Best Things About Riley from Girl Meets World

The Top Ten Best Things About Riley from Girl Meets World

1 She's incredibly loyal

Riley even gave up all her feelings for Lucas and hid it all just so Maya could be happy

2 She's loving

She has a cute and sweet personality that makes her look like a klutz but also attracting lots of happiness and bubbliness

3 She's smart

I doesn't look like she gets bad grades often. She even did Maya's homework for her

4 She has a unique personality

Yeah I can relate to her. And I'm expecting dislikes on my comment, go ahead.

Not many people in real life would act like that

5 She's not afraid to be who she is

Riley stands up for herself.

She even makes 'The Riley Awards'

6 She's pretty
7 She's funny
8 She cares a lot
9 She would be the bestest friend ever

Inwould love for Riley to be my best friend

10 She's creative

She's got an interesting style. Kinda like a tacky wunderkid. I dig it. - keycha1n

Eh in real life I'm creative and mature at the same time, Riley is a little iffy. - Anonymousxcxc

The Contenders

11 She is a beautiful ray of sunshine

Riley Matthews would do anything for anybody. She stepped back from the boy she loves for her best friend's happiness. She stands up for the girls in her class in STEM. She deserves all of the happiness and love in the world. She cares about people so much more than she does herself and people still don't like her. What's not to like? To everyone on the "Worst Things About Riley" page, you disgust me. You are sickening and honestly most of those reasons are really stupid. "Her voice is annoying." Well that's hate on Rowan too. "She tries to fix everything." Wow. Maybe because she cares so much about everyone else's lives and everybody's happiness. Apparently this is something to hate. Wow. Just wow.

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