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1 Forever

This song is awesome and is going to be awesome for-e-e-ver!

Chris Brown is unquestionably the best voice for Pac-Man, even when performing the awesome song "Forever"!

Elegent, fresh, feel good, classy.
Sounds really good, good beat, and he doesn't sound like a kid in it either. :)


"Forever" genuinely embodies the idealism that people embrace early in a relationship. The effect of its incredibly catchy beat is intoxicating and never gets old for me.

I like every songs of Chris Brown... His vocals are heavenly n soothing... Man I'm in love with him

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2 With You

Remarkable Chris Brown song - MatrixGuy

it's the best song in my heart but I think you should listen to this song because it's all about how he feel.

love d lyrics n its emotion generated

#1 for suree

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3 Yeah 3X

Awesome song man...! I too love this song! This song should be number 1 man...! :D :) Best song by Chris Brown. LOVE IT!
Wow I love this song especially the chorus cause its such a happy and energetic song this is going to the 1!

luv this song nothing more to say

Put Ya Trouble Aside And Listen To This Song

I cranked to this every morning going to work back in 2011, and I still crank to it once in a while. 10/10

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4 Look at Me Now

Breezy is amazing, Busta is unbelievable, Weezy is great, This song must be a Classic! I really love it!

I think that this is probably the best hip hop collaboration ever!

Amazing song... Should be in the the 3 rd position and because of busta rhymes and Lil Wayne this song rocks

Very good song busta rhymes raps faster than anybody in this song and Lil Wayne is great

Chris Brown sucks in it, but Lil Wayne and Busta are good.

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5 International Love

Best songs ever by chris brown and pitbull... I think it should be in number 1... It's really awesome song every one should listen this song!

godlike chorus and the pitbull increase the quality of the song...
just listen one time... Yaar!

FOREVER(#1) does not deserve 1st spot as long as international love is here
Just Listen to the Chorus.
CHRIS and PITBULL = Ultimate. - shouryat2b

That's an amazing combination of pitbull and christopher. Vote for it frnds it awesome! It's one of my favourite songs!

It is my (peer Kaiser's #1)

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6 Kiss Kiss

I love the rapping music in the song, moreover chris's got a good voice too which makes the song quite good to listen to...

I don't know who in the hell made this list, but I do know that this song, look at me now, and with you should be top 3... Probably run it next... But honestly this song kills it

I love t pain. His verse is boss!
Chris brown is really good too. He just uses a little too much autotune in that song. MORE than t-pain!

Pretty good for a censored hip hop / r&b song

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7 Turn Up the Music

Great song love it best recent song done by chris brown and can't wait to here it live

Best song of chris brown... And the one with rihanna feat... It really rocks yar

Dis song deservs 2 b on the top so please let it have der...

Great song with a great beat

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8 Next to You

A truly inspirational song for all those love hearts out there!
Sensational lyrics, awesome singing, and a bit of the Biber touch which makes it one song never to miss!
The experience gets 10 times better with the music video!

This song rocks... Lovely song, Justin Bieber voice is cracking...
Its such a cool song just loved it...

This song really rocks, I listen to it more that 10 times per day... Without Justin Bieber its nothing

I think of my boyfriend every time I listen to this song. I can listen to this song over and over and never get tired. I love this song.

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9 Don't Wake Me Up


Like really what the heck is this song doing here...15? Gimme a break. Hell no! It's supposed to be in the TOP 3 or probably the number 2! Please people you GOTTA VOTE!

Oh man now this is some serious stuff this song is so good topping the charts of uk, New Zealand, Ireland, etc... Why can't it merely top this chart at least be in top 3 I just can't stop listening this song please vote for it guys you won't regret it :)!

just good

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10 Run It!

I typically love it because this is the song that got him where he is today! and of course because it is a good song! c:

"Run it " in my opinion made launch his amazing career I love breezy to death, i, d do anything for him!

This was first song that make me listen to him

I like it

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11 Fine China

MY FAVOURITE SONG! He's almost bringing back old school, exactly what the industry is in need of! The song is representing a bit of Michael Jackson however, with it's own little twist! LOVE IT!

Really cool. Reminds me of Michael Jackson. You really can't deny his talent as he shows it in the video. Same as the video really good

Totally one of the best songs. New and already so popular on I tunes. Just bought it and I recommend you to get it as well.

