Greatest Underrated Songs by Well Known Bands

These bands are well known for some hit songs, but what about their lesser known tracks which are sometimes as good as the hits if not better than them? This list is exactly for you to get to know these lost gems by some beloved bands.

The Top Ten

1 Iron Maiden - To Tame a Land UListen to Sample
2 Metallica - Phantom Lord UListen to Sample
3 Megadeth - I Thought I Knew It All UListen to Sample
4 Judas Priest - Rock Forever UListen to Sample
5 Dream Theater - Trial of Tears UListen to Sample
6 Deep Purple - King of Dreams

Odd thing is, many people know the name of the band but most of them know only Smoke On The Water (by the way, Smoke On The Water isn't their best song for me). So in fact, the majority of Deep Purple songs are underrated. - Metal_Treasure

UListen to Sample
7 Scorpions - Suspender Love UListen to Sample
8 Queen - White Man UListen to Sample
9 Whitesnake - Medicine Man

Whitesnake are known for being a Hair Metal band but back in the late 70's and early 80's they were a badass Blues -Rock band with an amazing sound.
The Lovehunter album was one of the best classics of this era and contained many great songs but for some reason some of them were left unkown.
This song is great from start to finish with its brilliant riffing which reminds me of God of Thunder by KISS and Coverdale's voice is really deep and powerful on this track. - IronMaidenFan666

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10 Black Sabbath - Fluff UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Motorhead - You Better Run

One of my favorite Motorhead songs its not that well known - christangrant

UListen to Sample
12 Deep Purple - Pictures of Home

A song of 1972 with 5 solos and many other interesting elements. I even made a list about this song - Top 10 Ways Pictures of Home by Deep Purple is a Unique Song - Metal_Treasure

UListen to Sample
13 Anthrax - Inside Out
14 Judas Priest - Cathedral Spires
15 Queen - Brighton Rock UListen to Sample
16 The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom UListen to Sample
17 Metallica - Cyanide UListen to Sample
18 Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Pink Floyd UListen to Sample
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