Toughest Football Stadiums

The Top Ten Toughest Football Stadiums

1 Soldier Field - Chicago Bears

Its cold, windy and miserable. Plus you'll get wacked by the Bears' ferocious defense. - athilos

2 Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia Eagles

Come in our stadium with jet green, giant or cowboy blue, anything, your team will suffer cold winds and carson wentz, goes for fans too, cold winds and eagle fans will wack you, fly eagles fly

Any philadelphia fan will tear you apart but only Eagles fans can take it to a whole new level.

The Linc as they call it is new, but during their run to the Super Bowl, this place was rockin - athilos

By Far, the Greatest fans in sports, its not even close. The most passionate and trusting fans in the nation. Loudest stadium in the leauge

3 Qwest Field - Seattle Seahawks

The 12th man extremely loud in last year's playoffs. A million times better than the Kingdome. I wonder if the shade keeps the fans energized - athilos

The 12th man will dominate anyone who dares enter quest field!

4 Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers

Easily has the most tradition of any stadium in the NFL. During the Holgram era, this place was probably 1 or 2, but the Pack have slacked off.
- athilos

Just unbelievably hard to play at

5 FedEx Field - Washington Redskins

Can seat the most fans. The 91,000 are right on top of the players too - athilos

Loud and huge what's not to like about going to fedex field

6 Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs

Voted loudest stadium in the NFL, three straight times. ENOUGH SAID! - phigginskc

The Sea of Red is amazing. Passionate bunch of people - athilos

This is totally number one

7 RCA Dome - Indianapolis Colts

The stadium isn't too loud, but it is very tough because the Colts seem to play better football here - athilos

8 Heinz Field - Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have been hard to beat here, fans extremely loud too.
- athilos

9 Gillete Stadium - New England Patriots

no body but the pats won there this season.
- alexx3

Ask Peyton Manning if its tough to win here. - athilos

10 Invesco Stadium - Denver Broncos

If the fans don't get to you, the altitude will. - athilos

It is a mile high

The Contenders

11 M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore Ravens
12 Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis Rams
13 Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Dolphins

New renovation, hard rock stadium is now a luxurious death arena, jacksonville or tampa fans won't survive a second outside the stadium

14 Nissan Stadium - Tennessee Titans
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