Top 10 TV Tropes that Describe Zim

The Top Ten

1 Laughably Evil Laughably Evil

Yeah, he's evil. He's also hilarious and a total joke.

2 Large Ham

So very much.

3 The Napoleon The Napoleon

Hot-blooded. Aggressive. Short. He defines this trope.

4 It's All About Me

He's a megalomaniac.

5 Determinator

His only 'good' trait. He never gives up.

6 Genius Ditz Genius Ditz

He's actually more insane than stupid. But when he really needs to be, he's actually quite brilliant. Jhonen described him as 'misguided.'

7 No Indoor Voice
8 All of the Other Reindeer

Though oblivious to it, he's a laughing stock on his home planet. He's also hated for causing mass destruction and killing two previous Almighty Tallests.

9 Ax-Crazy Ax-Crazy

Psychologically unstable & crazy for destruction. But still played for laughs.

10 Hair-Trigger Temper

The Contenders

11 Amusing Alien

So much so.

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