Top Ten Best Ready Jet Go! Songs

The best of the best songs from one of the best PBS Kids shows ever. Jim Lang is an amazing musician, he wrote all the songs,(well not the theme song but it still rocks anyway) and he also composed Hey Arnold! songs, such as the Parent's Day song. I love the guitar and piano and drum playing in these songs. There are many kinds of genres. So here we go, the top ten greatest RJG songs. If you want to know how to play these songs, go on the PBS Kids website, go to Ready Jet Go, click on activities, and you'll the lyrics and chords to the theme song, the scientific method, night of a bazillion stars, and the solar system song.
The Top Ten
1 Tiny Blue Dot - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

I love the slow guitar and piano playing in this song, and this song really shows us how gorgeous and precious our planet Earth really is, by bringing out the best of it in this song. The characters' singing is just perfect.

2 The Milky Way - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

This is one of my favorite genres, big band. It really brings out the best of Jet. If you've seen the episode which this song is from, then you'll know that the animation here is just stellar and fluid. This song teaches us about the Milky Way galaxy, and basically our space address.

3 Ready Jet Go! - Craig Bartlett & Mike Himelstein

You can't deny that this is a really good theme song. I like the guitar that is played and the overall sci-fi feel of the theme song, which is helpful because this show is based on science fiction and teaches concepts about space to kids. I also love this song because it starts out like an old movie and it has a sudden twist to it. Lastly, this song is just so catchy. It's stuck in my head. Also, I love the characters' singing.

4 The Scientific Method - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

I love this song. One of the most educational earworms I have ever heard. The full version is the best. And it's better than anything my teachers make us listen to just to learn a simple concept. Just like the theme song, it's super catchy.

5 Night of a Bazillion Stars - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

First, it starts out like a slow song, and then it gets really quirky and upbeat. I love their singing in this song. It's just perfect. It's just plain awesome, just like 67 Moons, where Jet epically lists all of the moons of Jupiter. Seriously, in this one, Jet lists all of our neighborhood stars. And I love how in the end, it goes back to being a slow song. It's kind of a mix.

6 What Goes Up (Must Come Down) - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

I love the background music that plays in this song, and the characters' singing. It's just so good. You should listen to it.

7 So Many Moons! - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

In this, Jet lists all of the moons of Jupiter. Yes. All 67 of them. And he does it in an epic way. I must give credit to Ashleigh Ball, Jet's voice actress. This song kind of reminds me of Yakko's World from Animaniacs, but Jet is listing moons instead of countries. Just listen for yourself.

8 Venus! (Earth's Broiling Hot Twin) - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

This song is a tango song, where the Propulsion family describes how hot Venus is and how it's like Earth's twin. This song sounds very exotic and somewhat weird, but in a good way.

9 Solar System Song - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

I couldn't leave this song out. That's how good this song is. Kind of like NOABS, it starts out slow and then it gets really quirky, peppy, and upbeat. I love the singing and the music in this song.

10 Intergalactic Travel Writers - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang

This song is just really good. I love the piano playing in this song and how upbeat it is, and also the tap dancing. The last part is the best, in my opinion.

The Contenders
11 There's No Planet Like My Planet - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang
12 I'm Not Afraid of New Ideas - Craig Bartlett & Jim Lang
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