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1 Light My Fire

Like Bohemian Rhapsody by queen, Light my fire is The Doors, hell yeah

ok all the doors songs are amazing but people light my fire is the definition of the doors

Fast paced, fun and psychadelic everything the doors are about I can't believe riders on the storm is number 1...

Good one.

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2 Riders on the Storm

This is the trippiest song ever! - westofohio

Its awesome when you are driving on high speed in rain and listening to RIDERS ON THE STORM

Best song ever

Nothing beats this song. Nothingg... The Doors can't be beat, and this is the top of the top. It's everything they're about and represent.

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3 The End

The End features the best of every member of the Doors. Jim Morrison gives his best lyrics with eleven minutes of philosophy mixed with weird psychedelic images and finishes it off by screaming about his mother. He delivers his greatest energy and most affecting feeling. Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore invent a whole new type of psychedelic music that sounds like it comes from a different planet. The End is one of the most unique and surreal pieces of music ever written and is the Doors best song.

It's songs like this that put The Doors just above all the other 60s Psychedelic bands for me. Amazing stuff here. - cjWriter1997

very deep song. he really lizard king and this song really great...

Beautiful and terrifying, yet relaxing and euphoric all at the same time. Truly one of the best songs ever composed.

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4 Break On Through (To the Other Side)

I think is best of them

One of the most underrated songs ever and it's amazing song that should be in the first top 10 list long live rock'n'roll and hail to jim morrison!

The first song of the first album
For me Forever the best, as reminds me of the moment when I have heard them for the first time in my life

Great song! The doors are the best. Late 60's rock forever man.

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5 People are Strange

Perfect! Describes mankind and it's addicting! Best music ever! Jim was the man!

Very poetic,the lyrics is what gives substance to the song.One of my favorites.

Excellent poetry by JIM MORRISON. Very true and deep..

this song is all about doors - stajo08

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6 Touch Me

Amazing song. Top 50 all time.

The imagery that Jim gives you with his lyrics is uncanny. Combined with the new twist of horn instruments, it really is my favourite song by the doors. Although, the doors probably have the largest amount of songs that I like as a whole. "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. "

Oh, God, I learned this like... Not even two days ago and it's almost already in the top 25 most played list. I mean, I knew it before, but I didn't remember it. And here I am. This song is so catchy and so awesome, you just HAVE to love it.

Uh, hello!

The Doors - Touch Me

Into YouTube (Or if you are too lazy, I'd really love for you to click the sample. )

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7 L.A. Woman

What a great jam song

Amazing song 45+ years later it's still awesome.

Their most perfectly realized work, containing the prog-level technique showcased in many of their albums and combining it with a raw, soulful blues feel. My favorite of theirs by far.

I can't believe how low this song is. Seriously light my fire and riders on the storm are awesome but they can't compare to la woman...

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8 Roadhouse Blues

If this song isn't in top three, then the world must be psychotic and demented. The blunt and rusted guitar-work, the hard-hitting rifts and drives, and of course Jim's complementing vocals! This song is an accepted masterpiece of Classic Rock.

"Yeah, back at the Roadhouse they got some bungalows."...
Wow... it doesn't get more rock n roll than that, does it? - Britgirl

The song does justice to its name. The background music is a lso fabulous. Truly extraordinary. Deserves a better rank.

It's a great song.. I was surprised it wasn't even included in the first place

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9 Hello, I Love You

I used it as a pick up once, it worked

The day a girl says to me, "Hello, I love you. Won't you tell me your name? " I will marry her. - PetSounds

Come on?. This song is groovy dude!. This song should be on every The Doors playlist.

So nice. Wow, I'm going to try this as a pick up line. Thanks! - Hmv1998

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10 The Crystal Ship

I think it's one of the best songs ever written. And one of the best songs performed by Jim. And it's very peaceful too.

SIng it for your love. Her reaction will tell you how pretty the lyrics are.

"The streets are fields that never die. "
Simply beautiful and enchanting track and one of Jim's finest vocal performance.

Beautiful song. When I have my headache crisis I listen to classical music or The Crystal Ship by the Doors.

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11 When the Music's Over


If you ask me, this not being in the top 10 is just wrong. - Metarock

Deserve top 5 - juanjaramillom

Their best

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12 Love Me Two Times

It starts with you driving in your car as if just another music piece has come on the radio. It suddenly ends with you red in the face from singing, yelling, and pounding to the beat and you've forgotten exactly how you got there.

Listen to it. You will understand.

This songs is great, it should be higher on the list

This song has somethin special, a rhythm, an energy that can make a crowd feel like one

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13 Peace Frog

Definitely not the most famous song by The Doors but still my favorite. And it was in the Waterboy, so bonus points there.

This is the song that got me into the doors and I love it. First heard it in tony hawk's American wasteland and have been a doors fan ever since then.

