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1 Chasing Cars

So many to choose from but in the end this outstanding song just has to be number 1. Such a beautiful and moving song that has become an instant classic for many people. I never tire of listening to it. The song title is a nod to a phrase used by Lightbody's father about his son's infatuation with a girl, him being like a dog chasing a car, never catching it and then not knowing what to do with it if he did.

After listening some tunes and voices your mind & soul shake internally and
it give sign that you like it or love it - and this song is one of them -shakes your mind, one of the best land mark song from "Snow Patrol" preliminary it look like sad song but it is pleasant song.

Certainly heart touching song, remind me something, where we are running, why we are not able to enjoy the moment & loosing the valuable time of life.
songs lyrics are beautiful with simple words,singer Gary Lightbody had justified the song beautifully and pitch space of song is so perfect, I can't even copy the song.
simply masterpiece to keep in your mind wardrobe.

2 Run

This is also my first Snow Patrol experience and when I first heard it, I sat back in my chair and listened to it...5 times. The last 3 minutes of the song has a euphoric quality that can't be matched with anything else I've ever heard. Between the instrumentation and the lyrics and overall structure to the song, it is a true masterpiece.

"To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do"

My girlfriend and I study in different cities. We see each other for only about 20 days in a calendar year. And every-time the time say goodbye comes, THIS is what happens.

Far better then chasing cars which is, in my opinion a very bland boring song that was hugely overplayed (hence why it gets to number 1- the average top 10 voter is ignorant of anything other then the most mass marketed songs by any bands or artist). Run is quite simply a master piece ans deserves a lot more praise then it gets

3 Open Your Eyes

I always liked this song but now it has a very special place in my heart. I played this for a person for the first time on guitar. That was the last time I ever saw them before they were in a coffin. Whenever I hear this song I remember him

The Lyrics have so much meaning and the final minutes of the song are breath taking, an absolute masterpiece. I can not get enough of this song.

This song means so much to me as I was in a relationship with someone who just couldn't open their eyes to anything, me, what love was really all about, to his children's needs, to God,.. anything! I wanted to show him.. he just couldn't see. :( Beautiful song.

4 Called Out in the Dark

Snow patrol at their best. The lyrics make you feel good, and the chorus is simply inspiring. This is the song to play if you want to feel empowered. And the different tempos its hits makes the song just like 4 seasons in one day - showcasing the spectrum of sound that snow patrol are capable of.

This song is a great song to listen to when I'm really feeling myself. To me this song is about being your unique self and being a reflection of Gods love. Doing what you are called out in the dark to do.

This song is just great! It caught my attention right away, the video is amazing and very funny...

5 What If This Storm Ends?

Okay, I voted for this entirely because The Lightning Strike is my all time favorite song (like all 16 minutes) the single version is awesome, no doubt, but for me its all or nothing.

The song is incredible and its background music awe-inspiring. The song may be long but it's worth listening to every second. I recommend everyone to give it a chance.

This song is definitely the best. The music in the beginning is just overwhelming. And it's absolutely beautiful. It actually took my breath away, and I'm not even kidding.

6 Just Say Yes

This song... Oh man... No words for it... Whenever I listen to it I feel like I'm letting go... I feel like dancing to it every time I hear this... I don't kno why but mu heart flies whenever I listen to this... Its just pure awesomeness!

A Mesmerizing song... It attracts me every time I listen it... Probably the best song of Snow Patrol... You guys are simply the best... It should be a lot more higher than 8...

As a little girl I first listened to this and adored it! I thought the song was called Snow Patrol and the band was called Just Say Yes!

7 New York

This iis the best son I I hsve ever heard in my life so much meaning and so cool and nice. They nailed this song in their new album fallen empires this deserves to be a number one hit it is snow patrols best song ever and it makes me think of my future each time I listen to it it is so good

It's absolutely the best song by Snow Patrol! So moving and so meaningful... One of the best songs about distance ever!
Snow Patrol do their best this way.

Just a brilliant song. It's about a lover calling to his other half who's left for New York. Gut wrenching yet beautiful. All he wants is her. The best song on Fallen Empires

8 This Isn't Everything You Are

Along with the video, this song really gets to my heart. Is this weird feeling that you've hit rock bottom and wish for someone to be at your side when you are finally ready to change your life

This is one of my fave songs... Snow patrol are amazing! Saw them in concert and they were absolutely fantastic no one could beat them ever!
I love you SNOW PATROL...

