Top 10 Greatest Video-Game Genres

The Top Ten Greatest Video-Game Genres

1 Role-Playing Games

Action adventure is way to vague of a topic to be honest. I mean the only games that aren't action adventure are the simulation virtual creators. Seriously it shouldn't even be a genre. RPGs are the best genre for a number of reasons. 1 Every video game company makes them except for maybe valve.2 they include some of the best games ever for example: Zelda, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Earthbound series, Mass Effect. 3 it is also incredibly vague when you think about it. Role playing can refer to anything people want it to refer to. I managed to list off all these great games by narrowing the topic to some of the more obvious ones.

RPG makes the game with infinite choices and customizations like how the players wants it to be.
RPG elements generally involve job/class system, levelup system, equip/weapon systems, skills system, stat/attribute system.
most game genres nowdays got a RPG involved in it.
ex of RPG game: Witcher 3

It's an opinion, don't judge me haters

A Role-Playing Game is hard to define. They have to be character-driven, but not always. There has to be a fantasy or sci-fi element, but not always. There has to be a deep, immersive story, but not always. There has to be a leveling or empowerment system, but not always. There has to be an element of freedom, but not always. The combat has to prioritize strategy over quick reflexes, but not always.

I think the key to a good RPG is escapism. Either escaping into the role of an established character like Link, Cloud, or Crono, or a character you create, like Fable's "Hero," Dragon Age: Inquisition's "Herald," or Skyrim's "Dragonborn." An RPG engages you, tries to sell you on the fantasy of who you are, or where you are, depending on what the main selling point of the game is.

As much of a sucker as I am for the occasional beat-'em-up, tournament fighter, Metroidvania, or other type of polished combat game, at the end of the day, I will always come back to the good old ...more

2 Sandbox

Sandbox is the best by many reasons:
- You can do most things, more than any other genre
- You can play it the way YOU want, and decide the way you aproach the story and objectives
- No matter if you beat it or not, there's always something new to do and never gets boring
- You can explore it, and do millions of things, the feeling of Freedom is unmatched
These type will always be the most realistic and close-to-life type of game. Even if it is sci fy or stuff, the point is you are not constantly limited to game mechanics like loading screens, invisible walls, etc.

Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed, Just Cause, Saints Row, Far Cry, Mafia, Skyrim... And so on
I'm sure if a videogame masterpiece is ever created, it will be a Sandbox game. - Dodolodo

Who doesn't love a style of video game that allows the player to play how they want to?

Who doesn't like going out exploring, doing what the game has, getting more stuff or helping/terrorizing people with guns, blades, magic, rope, explosives or any other stuff the game offers?! Sandbox games rule!

L. A Noire, The Saboteur, Mafia II, Scarface: The World is Yours, all of which are video game masterpieces

3 First-Person Shooter

FPS games suck. Most of their fans are pottymouthed 10 year olds, the biggest franchises are the same games remade over and over again but with new weapons, they don't have real plots and they overshadow much better franchises such as Pokemon and Zelda. - KalloFox34

The Ability to experience the game as if you were the actual person in it, added on with amazing graphics that 2017 has produced and you has some of the most iconic game franchises in video-game history (such as Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny).

Not much creativity involved with these games, but still fun to annihilate someone with an rpg from two feet away

No other gaming type keeps my attention hair triggered or frightens me like a bunch of brain crabs in HalfLife or Halo bursting in an explosion onto the screen.

4 Action-Adventure

Easily the most entertaining genre. It has a combination of different game elements like puzzles, shooting, platforming and exploring with great stories.

Action-Adventure come on. Portal, Metroid, star fox adventures, There the best games ever and are Action-Adventure. I just love Action with Adventure!

I Love action Mostly Adventure!

The arkham games are the best they provide the best experience you feel like you can do anything

5 Open World

Open-world games are the best in my opinion. I'll explain to you what an open-world is before I explain why open-world games are great. First, let me show you some examples of open-world games.

Examples of open-world games:

-Grand Theft Auto

-Saints Row



-Sunset Overdrive

-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


-Sleeping Dogs

-Xenoblade Chronicles

Hopefully, this made the answer to "What is an open-world game? " more understandable. Open-world games are very similar to sandboxes. The difference is one thing. Sandboxes allow you to manipulate the environment or even create your environment. There's an obvious reason for why those games are called sandboxes. Of these open-world examples, Minecraft would be an obvious example of a sandbox game. The player can create and manipulate the world he wonders. An example of a sandbox game that is not an open-world is LittleBigPlanet. You ...more

Zelda breath of the wild, Grand Theft Auto V, Red dead redemption

I feel it should be mandatory for every game where you're free to explore should be open world, honestly. - Danganronpa

Red dead redemption 2 oh my god my all time favourite game

6 Platformer

What? A game you can actually pick-up, play, and have a blast with in the first thirty seconds? By far the most accessible and most enjoyable genre.