The ONLY redeemable Chris Brown song - JamesBourne

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12 Say Goodbye

While I do like many of Chris Brown's songs, "Say Goodbye" is probably a standout track for me, as it depicts a situation I've been in before, and I'd think many have been into too. It's a song about resolving a legitimate problem, and a very well executed one at that.

I love all his songs but this one is the best and the beat is good and the lyrics are also really cute

This is the one song that I listen to on repeat. The song was also written by the world famous Adonis, who has written many classics in Hip Hop/ R^^B music genre. Great song!

Best song,I feel to do collabo with Chris

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13 Deuces

This song is so under rated, chris with tyga is too much to handle.

Deuces is the most amazing thing that is my favorite song and I have listen to this Christmas

Love this song, dark and heartfelt, just perfect

It's amazing, it has a realness to it that a lot of music lacks.

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14 Best Love Song

What happens to all you guys it is the best song I have ever heard. It's amazing. One which touches your heart. Make tears fell down. Just vote for it

Not Chris Brown's Song but he Puts The Life in it and it IS one of the best love songs.

Whoa what the heck how can this be so low
In the list?!,
Should be at least in top 3
Come on guys vote!

Best song ever

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15 Love More

I love this track, it has some mike jack kinda style, big up breezy

Full volume in the car!

Great, awesome, I just love it

Great Flow

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16 Loyal

Superb song. Super beat

Love this song to my heart's content. It's a sassy song. Chris Brown, love ya.

Its not the lyrics, just the catchy music, its an on going beat, and it doesn't change.

I tried to dance like they were in the video but I just fell

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17 Don't Judge Me

The best soft song by Chris Brown, its just unbelievable... And the music video is also a real masterpiece... Chris proves that he is the best just one more time... Everyone must listen to this song...

Wow! This song has such a deep meaningful message on all levels, one for all people who love to really listen too and taake on board, Play it after arguments etc. Just blows me way. This was played for me by the very special man in my life who is away in Afghanistan at the moment.

This is the best love song that he has some one please tell me different

I love this it reminds me of my boo and please don't judge me lol

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18 Crawl

I love this song, the melody, the sound, the music video every thing about this song is great

This should definitely be higher! Awesome, moving lyrics, as well as a catchy beat and a build up too good to miss!

This is my favourite! Please make it higher :(

Vote for this and say goodbye

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19 No Air

I like your song of no air because it's really appropriate for school and it's a nice song.

Jordan Thomas Hines

I like your song of no air because it is really appropriate for school and it's a nice song.

Jordan Thomas Hines

Should be in the top 5 at least
Quite an emotional song
Jordin sparks is a great singer
Reminds me of "with you" a lot

Best song ever

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20 I Can Transform Ya

come on man!
it must be in the top 3(at least 5)
forever is not a good song

This is awesome man

It is one of a very awesome song of chris.
Lil wayne also rocks

Sounds like a little Dubstep. I can turn into wolf, Nine tailed fox or dark Eco.


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21 Champion

Trust me guys. It's really an awesome song. Come on it should've been in at least top 5. You should just listen this one, you'll fall in love with this one. Please vote for this, it's ringtone of my cell phone!

This should have been at least #2 and Chris's song dreamer should have been #1

People this song is a beast song

I like this song

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22 Superhuman

The lyrics makes me melt... and the combination with Keri hilson is just amazing! Love it

This song makes me cry beautiful song

23 Stuck On Stupid

So amazing Chris! The lyrics are so meaningful a lot of people go through what he's talking about in the song!

Seriously is amazing every time you hear it and just keeps getting better. The lyrics are perfect. - Joeboslo

Incredible song off the new album Fortune. It's an uptempo ballad that proves to be one of the highlights of the album. The production is very good and Breezy's vocals are very good. It gets better every listen.

So relatable for me.. a lot of us know that feeling of needing to let her go but not being able to.

24 Zero

Really catchy song that deserves more credibility! This and Fine By Me are both super catchy and come in a package. Would definitely consider everyone to listen to this song. You won't regret it at all!

I love this song I saw the video it really good but the song itself is the greatest

Deserves to be in Top 10.. Everybody should just give it a listen

This song makes me dance so happily

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25 Ayo

Great beat good for you chris it's the best amazing

126?! Really people?!?! This is one of his best songs ever!