Along with New York, this is probably my favourite song of all time let alone of snow patrol. Chasing Cars a close 3rd for me with Signal Fire, Chocolate and How to Be Dead not too far off

9 You Could Be Happy

It broke my heart every time I listened to it, after a break up. It's got that bewitching introduction, for a start, the music box melody. Beautiful.
It's got such heart-rending lyrics and it's sung in a way that you know this is a song from experience. Gorgeous.

If you've loved and lost, you know what this song is about. If you've hurt someone, you know what this song is about. Heck, if you've ever loved anyone at all, you know what this song is about. It's one of their best songs, without a shadow of a doubt.

It's the fear of not knowing how someone you care for deeply is feeling. Not knowing whether they're alive or dead. And if they are happy you're not the one making them happy. Someone else could have taken your place, but you won't know.

10 Set the Fire to the Third Bar

So heartbreakingly aching to listen to. I connect a lot to books and music and this is one of those songs I cried listening to. Like other reviewers have stated, it stands out from many slower rhythm snow patrols songs, due to the raw voice put into singing this song, and the delicate backdrop of piano. Very emotional, power and elicit.

Couldn't find Grazed Knees but the latter, the song and An Olive Grove are among Snow Patrols greatest songs. Loved Final Straw when I got it all those 4 years ago - it was the third album I got and wouldn't stop listening to it...

A great duet with Martha Wainwright This song is a slow burner it is the stand out track of the album. Went from least favorite to the best song.

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11 Spitting Games

Seriously, why is Spitting Games so low? This is song is great, 3rd best on Final Straw (After Run and Chocolate) and one of personal favorites!

What's Spitting Games doing down here? This is one of their best songs! Everyone vote for Spitting Games!

One of the best! 28th No Way

12 You're All I Have

'I'm so clear now that you are all that I have' it's underrated to be ranked 6th. If you haven't heard it yet, you are missing something.

Amazing, I knew straight away the first time I heard it, it would be my favorite.

A gem of a song. Lyrically a piece of art. It is undoubtedly among my favorite.

13 How to Be Dead

Beautiful lyrics, soulful vocals and what a soothing composition. One of Snow Patrol's very best and very very low on this list unfortunately.

14 Wow

How was this not even on the list?! Wow!

15 The Lightning Strike

This is 3 songs in one and it's amazing, part one is what if this storm ends, part two is sunlight through the flags, and part 3 is daybreak. Truly beautiful song.

Probably the best song I have ever heard. 16 minutes of brilliance. You've got to be patient but it's worth it.

This is amazing 3 songs in 1!

16 Give Me Strength

I love this song. It is very beautiful.

17 Take Back the City

Amazing track! Must be in top 3!

Down at 21? Laugh out loud! The tempo, the riffs..everythings amazing...! Has to be top 3!

18 Chocolate

Every time I hear this song, it brings a smile to my face. Three minutes is too short for this magnificent song. Undoubtely one of their best songs and its 17th position is very underrated. In my opinion, it is better than Run and a strong competitor of Chasing Cars. I love it!

My absolute favorite Snow Patrol song. His voice, the instrumentals, the lyrics, the melody, literally everything is perfect and I'm surprised it's no in the top 10!

The idea that this song isn't in the top 10 is ludicrous. It's easily in their top 5. Not to say that the songs ahead of it aren't good, but this is just better.

19 In the End

I've followed Snow Patrol since seeing Spitting Games on MTV many moons ago. A truly beautiful song. I get shivers when Gary sings the line "I've waited here for you forever".

Best drums and the guitar just kills everything... should be in top five

20 I'll Never Let Go
21 Signal Fire

Not just a song but it's what I feel about the girl I loved once. Heard this in Spiderman 3 and instantly fell in love with this. Sad we won't get to see more of that anymore. every time this song plays, I can imagine Peter Parker swinging off to the sunset with Mary Jane

It keeps the same flavor of Snow Patrol's work but adds enough of the new in terms of speed and feeling that this is easily one of their riskier and better songs.

This is snow patrols most underrated song. Amazing lyrics, awesome guitar work and a smooth finish that only snow patrol can deliver. "No I don't wana wait... Forever"

22 Shut Your Eyes

The songs melody is very catchy and the lyrics carry a message of escaping from the world that everyone can relate to.

23 Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking

Such a meaningful song it is. It takes you to a different level of not giving up on something you love.

This song deserves to be on the top 5 list at least!

Such a brilliant song.

24 Grazed Knees
25 Make This Go on Forever

Such an intense song! And truly emotional.
This should be rated as the best Snow Patrol song ever.

This is honestly my absolute favourite song. So emotional and beautiful.

Because he doesn't sing well here;you can hear the true feelings.
His voice breaks, and I love it, cause' it's so honest.

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