This should be number 1 for it gave a new experience in gaming and is a fun genre, best to me.

Come on! Why isn't this number 1?

A great, way to relax and, very simple to make. They are by far one of the greatest genres.

7 Fighting

I love fighting games. I'm only a teen but I loved them since I was 5.

All of the genres had been done to death but my favorite one of all is the fighting game because many of them feel different from one another, have memorable characters (not that other genres didn't had them), many of the series of the fighting game made and going on to this day such as street fighter, mortal kombat, tekken, dead or alive, king of fighters, killer instinct, and my favorite one of all soul calibur, plus having tag team, karate, kung fu, street fight, weapon based you name it, there's no way any other genre can top this one

There are many great games here and in other categories but this category has produced lots of great games like dragon ball xenoverse 2 or dragon ball fighter Z. Or if you prefer mortal combat. But my point is that this category created lots of great games.

There great games. People really ignore the great gameplay behind these the only thing people see is beating up your opponent to the right, but it's so much more. Action-Adventue games are almost all ways credited for story and gameplay. Just think for a second, Mortal Kombat has a phenomenal story, Tekken has a good story, Soul Calibur has a good story. I find fighting games very good and I am unsatisfied with the fact that is is under open world games correct me if I am wrong but Open world is the same as Sand Box/ Free Roam so that could be changed...

8 Hack 'n Slash

Devil may cry series and god of war are one of the best games ever made enough said

Hack n Slash games give me the best feeling of gaming. In my own opinion, this is my 3rd favorite genre.

Devil May Cry series, God of War series, both franchises were universal acclaim, and also other great hack & slash video games like Shinobi, Musashi, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, etc. Bring this genre to top 10 RIGHT NOW!

Hack 'n Slash? Gotta Go With Devil may Cry

9 Survival Horror

The last of us

Alien isolation

Outlast was best they actually did it right

If done correctly, survival horror games can instill fear whilst remaining intriguing.
I feel that games where you cannot defend yourself to be the most impressive type of Survival Horror.

10 Real-Time Strategy

It requires thought

my choice. - BloDayBey

Only for smart people

This genre is the genre that hardcore gamers ( hardcore gamers are the real gamers ) play. Therefore this should be higher in this list. Also FPS games should be higher up in the list.

The Contenders

11 Turn-Based Strategy

The best genre and rewuires you to put thought into learning unlike fps and stuff.

This is a very special genre which captures fascinating sides of different tabletop games. A great genre for rest and relaxing. Who would not want to spend some time behind Civilization, Total war or Heroes campaign? For sure I do!


12 Stealth

I just love stealth games! they often coincide with strategy, fighting, and action adventure. my personal favorite stealth series is the Assassin's Creed series.


Metal Gear Solid, the best stealth video game franchise of all time.

Well, Stealth is almost always a sandbox and usually involves sneaking up on opponents and killing them. Stealth can also be combined with action adventure examples of this are SHADOW OF MORDOR and ASSASSIN'S CREED.

13 Racing

Racing games are great because they allow you to go very fast with cars you might never be able to afford, it's even better with a steering wheel

Racing games can be experimented with like making an action game based on racing and things like that

Racing should be the best type of game. It is so fun to drive however you like and drive cars that you might never be able to afford.

As a car enthusiast, I like racing games just because I will get to know about cars more and I enjoy them.

14 Third-Person Shooter

The last of us

Vanquish, not more is to say

Not really a genre but Resident Evil, Tom Clancy, Splatoon, Uncharted etc. You just can't play enough of these franchises. - B1ueNew


15 3-D Platformer

The genre is full of timeless classics, but sadly is less used in the modern gaming era

Will always be my favorite no matter what. Action-Adventure FPS and RPG are all tied next for me.

3 words "super Mario 64" that was first 3D platformer and the best

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Super Mario, Sonic, Banjo-Kazooie, Jak, Ratchet, Tak. Haven't played Sly or Conker, but watched Pewdiepie play Conker's Bad Fur Day. I'm thinking about playing it mself. This genre is stacked especially the Spyro games.

16 Simulation

I like the sims game,its very intresting

You get never bored with simulation.
Ex: the sims, simcity,...

Goat simulator is the best simulation game where you play as goat - Aleksei

Simulator is, for me, the best and most realistic game genre made. I've played a lot of simulator games like "Euro Truck Simulator" (both the original and ETS2), "American Truck Simulator", "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Farming Simulator series by Giants Software, "Spintires", "Construction-Simulator 2015", "Car Mechanic Simulator 2014", "My Summer Car" and "Goat Simulator".