Love this song ever since it came on the radio

so catch

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26 Beautiful People

Nyciiee... song god lyrics this song really love this song... I think this is the best song of Chris Brown

I don't know why I like this song so much but I just do. It's pretty awesome... - Lissie19999

I love the music so much, use to turn me up when ever I listen to it

Is it crazy I consider this my favorite Chris Brown song?

27 Here It Is


28 Do You Mind?
29 All Back

I can't believe this song is so down on the chart. I was expecting it to be in the top 5! It's got such amazing lyrics. I mean I can feel the pain that the lyrics are trying to convey. And Chris has sung the song with such intensity! It's just a masterpiece

Best song for Chris Brown for anyone who likes his emotional songs, and that's me.

I love this song

30 I Wanna Be

I love this record

Beautiful song

Its a great song.shld listen to it guys n gals.

31 Put It Up

Definitely should've made X

32 Don't Think They Know

This may be weird but I cried when I watched the video

33 She Ain't You

I like your song of she ain't you because there's your version of human nature by Michael Jackson and it's a nice song that I can dance like Michael Jackson.

Jordan Thomas Hines

How is this so low vote for this please.

Great song full of emotion.

What a song

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34 As Your Friend

New track with Afrojack... The beats are cool..

Love this song what a tune


35 Take It to the Head

This one is really good, one of my most favorite song by Chris Brown, perfect for my sexy dance steps that I made just for this song.

And its also because of DJ Khaled, because we have the same name,

DJ Khaled's Song but Chris sings the chorus and is the main singer.

A must hear for ALL CHRIS BROWN FANS
Better than most songs

One of best songs of CB. in collaboration with other artists! A must hear for CB fans. - requi-lml

36 Gimme That

love the dancing in the music video, by far his best song as well.

Oh just listen this SONG!

This beat is the best Chris brown beat I've heard that's why I like it so much. - JCchrom3

37 Damage

This song has gotten me through a lot of times

38 Counterfeit
39 Strip

Great song
Loved it
Kevin also rocks the song
Chris browns latest hit
Must listen!

I just love this song, chris got a voice that I keep on playing it all time

This is the best one for me. It should be at the top 10.

I love it... It's hot

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40 Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Yo! excuse is the best!

Follow a chick down the road, and dance to her? very classy

This is one of his greatest songs ever. It must be in the top 10 at least

Should be top 5

This definitely belongs in the top 10!

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41 Oh My Love
42 Party

She hit the splits, she know how to party - cjian2000

We know how to party

43 Sweet Serenade
44 Open Road

I like your song of open road because it's a beautiful love song where I can sing in a wedding or anything.

Jordan Thomas Hines

I like your song of open road because is a beautiful song where I can sing in the wedding or anything.

Jordan Thomas Hines

This song should be number 2 for me, of course

I like your song ofopen road because it's the beautiful love song and I want to do it in a wedding.

Jordan Thomas Hines

45 Five More Hours

This song is really bouncy, catchy and great like Super Bass. I'm really pleased with this song. every time I hear it I feel like grooving. Really excellent compared to Chris Brown's other work. 5/5 - AlphaQ

Its Just Shakes our Mind should Be #1

The song the soundtrack everything really amazing
Really makes you groove

46 My Last

Big Sean is OK bit Chris Brown's voice is so moving. At least put it in top ten

47 Fun

BEst song, best video, loved it

48 Should've Kissed You

Definitely my favorite song by him. Everyone please listen to this song and I promise you will not regret it. It is very touching and the lyrics are great. It also has a very calm, enjoyable beat.

This song is really awesome!
I mean it's lyrics are awesome!
Total Romantic Song and it should be dedicated to every lover..
It should be in the top 10 at least!
I mean come on people!

A really good song. Needs more recognition. People listen to this! The song is just amazing! One of his best!

Should've kissed you.. I wll neva 4 get ths song... Reminds me of the 1st gal I ever kissd.. An it happnd on ths song

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49 So Cold

Nothing' because is the coldest and deepest song 4 ever

Come on nigas this be my jaam.. Love dis song yo!

50 Paper, Scissors, Rock

Nice song I liked it for quite a long time, the beats won't leave my head! - requi-lml

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