (albeit we quickly come to find out Goku could have ended it very quickly with ssj3, but that's not the point). Let's be honest if you'd been a fan of the franchise for any length of time you knew these two would fight again. Watching two super Saiyan 2's go all out against each other was amazing.

Absolutely amazing fight! Both opponents and friends, the 2 most powerful people in the Universe going head to head! It makes the fight even better the fact that they are both equal in strength and speed and that both have to put everything they have got to best the other! Absolutely Incredible, and surely deserves to be at number 1!

This fight was the best fight of all time, not just in dragon ball z, but of any fight scene ever conceived, it had just the right amount of trash talk, exemplary amount of technique, but most of all, they landed an equal amount of shots on each other, however there are other fights like this, and so the thing that really tipped this over the edge for me, was that we had all been waiting for that rematch the day Goku and Vegeta fought in the Saiyan Saga. Literally the entirety of Dragon Ball Z was me waiting for that rematch and it was even better than the first fight. Easily the most brutal fight of all time.

My favorite part of this fight was how Vegeta allowed Babidi to cast a spell on him, making him stronger and apparently under Babidi's control. But then Vegeta told Babidi that he was just using him for the energy boost. What a true badass!

4 Goku vs. Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)

Easily the greatest fight in the series run. Two evenly matched opponents facing off with everything on the line. The fight is never stretched out past its welcome, yet not condensed either. The image of Goku and Vegeta struggling to save or destroy earth with beams of raw power are forever burned into the minds of show watchers and its finale, having Goku push his body to the absolute breaking point to finally overcome this threat, is incredible. Yet it doesn't end there. Perhaps what sticks out even more in this fight is, in the end, with the fate of the world in his hand, assured there is no other hope left, Goku fails. He put up an incredible fight, but is left utterly broken, unable to do more than tremble in pain. But then help arrives and Vegeta, all but spent, must contend with the remainder of earth's warriors in a struggle that leaves him just as broken and only one character able to limp their way forward and raise a hand to finish the fight. No other struggle pushed all ...more

Simply the best battle of the entire DBZ saga. Everything about it is perfectly articulated. I don't think I've ever seen such a level of struggle in any other DB fight, with nearly everyone dying. It's Vegeta at his best, and he seems to be almost immortal. I think the ending suited perfectly, with Gohan finally defeating him, Goku forgiving his life and then Vegeta abandoning the planet, almost dead and in embarrassment. 8 brilliant episodes -- 14, to count Nappa and the Z Warriors battle.

This fight was by far the best, 2 saiyans end up fighting each other for the sake of planet earth. Everything was so timed correctly which made this fight interesting. Especially the galic gun and kamehameha part. It was an elite sayain warrior against an outcast who failed the mission of destroying earth and ends up protecting it agains someone of his own race and vegeta is royalty. None of these saiyans gave up until they had nothing left and all of there bones were broken, literally. The end of this fight ended up when goku uses his spirit bomb he learned from king kai and then gohan landing on him when he was in ape mode forcing him to leave planet earth because of the bad condition that he never expected from these warriors.

I personally think that this was the most epic fight in the entire franchise. Unlike all the other fights, this one kicked ass. They both used ever single technique they could throw at each other. It is absolutely the single greatest fight in any anime franchise in HISTORY!

5 Goku vs. Kid Buu

Even though, story based, this fight didn't pair up to any of the other major fights. This fight may as well by far be the best fight in, not just in Dragon Ball Z history, but all of the anime fights in general. The amount of power that most Dragon Ball Z know these two fighters both have, it just makes the fight that much more intense. Each attack is by far flawless and cannot be replicated to a degree. I've literally watched this fight countless of times and I still find this fight amazing.

Kid Buu the most powerful villain in all of Dragonball Z and not even Super Saiyan 3 Goku could defeat him. This was an epic fight because it was the first time that Goku took a fight seriously since he fought cell during the cell games. Kid Buu was the ultimate universal destroyer and he was toying with SS3 Goku, SS2 Vegeta, and fat Majin Buu and even pushed back the spirit bomb filled with the energy of every being on earth.

This fight has so much impact, it is probably the best fight scene in all the show in my opinion. That's with story out of the way, the pure combat in it, Goku's amazing skill as he outmanoeuvres Kid Buy, only for it to be less and less effective as Buy just can't tire, while Goku can. The way it's choreographed and the feeling behind, it was and still is perfect in my opinion.

It kept me entertained because it was practically the only Buu saga fight that featured two eve opponents, And the mixture of Buu's demise, spirit bomb and the SSJ3 theme was pure awesomeness.

6 Piccolo vs. Android 17

Tactically one of the best fights in DBZ (not counting DB where some of the fights really have this tactical component), you can clearly see that Piccolo is one of Akira Toriyama's favorite characters, the fights he takes part in are evenly matched, intense and require more wits than brute strength.

Most of the fights in DBZ involve one character weaker than the other getting tossed around mercilessly until a power up of some sort is given. None of that here, that's why this is one of favorite battles.

Also this is the last battle where a non-saiyan main character matters and delivers, then they become horribly irrelevant when it comes to direct battles.