I also love this genre because it has so various game concepts. All simulator games are different. Simulator games stand out from each other in one or another way.

17 Beat 'em Up

Awesome genre enough said

The most entertaining genre

Not like fighting, not like platformer. This is multiplayer, button mashing, awesomeness.

Beat em ups like Super Smash Bros are the best there is. You could be button smashing your way to victory, defending your team or even just playing for fun. Beat' em ups are the best.

18 Survival

It's Fun to start from scratch and look back at how you were like at the beginning. The feeling of progression along with the suspense at the beginning of each night makes these games extremely fun.

Survival games are just that type of game that don't get old because you have endless possibilities

It is one of the best genres to play with friends as it can be great for team building but it can also be fun alone.

The feeling of the night closing in with no shelter or fire is what makes a survival game a survival game.

19 Puzzle

This genre is so good some of the good games are tetris and portal and that is the tip of the icebugr

Come on people. Tetris, Portal, Bejeweled, Candy Crush. So many great games under this genre. This should be at least #10!

Hang on, seriously? 1%? Puzzle games are my favourite! (Portal and Portal 2 in particular.)

Love the puzzles.. train by brain


Ragnarok Online,World of Warcraft,Tera, Guild Wars,Runescape..
but I believe the Golden era of MMORPG was between 2002- 2012.
Can have years of playtime...

Guild Wars 2 is my favorite game. Also, random fact, the rank 15 on this site, "Legendary Defender of Ascalon", references the first game. - Cyri

Honestly I think MMORPGs are beautiful games because I simply love how it's like your living in the story yourself. Like reading, but at my computer, in a gorgeous world full of endless wonder. I also adore how you can share the joy of playing MMORPG with your friends! One of my favourite things to do when I have spare time is to blast through a dungeon on Dragon Nest with my level 95 Dark Avenger.


21 2-D Sidescrollers


22 Point-and-click adventure

This is my favorite genre. It requires a fair amount of thinking to get through these games, due to the puzzles, and the storytelling capabilities are limitless.

Quest For Glory, Space Quest, King's Quest, Police Quest, ZackMcKracken, Loom and Monkey Island, enough said. - darthvadern

Telltale's The Walking Dead


23 Party
24 Sports

NBA for life!

They are beast especially FIFA

NBA LIVE 15 for the Xbox one!

Why not just play sports irl? - 8chAnonymous


To be honest JRPG should be in the same spot as RPG since a JRPG is just a RPG from Japan. But oh well.

26 Scrolling Shooters

HOW IS 26! Amazing games such as megaman are in this genre - Alapisboy

Personally Nothing is more thrilling then facing off with countless enemies, trying to fire at the enemies, it reminds me of arcade games honestly.

Go play some Ketsui. It's amazing.

27 Tower Defense

Pokemon tower defense is the best!

Guys really good genre come on

28 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Most Addicting and Competitive games oh and of course intense game mechanics

Lol, Dota, Heroes, it's whatever you choose

Amazing and fun to play

Smite is just the best

29 Battle Royale

Pubg The Best Battle Royale Ever...Fortnite sucks.

Popularity number 1 in 2018

Just like fortnight.


30 Indie

Great games like Shovel Knight and Undertale

Indie games are amazing! Run and gun games like Cuphead, to building games like Minecraft~!

31 Roguelike


Unlimited replayability.

These games should be at least 15.
These games just have such a unique feel to it, there's no way to describe this genre.
The defining feature about this genre is that in most rogue-likes you will never play two playthroughs the same.

32 Horror Escape
33 Visual Novel

Truly the best genre of anything of all time

34 Tactical RPG

Valiant Force

Lol fire emblem

35 Bullet Hell

Very calming and relaxing genre~

Example: Realm of the Mad God
Bullets flying everywhere, how can it get better than this..

Touhou is best

RotMG is the best

36 Open First-Person Shooter

Ever played far cry

37 Builder

Very Underrated Genre

38 Life Simulation

Is not it what every video game is about? The more you play, the more you ruin your real life. Sounds fair. A pretty popular trend nowadays, by the way.

How could this not be higher?

39 Graphic Adventure
40 Wave Survival

I love wave survival game like call of duty zombies for example

My absolute favorite. It deserves far more attention.


41 Survival-Adventure
42 Clicker

Click click click

It is the best genre!

43 Otome
44 Trivia
45 Mini Games
46 Monster Taming


47 Space Combat

Games like freespace and descent have left a legacy - Toucan

48 Manic Pixie Dream Girl
49 Flight Simulation Games
50 Eroge
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