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1 Is This It

Great album from start to finish. One of a few albums I can listen to all the way through, and then want more. A game-changer whose influence on rock music can be heard in many rock albums even today.

1. Is This It
2. Room On Fire
3. Angles
4. First Impressions of Earth
5. Comedown Machine

2 Room On Fire

It's funny, each fan of The Strokes has an album that they prefer. However, they all favor their album for the same reason. - PewPewAssassin

3 Comedown Machine

It's the comeback of the Classic Strokes.

Should be higher

4 First Impressions of Earth

This should be higher than Room On Fire. Yes, I love Reptilia, 12:51 and all the others, but this one has diversity. More of a punk edge to it, more garage-y. Room On Fire somewhat sounds like a scrapped version of Is This It.

I came into this with the attention of voting for Room On Fire, but seeing this behind Comedown Machine makes me upset. Every Strokes album is very good in my opinion, but First Impressions of Earth has that Strokes sound mixed in with that experimental sound we see in their new albums. Songs like Razorblade, Electricityscape and Evening Sun don’t get nearly enough credit when they are phenominal songs. This should be at least 4th.

5 Angles

Wow! This album needs more credit! I find the other albums to repetitive. This is the strokes first real jump to something more daring and different and I love it! I love every single song!

6 Future Present Past
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1. Room On Fire
2. Is This It
3. Angles
1. Comedown Machine
2. Is This It
3. First Impressions of Earth
1. Room On Fire
2. First Impressions of Earth
3. Is This It

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