This is my favorite song by them has to be higher!

Awesome song, surprised to see it regarded highly, I wouldn't have it in my top 20, but is a really well constructed song.

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14 Love Her Madly

This song is an absolute BOP, deserves the number 10 spot for sure

Great vocals by Morrison and good lyrics
Manzarek did great as usual and the simple solo by Krieger was the icing on the cake... Definitely The Doors Best Song - elementeyas

Beautiful lyrics and singing by Jim Morrison as always, and such a lovely melody.
"Don't you love her as she's walking out the door? Like she did one thousand times before"

One of the last Doors songs. For me second best song of the LA Woman album behind riders on the storm.

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15 Alabama Song

This is great I think this song is number 1

This is.. The best.. Doors song. Oh, don't ask why. Oh, don't ask why.

I just find this song very nice and fun should be in the top tens

I think it is the best song. It should be number three or four

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16 Five to One

This song is atmospheric asf

No one here gets out alive now! Pure Jim Morrison.

This song is an absolute jam. Morrison's vocals are brilliant and the feeling the song gives you is mesmerizing. Love it

Ooh, the solo is wonderful, dirty and the best of Robbie

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17 Strange Days

This is a top 10 song, easy. The rise of the keys in the intro is much like the rise in the Beatles here comes the sun bridge. The bass line is great, keys are brilliant, guitar is perfect, drums are genius. I can't fault a single doors release, maybe a soft parade track, but everything these guys did was nothing short of pure genius. Most underrated band of all time.

Their music was special as each one of the band was!

18 Love Street

This is my favorite doors song, how it it ths low, it's so melodic and beautiful. - MetalPope

Why this amazing is so below! It should be in at least top 15.

This is the most beautiful song ever

When I listened it for the first time... I listened it for a whole night the poetry of jim is aesome

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19 Summer's Almost Gone

This is such a beautifully constructed song about endings. Relationships, friendships and experiences. Ray is really at his best in this song.

20 Spanish Caravan

Guitar at its very best

Are you insane? Why isn't this song at least in the top ten. It's just beautiful. The flamenco guitar of robbie krieger, the extraordinary lyrics, jim's voice...

... Nothing beats this song. The only reason Spanish Caravan isn't higher on this list is because it hasn't been heard by as many people. The Doors at their best!

This needs to be higher. It's such a nice melody. one of the best melodies they've made.

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21 Soul Kitchen

My favorite song by the doors - KillerQueen1774

Why is this so low on the list?

What? ’ In my top10 best songs ever and not even in the top 20 doors songs? This has gotta change.

1. Soul kitchen
2. Crystal ship
3. La woman

Why is this so low on the list?! LOVE this song, very psychedelic yet still has a very catchy groove to it.

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22 Waiting for the Sun

This is the strangest life I've ever known.

Amazing song, amazing length, amazing voice.

"Waiting for the sun" is one of my favorite songs by the doors, and to see that it hasn't made it any higher is sort of disappointing. Nonetheless, the song isn't as popular as some, yet it should still have earned more nods than it has.

Arguably one of the first heavy metal songs ever made... For the album of the same name but not published until 1970. Killer riff.

This is my number 1 doors track. Perfect bass, beautiful guitar, great keys and killer vocals. It slowly builds up and the bridge is pure genius. It's a very haunting song and really expresses how far ahead of their time the doors were. I can't fault it.

This is the strangest life I have ever known.

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23 Back Door Man

What a classic rock. Where is Jim now to sing this? Oh man, I should have born in 50's to hear this.. This should be in top ten.

All there songs were so good, wish I could of went to one of their concerts, if you want to know what classic rock is listen to The Doors!

Sounds better every time I hear it; very underrated

Good Willie Dixon song... The Doors made it a classic

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24 Not to Touch the Earth

...Run with me! - Beatlesboy9

Lyrics are brilliant, and this song is a perfect embodiment of chaos. Love it. Also the live versions are far superior to studio

Phenomenal tune. Most underrated Doors song. Put it on your iPod and go crank out some mileage on the trail.

Good to see this one rated. It's not a typically noted doors song, but deserving of a top 30 spot. Would have been a great track to see live.

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25 Take It as It Comes

Time to walk,
Time to run,
Time to aim your arrows,
At the sun,
Take it easy Baby,
Take it as it comes,
Don't 'ya move too fast,
Because you want your love to last.
Classic Doors lyrics!

This should be at least top 20.

Deserves to be a top 25 songs

Greatest Doors lyrics

26 Been Down So Long

Come on this song is cool the doors were a ballsy blues band to me and this is one of their best love their last two albums so cool

27 The Unknown Soldier

I think this one should be much higher. Well written, great guitar, awesome vocals. It would be one of the best flowing, well constructed and brilliantly delivered song of all time. Unborn, living, living, dead. I have that line tattooed on me.

