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1 Hit 'Em Up - 2Pac


The best diss song ever by the best rapper ever, this song dissed all the main east coast rappers and was representing west coast. The beat, flow and lyrics are perfected.

the best diss song ever made. one of the best 2pac'song. I 2. ether by nas
3. kill ya by eminem thuglife ;-)


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2 O Piçte Bendim - Norm Ender

The king norm ender

Awesome Rapper From Norm Ender! Respect UK!

Norm Ender derim susarım!

I speak English, Turkish, and Persian

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3 Ether - Nas

I just love how he wins in the 1st verse. Coming right out and stating that Tupac, biggie, and himself are the 3 best rappers at that time (arguably the top 3 ever... ), then asking jay-z to name a rapper that he didn't influence... He KOs jay-z in the first verse of a diss song, that's why he gets my vote.

I actually think this is better than Hit Em Up. So many things he dissed Jay about and all of it was 100% true. Jay-Z is lyrically behind Nas and many other rappers, I also feel Jay is one of the most overrated rappers of all time.

Nas absolutely murdered jay, and I love the way nas raps and well I think jay had to go through a lot of thinking about takin on nas. Jay's career was on life-support after this and the only reason it was saved was because he discovered queen b and then got better after it. He worked with a lot of great rappers and became even better than he was during this stage, but never managed to get close to nas ever again.

Jay Z’s Takeover was a hard track to overcome, it being my second favourite track, but Nas pulled it off and slaughtered him.

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4 No Vaseline - Ice Cube

This has to be the best diss song of all time! He Lyrically destroys NWA with this song! Hit em up is pretty much just as good but what makes no Vaseline better is that it is just ice cube dissing his old group. Hit em up would be better if it was just tupac dissing the whole east coast. But the outlawz are still good.

I never got why I've cube was so underrated compared to other rappers, he wrote most of easy es lyrics and he was pretty much the father of gangster rap. Nonetheless he destroyed NWA with this.

This is the best diss song ever made

"If Cube ain't top 3, then you's a b----h to me"

-Only One Me

This song proves that Ice Cube is the GOAT. That intro is the shiznit man!

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5 Real Muthaphukkin G'S - Eazy-E

The godfather of old school rap... Real Muthaphukkin G's is easily the best diss song ever made. From start to finish. Dree and snoop were quiet after this one.

Best diss song.. All throughout

Applies to any fake ass boss out there!


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6 The Warning - Eminem

He murdered mariah carey and nick cannon on this track..! He left them wordless!

He dissed Mariah carey and nick cannon. And they did have relations I saw the sextape... thats all the proof people need.

Not even Nick Cannon could send for him after this. If he tried to send for Eminem he would have Eminem write the diss for him - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Science, bitch!

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7 Takeover - Jay-Z

Not as good as ether but jay did his thang

Definitely best diss track ever

Jay z tried his best but ether is better

Only verse 3 on takeover is better than all of ether.ether is overrated was just some school yard insaults like "fat lip" come on man but jay destroyed nas with facts and facts hurt more than insaults.

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8 Dre Day - Dr. Dre

Dre killed 3 careers from this. After this, like from 2 live crew didn't do much, eazy didn't have a hit, and Tim dogg was never hear from again.

Eazy destroyed Dre with his comeback, which you know, is higher on this list. - hiphopgod

Actually one of the songs that brought rap to my forefront the appreciation for that will always remain

Dre did win this, I mean I love eazy, but dre killed him...

This song was horrible it was so slow and snoop he can't rhyme just like dr dre.

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9 2nd Round KO - Canibus

This honestly should be #1


Canibus all the way

Was a pretty good diss track, sure LL Cool J is way more famous then canibus will ever be, but at the time he made this diss track LL Cool J had stop making good rap songs and had been writing poppy hip hop songs, which is what LL Cool J became famous for.
Canibus is an underground rapper he will never be famous because he rapped about deep stuff that most people just will not understand, he stuff was deeply philosophical, whereas LL made diss tracks, love songs, and songs about love for the radio

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10 The Bridge is Over - Boogie Down Productions

Career Ender... KRS Destroyed MC Shan



The Newcomers

? Lost for Words - Pink Floyd

The Contenders

11 Nail In the Coffin - Eminem

Straight roast! and very clever - paolosecci

How the hell is this not higher?

