The Top Ten Sarah McLachlan Songs

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21 Forgiveness

This is such an amazing song from her album Laws of Illusion S. It has such beautiful lines. My favorite line from this song is "This house of cards it had to fall. "

22 Dear God
23 World On Fire
24 Ice Cream

"Your love is better than ice cream
"Better than anything else that I've tried
"And your love is better than ice cream
"But everyone here knows how to fight"

Not her best song, but it deserves to be on the list.

25 Full of Grace

This is one of the most beautiful, yet chilling immortal pieces of music I have ever heard in my life that continues to have the same effect on me after all these years!

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26 Out of Tune

This song gives me the chills and a profound sense of peace every time I listen to it and is simply timeless. A perfect marriage of music and lyrics!

27 Gloomy Sunday

Fantastic. Brilliant and touchable, mein herz brennt. Very sad and beautiful song ever

28 Witness
29 In Your Shoes
30 Ben's Song

So bleak, yet so beautiful. Her Masterpiece.

31 Steaming
32 Out of the Shadows
33 Drawn to the Rhythm
34 Into the Fire
35 Mercy
36 Love Come
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