Things Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Network Should Do In 2016

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1 Bring Back Older Shows - Everyone

Disney doesn't have to do this because they already do reruns at midnight, and CN once did on this block called Space Planet which ran from 2012-2014 until it got replaced with Slice of life with Pizza Steve. But CN and Nick still need to do reruns.

Definitely! Or if they're not going to rerun older ones, at least create some GOOD new shows, I don't care if cartoon or live-action, at long as they were even decent.

I can shoot milk out my nose! When I laugh. Old shows make me laugh. Bring back my milk powers!

YES! I agree with you random person who made this list! - Fandom_Lover

2 Change the Logo Back to Slime - Nick
3 Cancel Breadwinners - Nick

They shelved it to Nicktoons without renewing it for a 3rd season, See. Nickelodeon is Improving

I do hate
the show is it that the bread is alchol

4 Cancel I Didn't Do It - Disney

It's already cancelled...

It got cancelled in 2015. - DynastiNoble


5 Cancel Steven Universe - Cartoon Network

Don't do it. That's my favorite show. - DynastiNoble

I actually like it. You don't have too, but I do. I think it should end at the right time. Not too short, but not incredibly long, or else they might get repeatitive or uncreative. I'm hoping for around 5 or 6 seasons.

Steven Universe is actually a pretty good show.

Absolutely not, this is a great show.

6 Stop Talking About Frozen - Disney

I agree with you

This will never happen. Sorry. - TheWiseOne

7 Stop Ruining the Star Wars Saga - Disney

The Force Awakens was a good movie, in my opinion. Sure it had relations to a New Hope, but it is a WHOLE lot better than the despicable prequel trilogy. - TheWiseOne

8 Cancel Game Shakers - Nick
9 Stop Showing Live Action Shows - Cartoon Network
10 Stop Using Inappropriate Humor - Nick and Cartoon Network

No one needs more disgusting jokes. They just don't understand that dumbing down these shows is not good for the children or their company. - xMagnoblade

The same can be applied to Disney, especially to their live-action shows!

Cartoons don't need lesbian undertones.


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11 Cancel Teen Titans Go! - Cartoon Network

I seriously hate this show. It quickly got worse. I don't think it can be saved anymore. They should stick to the original Teen Titans. - xMagnoblade

It eventually got darker

Yes, please.

12 Cancel the Load House - Nick

Nick should do all of these except this one. This is the best show currently on Nick. And by the way, you spelled Loud wrong.

Whoever added this, boo to them.

Boo to whoever added this. I'd like to see this show with a Disney crossover. Just imagine that! It would be awesome. Luna meets the genie, Lucy meets Dr. Facilier, Lola meets the Disney princesses, you get the point.

13 Cancel Clarence - Cartoon Network

Yeah! Cancel Clarence and make a spinoff revolving around Sumo!

... And make a spin off with all the same characters!

Don't do it. - DynastiNoble

NO! - Officialpen

14 Cancel Pickle and Peanut - Disney XD
15 Let Viewers Vote On How to Make Channels Better - All Three
16 Cancel Be Cool Scooby Doo - Cartoon Network
17 Bring back CN City with modern characters - Cartoon Network

Yes! Yes! - DynastiNoble

18 Replay More Classic Animated Movies - Disney
19 Show Tom & Jerry Cartoons with Mammy Two Shoes Again - Cartoon Network
20 Premiere Despicable Me 2 - Disney Channel
21 Premiere Big Hero 6 - Disney Channel
22 Premiere Shrek Forever After and Puss in Boots - Cartoon Network
23 Cancel Powerpuff Girls 2016 - Cartoon Network

Don't do it. That's my other favorite show. It got criticized. - DynastiNoble

I agree with this one

24 Bring Back Cartoon Planet - Cartoon Network

That's where they showed reruns of old good shows

25 Show Lizzie McGuire reruns - Disney
26 Get rid of of the CN Sayin app - Cartoon Network
27 Take Good Luck Charlie off air
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