Piccolo at his best! Piccolo fought his absolute hardest in this battle and he really proved himself a worthy adversary. It took Android 17 to bring that out of him and they both put on the greatest show

My favorite parts of this fight was when 17 came out of the ground to surprise attack Piccolo. That was awesome, laugh out loud. When 17 was underwater and turned the water molecules into his own blast, that was the most bad ass thing I'd ever seen anyone do. When Piccolo turned himself into a hologram, that was genius, and Piccolo's Hellzone grenade.

Strategically, this was the best fight in the whole series. They were mostly of equal power, so it took Tactics and planning to win instead of who's power level was higher. If you scaled either of these two up to the power levels of Goku or Vegeta, they could have been more than just background in the rest of the series, they could have been front line soldiers and game changers. With an adjusted power level, they could have taken on ANYONE.

This is honestly the best fight in DBZ. Other battles are too slow and usually revolve around power levels and such. This battle, in the other hand, is all about who can mustard enough skill and technique to overcome the other. They where so equal in power that it almost seemed as an endless battle. I was actually very pissed off when cell came and stopped the fight. It would have been awesome to see a rematch!

7 Goku vs. Cell

Greatest "all action no drama" fight in the entire series. The fight is fast-paced, and just so appealing to the eye. To be honest, if Goku hadn't given up and called on Gohan, the battle could've been the end of the Cell Games right there, the battle was so good.

This is the best fight in DBZ, you just have to see it from the fight quality view, it may not have dramatic content as frezaa battle but, the speed, the movements and the technique both fighters use, its awesome, can't be compared to nothing you may see in other season or fight.

Most balanced fight by far in the series. Goku against Frieza was too one sided. This was the first fight of DBZ where the outcome really was surprising. Definitely way more competitive and fun to watch than Gohan vs Cell

It had it all, the flashy attacks, the strength, the firepower, and let's not forget the Kamehameha. This fight truly lived up to Dragonball Z standards.

8 Goku vs. Piccolo (World Tournament)

I vote for this as the best battle, for many reasons.

Reason #1: It was the first battle where Goku was a true warrior. Even though Goku VS King Piccolo was the first real battle, Goku didn't look like a true warrior. It wasn't until this battle Goku appeared as a true warrior.

Reason #2: The battle was so evenly matched. Other MAJOR battles were never this even. Goku's power level was what a dozen higher than Piccolo's?

I do however think that this battle does need some improvement then it would be rated much higher.

This battle was ultra brutal, Goku does a Kamehameha with his feet! Piccolo grows to the size of a mountain, Piccolo blasts a softball sized hole THROUGH Goku's shoulder, Piccolo tears off his own arm, Piccolo sticks his elbow in said shoulder wound then breaks Goku's leg, Goku dives in Piccolos mouth and kicks around his throat. Best battle in the whole saga.

To me, this was the most epic mano a mano match because these two fighters hated each other and their skill levels were pretty much even. Also, Goku wasn't as invincible as he is in DBZ. In this fight, he's vulnerable and mortal but is able to deliver a win. Goku vs Piccolo was an awe-inspiring fight.

It's my favorite because it shows real martial arts and it shows Goku, despite being in great pain, deliver in clutch time.

9 Zarbon vs. Vegeta

The most brutal and nonstop action in one single episode. Zarbon transforms into a monster and pounds the daylights out of Vegeta with multiple roundhouses, pinwheel kicks, a relentless headbutt combo and a savage piledriver. Vegeta doesn't even have a chance to fight back as Zarbon annihilates him to the brink of death. By far the most brutal and savage fight in the series; much more devastating and powerful than an entire saga of fighting. Zarbon dominates this battle most of all; it's the only time we see a villain completely butcher a hero without allowing the hero/protagonist to have a chance. Best fight, hands down.

This was the absolute most brutal fight in the entire series. It is the one instance where the antagonist doesn't even allow the protagonist a chance to fight back. Zarbon annihilates Vegeta senseless and leaves his battered body after a multiple headbutt combo, simultaneous roundhouses, a deadly piledriver, a rapid succession of knees to the gut and numerous cyclone kicks. This was the worst beating laid down onto a character and Vegeta was a ragdoll the entire time. Zarbon is the deadliest and best warrior in Frieza's military.

Zarbon holds the most beastly and demonic transformation, which happens to be the fastest and most surprising as well. He goes from a handsome guy to a monster in an instant; that was amazing and awesome all at the same time.

Zarbon beat the life out of Vegeta, and every minute of it was enjoyable.

10 Vegito vs. Super Buu

Awesome because it was dads vs sons and the two strongest warriors in the universe merge as one in the ultimate grudge match against the immortal terror of the universe and beyond. I loved the part when buu threw his so called planet destroyer at vegito and all vegito did was kick it back at him and when vegito unleashead his SPIRIT SWORD!

It should have been in the top 3. I believe this because vegito plays with buu as if he was a child, moreover he makes him angry by showing that he was inferior to the super vegito

I love the part when super buu turn vegito into a candy. Vegito (Candy form) beat the crap out of super buu and candy vegito can still talk to buu without any month

It is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. Someone should just replace Vegito's face with a trollface.