Best diss of all time

Coffin died

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12 Killshot - Eminem

He literally bodied MGK...he used MGK's bars on Rap Devil & delivered a very powerful counter diss...the beef has just started...we still gonna listen to much better diss tracks

It was a good diss but nowhere near as good as his other diss track - germshep24

He murdered MGK with this one. The meanings behind every line and the rhyming pattern is insane.

Eminem literally tears every diss from rap devil apart piece by piece trashed it then shoots his own disses back at MGK that are totally factual. He destroyed him

Just too good. MGK sucks

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13 Hailie's Revenge - Eminem

It's amazing with d12 and Obie. Even though Eminem is just doing the chorus you can feel the beat


Never heard the song but the title of the song keeps my mind thinking about it # Hailie's Revenge


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14 Kır Kalbini Ver Elime - Sagopa Kajmer

The Best Diss Song and Singer

We don't listen rap we listen SAGOPA KAJMER.

He is ALWAYS KING, ALWAYS BEST! If you want know Sagopa Kajmer, you must listen to his song "Disstortion EP". It's so exciting. Everyone must listen this song

Best rapper +rep

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15 The Sauce - Eminem

Why is this not top ten. I've never heard someone get roasted so hard I a diss. Benzino didn't stand a chance against Em and his angry delivery makes it so much better. No one disses like Em

Benzino got owned on this song! - GuitarZero

Best Eminem diss track


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16 F*** Wit Dre Day - Dr. Dre

Must be in the top 5

17 Extra Extra - Devlin

Devlin ruined Wiley - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

18 You Ain't Nothing - Trina
19 Free Meal - Funk Volume

They smaaashheddd horseshoe gang on this

Top 10 for sure

Dizzy had the best verse, honestly. but its still sad that FV dispanded

20 Jack the Ripper - LL Cool J


21 Murderation - Shystie
22 Who Shot Ya? - Notorious B.I.G.

This one was never intended as a diss track. I definitely believe Biggie when he says this was written before 2Pac got shot. But he released this song to kick a man while he's down. 2Pac was originally mad at Biggie about the shooting for two understandable reasons:
1. He got shot five times, once in the head. When something like that happens to you, your brain doesn't think straight. 2Pac let this blow over until this track came out.
2. There is NO WAY POSSIBLE that Biggie didn't know who shot Pac. Even if he did warn 2Pac, he didn't have his man's back. 2Pac was Biggie's mentor; he brought him into his home, he helped him get IN the rap game, and Biggie still didn't have his man's back:

But when Biggie released this song, it wasn't just a rap beef anymore; it was PERSONAL. This is what prompted "Hit Em Up", not the shooting itself. Biggie was too mad about the media blowing it out of proportion, so he made the problem worse. This song was the turning point from a ...more

This song isn't even a diss track, it was released a few months before Tupac got shot, what in the hell are you guys thinking even voting for this Track? It's a hell of a good song but it is not a diss.

Greatest diss track ever.

This should at least be number 10.

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23 Girls - Eminem

Should be a lot higher... - Ratman18

He KILLED LB on this track!

Amazing bars, plenty of shots, one of best disstrack by Em..


24 Black Friday - Lil Kim

Lil Kim showed no mercy on Nicki - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

After 20 years in the game Lil' Kim proves she is still the queen bee with this diss. "Black Friday" goes down in history with diss tracks like "Ether" and "Who Shot Ya". - madame_val

That one line about how Nicki only got her job because her last name though - hiphopgod

I love $uck nicki minaj

QUEEN BEE - madame_val

25 Bomb First (My Second Reply) - Makaveli
26 Shether - Remy Ma

Got dammit Remy went hard on this mf. I can't even respect Nicki anymore after this

The best

A "scathing diss track" that "doesn’t show any mercy for Nicki Minaj."

27 Paranı Verdim - Sansar Salvo

I bad boy but each callow thy fan / Bed Boy Benim ama her toy sana fan

Tamam kes küfrederim paranı verdim.

Greatest diss track SANSAR SALVO!

Norm Ender is wack.

28 What's Beef - The Notorious B.I.G.
29 Long Kiss Goodnight - The Notorious B.I.G.
30 300 Bars and Runnin' - Game

This should be either #2 or #3. Not where it is now. What. Best diss song since Ether.

Man, he kills G-Unit, he kills 50. This should be in de top 5

This should be in the top 10 no matter what they say

This isn't suppose To be so low, at least top 20

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31 Back Down - 50 Cent

Makes me wanna punch someone's teeth out.

