Contributions to TopTens

Okay, here's another my boring post. Now I'm going to say few things about contribution on this post. What is it? Why it's need to be done? What's the important of it. So let's get started.

But before starting I'd like to state that I am not a big contributor. I am just writing about it.

TheTopTens is maybe the most popular ranking site on the internet. Among all of the other ranking lists toptens was very successful to take a place. Whenever we search for anything, like "Best Rock Bands" or "Best Movies" or something else, toptens's link is always on the first page of Google. None of the users started directly as a user. I am pretty sure that all of us once were visitors. We used to take information from this site. I can remember that whenever I needed to find some good songs of a band, I used to visit this site. And like always, I was able to find good songs of those artists. For this, I thank to all the users who created those lists, voted on them and remixed those lists. It helped us in many ways. So this is actually true contribution. Those users who used their own talent and created many lists. Some of the oldest users I can remember are Heather, Alexandr, MatrixGuy etc.

Some types of Contributions:

Creating Lists:
Creating lists is the best contribution to toptens. This site was mainly created for creating lists. From the beginning of the site everyday there have been submitting new lists. All lists are different from each other, every list is unique. How much a list is good or bad is considered on the effort given on the list. The ranking should be well enough, every item should be well detailed, the list title should be attractive. And most important thing, a list shouldn't be just a duplicate list. There are lots of lists on toptens, which are same. Just the list's title is different. Those lists aren't very useful to others. Those are just for stats. So, when a user creates his/her lists he/she should consider this before submitting it. As the years are passing, most ideas are taken away. But still you could make something new of everything. It just takes a lot of creativity.

Adding Posts:
Along with creating lists, adding posts is also important. Here a user speaks something in details. A user's posts carry the signs of a user how much creative he/she is. Adding posts is an easy work. But adding detailed, well written posts is quite hard. Even if it's hard, still you have to try. After reading lots of posts, submitting lots of posts, one day you'll be able to make your own HQ posts. So I think adding posts is another big contribution to toptens.

Remixing Lists:
Remixing lists is actually important. For me it's my personal list. I try to choose the best. Anyway, remixing list won't only help you to raise your statistics. It will also make a great impact on the list. The ranking is important. It'll change the status of a list. The items you put on your dishonorable mention, will end up on the last page of the list. So, as voting makes a list better, a remix also makes it better. So whenever a user is remixing lists, he should choose the best items as possible. If possible, then he should add description on the remix. Especially on the dishonorable mentions. It makes a remix clearer.

Popularity vs Creativity:
Now, here comes an important thing. Does contributions will make you more popular? Ask this question to yourself. As for me, these two are totally different from each other. You can get popular without doing anything. On the other hand you can get nothing by contributing a lot of things on TopTens. So, if you want to contribute, I think you should keep it on your mind that you are not doing this popularity. I know people get happy when they see their works are being noticed by others. So when a list of a user gets on hottest lists page, it will inspire him to create lots of other lists. But what happens if your list, post or anything else is not being noticed? Should you give up? In my opinion, no way. So popularity or not, you should keep doing what you are doing. Not just aiming for how many followers or votes you get.

Final Words:
So that's it, in my opinion these three things are the most important contributions of TopTens. And like the last thing, popularity does not mean contributions.See you on another post. Thanks for visiting. :)


I agree with everything on the popularity vs creativity section. Great post. - LightningBlade

thanks. - zxm