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11 Goku vs. Broly

Great fight! Well, if you can call it that. It wasnt as much a fight as it was Goku getting his ass beat. Broly's immense power is shown greatly in this fight, as he could fight 3 super saiyans and Piccolo at the same time without breaking a sweat. The ending, although dissapointing, made sense. After ssj Goku finnaly recieved Vegeta's power, he had more than enough strength to beat Broly. I was actually surprised that Broly made a joke out of him even before Vegeta gave his energy. Overall, a great fight with some epic moments from all characters (except Gohan laugh out loud)!

Yeah broly just exploding from one punch... But it makes you thing was vegetas power that strong like maybe vegetables can't channel his power maybe he's insanely strong but can't use his energy you know

Please restart this show many peoples like this show request sir please

Instead of a normal punch it should have been a dragon fist but it was a good fight

12 Future Gohan vs. Android 17 and Android 18

This fight was the best Dragonball filler and specials have ever offered. It's just shelved in our minds because poor Son Gohan dies. It was an epic battle and though he stood no chance against 2, he could certainly take on at least 18 in a 1 on 1. Animation values were on target with Goku vs Frieza and the fight kept you on the edge of your seat. The only down side besides Gohan's death, was how short it was. Still an amazing fight that belongs a little higher on this list.

13 Goku and Vegeta vs. Android 19

What? Thai fight wasn't even that good

14 Uub vs. Buu (Hyperbolic Time Chamber)

Uubs first real battle. Buu, being his counterpart, was a harder battle then uub thought.

This never happened. Guy is just having a weird fantasy.

Did this even happen?

15 Gotenks vs. Broly

The background, music, and moves, so perfect. This fight is the best qua it is.

What's? This never happened

16 Kid Trunks vs. Goten

At the world tournament? Actually a really enjoyable fight, despite no SSJ or epic circumstances.

Awesome fight between the greatest of friends. Tested the strength of both of them.

They did go super saiyan once each.

It is very good fight

17 Ultimate Gohan vs. Super Buu

After having his "mystic" qualities awoken by Supreme Kai, Gohan was the most powerful Z Fighter in Dragon Ball Z. SK even tells him NOT to go Super Saiyan because it is just a waste of his energy! While fighting Super Buu, the way the artist drew his predictive skills was amazing. The blocks were there days before the punches and kicks hit.

18 Mystic Gohan vs. Super Buu/Buutenks

My 2nd favorite fight how is this not on the top 5 it was the strongest hero vs villain yes gohan is stronger than the rest because he's better than Goku and gotenks and vegito is two people. super buu is the most powerful but some think it is kid buu I know they said he's the most dangerous but he is that brecause he's unpredictible and crazy

This fight was great. Gohan was so epic in this fight.

This fight just goes to show how strong gohan would be if he kept training

Great fight for Gohan

19 Gohan vs. Bojack
20 Goku vs. Ginyu Force

Goku vs the four members of the ginyu force was great, it showed after a week of training, Goku's power was really big and it proved since he defeated the ginyu's and getting the hell beaten out of him when ginyu was in his body, he had a chance to defeat Frieza. Even though Goku defeated recoome and burta easily, it was still nice to see recoomes power against vegeta, krillin and gohan, and jeice and burta trying their hardest against Goku, showing that no one really had a chance against the ginyu force. Infact I would say besides Goku vs Frieza, the whole ginyu force saga, was the best part of dragon ball z

This battle shows how powerful Goku actually was after training in 100 times gravity. Goku worked very hard and It was finally time to see what he was made of. Also, The only member of the ginyu force who had fought was Recoome and he dominated Vegeta, Krillin, and Young Gohan whose power level was over 50, 000. Goku came and dominated every one without breaking a sweat

21 Goku and Vegeta vs. Meta Cooler

Metal Cooler is so underrated. The use of instant transmission made this one of the coolest movie fights, and indeed DBZ fights, ever, and he pushed 2 Super Saiyans to their limits AT THE SAME TIME, easily matching both. The end of the fight with the army was fantastic too. Sad to see the guy go so easily later on in the film. Also shout-out to Janemba, whose fight was also superb

The only time before vegito,gogeta and resurrection of f is where Goku and vegeta truly out there differences aside and fight together.

22 Piccolo vs. Imperfect Cell
23 Vegeta, Krillin & Gohan vs. Recoome

Recoome was a powerhouse and decked Vegeta with his Recoome Kick, Recoome Death Driver, Recoome Elbow, and Recoome Eraser Gun; incapacitated Krillin with a kick; thrashed Gohan with his Recoome Bomber and busted his neck after smashing him around before being halted by Goku's thunderous strike.

Yes, a lost battle. But hey, they was the Team Three Star!

24 Android 17 and Piccolo vs. Imperfect Cell

I loved this fight! Well, I liked the awesomeness, but absorbing android 17 was just plain wrong, you wanna absorb the androids? Go the year 9000!

25 Gotenks vs. Super Buu
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