Murdered ja'rule and ended murder inc. point blank

This is hard

Underrated.. I mean 30? like this needs to move up asap! ended ja rule with this one

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32 Sag My Pants - Hopsin

I didn't think this would b classified as a "diss track". Don't Tell Smokey Do, Free Meal, and Be My Friend were though

Hopsin is just too good

Destroyed ruthless

33 Roman's Revenge - Nicki Minaj & Eminem

Deserves the top 10 spot.

The only reason I like this song is because Eminem is on here, that's it

The Best

No it does not Nicki is a whack pop rapper

34 Ill Mind of Hopsin - Hopsin
35 It's On - Eazy-E

Eazy-e father of gangsta rap

The lyrics to the song are awesome

Eazy It a light bad ass and never goes anything but hard with it

I love this diss

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36 Kill Her - Hopsin
37 What's Beef - Trina

Khia was only famous for a few weeks and decided to send for Trina to try get famous once more but Trina destroyed her 3 times in a row lmao - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

38 Jokzilla P.3 - Joker

Good diss

Bu parça diss'ti lan bi dakka

39 Destruction of the Eiffel Tower - Ghetts
40 Pornografik Film - Rezz

Oh! Very good man. Great!

C'est vreiment perfect! Felicitation freroo!

He is the best! Best best best!

Bu adam bi harika dostum

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41 I'm an Animal - Jadakiss
42 No.1 - Rapin Ajdarı

Awesome diss and rapper. You're number.1 Respect USA!

Das ist number 1

Number 1 amına kor alayının

43 Rap Devil - Machine Gun Kelly

This song is only talked about because he had the balls to diss Eminem, then had the balls to act like Rap Devil was the best diss track ever made and down played Eminem diss track. Then lied about how long it took him to write the song.
I respect MGK to go after a person no one would go after, but how he is acting about the diss track makes me lose respect for him. He had some good songs in the beginning of his career, but this song isn't even close to as good as any of his heartfelt songs he used to sing (Dark Side of the Moon, Sail, Home Soon, Therapy, Edge of Destruction, The Return, Halo, See My Tears, Blue Skies, Mind of a Stoner, Gone).
The song has a good beat and flow, but the diss part was absolutely all over the place sure some hit but most were just awful: calling him old multiple times, calling him a hard worker (like that is a diss), stating that Em is famous and needs a bodyguard(not a diss), complaining that Eminem is too good of a rapper that he can't make ends ...more - germshep24

He made this dish after 42 hours from Eminem dropping kamikaze (dissing him) besides he's facing one of greatest rappers of all time, you might be Eminem fan (i am) but you got to give credit to mgk

No he didn't, he already had it made, which is why there is no mention of Kamikaze in the song - germshep24

This is amongst the best diss tracks I've ever heard. Ether level.

He slaughtered Em. - therealmf

It's a love song not a diss shouldn't be on here

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44 Kill You - Eminem

Shut up B*** I ain't gonna shoot you, I'm gonna put this bullet and pull it through you!

man awesome thingie done by eminem...better than hit'em up.

Uh guys this song isn't a diss track. It's just a song that Eminem used to respond to the whole misogny controversy. Sure it mentions his mother briefly but really its just a badass horrorcore track.

45 Kick In the Door - The Notorious B.I.G.

This dropped harder than Eminem's balls

Why is this 25

Because it sucks

46 The Story of Adidon - Pusha T

Push exposed the fact that Drake has a son and a wife, pulled an incriminating picture of him in blackface out of nowhere, effectively ruined the potential marketing of what would've been Drake's Adidas line, and generally said some pretty mean stuff about him, his father and his producer OVO 40. What an absolute savage.

Top 10 of all time. No diss track over the past decade has been as harsh as Adidon. Was hoping surgical summer would last a lot longer though

Probably the most harsh and personal, especially due to bringing in Adonis

If Pusha T was more well known this'd surely be in the Top 15.

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47 The Bitch In Yoo - Common

Common picked apart Ice Cubes entire career on this track and just straight up destroyed him.

Savage track

48 Beyaz Diş - Hidra

This diss really best in the world

Gel karşıma gel beyaz diş

Very best - avantia

49 100 Miles and Runnin' - N.W.A.
50 Succubi - Azealia Banks
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