One of the best anti war songs of all time

I can't believe this and "Who Scared You" are so low… those are both top 20 material. - PetSounds

28 The Changeling

The very first Doors song I ever really listened to. It totally blew my mind and triggered a massive shift in my musical interests. Still my favorite!

The guitar solo in the middle of the song is one of the best sounding things ever

There most underrated song in my opinion. One of my favorites coming from a die hard fan.

Robbie's guitar at the start of this song is simple but amazing.

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29 Hyacinth House

Another underrated song. The 12 string is gorgeous and the vocals are great. Jim really shines in this track.

May be the best example of the male voice ever recorded

What a song, this song gives me a high each time I listen to this

30 Ghost Song

Really morrison's great poetry and some of the best work I have seen from ray and robbie.

This song is great it was my first favorite Doors song and it still gives me chills.

Should be on the top 10


31 Blue Sunday

Now this is how you do a love song - cjWriter1997

A beautifully written song, very well written guitar pieces, such a beautiful, slow, perfect song. Top 10.

Low on the list such a deep song by Jim Morrison amazing lyrics. - OasisFeelsLove

Maybe the most romantic song written by Jim

32 Tell All the People

I added this and I will always love it, it is so unforgettable. How can you call yourselves doors fans.

This song is great and should really be in the top 15 but the Doors are just great.

My favorite album opener of all of the Doors' albums. Great song.

33 Indian Summer

Such a timeless song, Jim represents love and suffering facing the circumstances of life while making the listener of the song "fly" into a new world where there is no suffering or pain. Just love and summer (probably an imaginary world, something he believed in that our soul goes after death).

Heartbreakingly brilliant

A very beutiful song that only jim could have wrote

34 Unhappy Girl

I can't believe this is so low... It should be at least in the top tens

Beautiful and scary, should be in the top 20, at least. So short

I just listened to it ohh my doors this is amazing

35 You're Lost Little Girl

Best Song Ever

36 Celebration of the Lizard

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin...

You gotta love this song, this is Morrison at his best. Such a shame it didn't make it onto an album. :(

I say this needs to be in the Top 25. Number 41? Come on people!

45? If you like Jim Morrison, this should be your top spot. It's pure genius

Playing this live and the power and energy they put in it is like no other. They take u for a ride, it goes up and then down. They were perfect and meant business doing it! 😀 It was the doors work of art, simply a MASTERPIECE!

37 Moonlight Drive

My favourite song of The Doors, even if is impossible to say which is the best song... All of them are masterpieces...

This song has the best lyrics in rock & roll

The best night driving song with a girl

38 Runnin' Blue

I like this one, not a top 10 track, but shouldn't be disregarded.

Great tribute for Otis Redding. I think he wouldn't believe it if he saw this song. He couldn't get no

Good song...

39 The Spy

This song should be at least in the top 10! It's so fozy and it has such a mysterious melody!

40 Whiskey, Mystics and Men

This song is so cool, love it

41 Shaman's Blues

Shaman's Blues is very catchy! I just love ray's organ. Should be at least in the top 10

This should be in the top 5. Ray and Robby play off each other perfectly and really compliment their style. The solo is perfectly timed and Jims words and vocals are nothing short of brilliant.

Should be in the top 10

Unique. one of the best songs of the doors obviously.

42 Wild Child

I love this one. Should be a top 10 song. The riff is perfect, bass is great, lyrics brilliant, drums are great, keys are awesome. It's an easy enough song for a beginning muso to pick up and play along to.

With hunger at her heels, freedom in her eyes, she dances on her knees, pirate prince at her side.

This song is great is my favorite!

In my top 5...fantastic

43 Wishful Sinful

Beautiful, great writing Robbie Krieger

44 Yes, The River Knows

Most melodic song ever!

This song is so smooth and relxing, not the best the doors song but I thing it definitely needs to be in first 15

45 Universal Mind

Maybe not as heard as others, but this is a top 5 track, easy. I think it's only on Absolutely Live, but it is such a brilliant and beautifully written song. YouTube it if you have never heard it before, it will change your life.

46 My Eyes Have Seen You

For some reason I find this song cute, is that weird?

Love this song. It's very different from they're other hits

47 The Woman Is a Devil

I think this music is not well known, it should be in the top 10

48 The Mosquito
49 The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)

Daring, hilarious and insanely creative. Only daft gits think otherwise!

Not sure how this song is #54. This is one of their most atmospheric songs - a masterpiece in my opinion and should be in the top 20.

Should be much higher than 54. It's a catchy song, but the guitar eternal reward wil forgive us now for wasting the dawn.. really makes the song. It's one of Robbys best riffs.

50 Cars Hiss by My Window
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