Top 10 Strongest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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1 The Winged Dragon of Ra

I found some time ago that the Winged Dragon of Ra has both sphere and Phoenix abilities are a powerful combo. What I found was that Ra along in the normal TCG is lean OK but throw in one sphere and one immortal Phoenix and the game changes all together. Not only do these three forms antagonize with one and other but all three combined are so devastating it stupid. The way to go in that area is to get the Immortal Phoenix into the grave, summon the Sphere Mode, and Finally Summon Ra. If Ra should be destroyed Ra's Phoenix will come out a decimate the entire field if you choose but if you choose you can send the phoenix to the grave and get out the sphere mode again and repeat. If the Sphere mode is used Ra gets 4000 ATK & DEF points.

Very good with the right support. I have a Ra deck that can easily bring him to over 10,000 ATK but it does brick easily and falls to any negates or hand traps.

2 Exodia the Forbidden One

Exodia has entire decks designed around finding his pieces, bringing them to your hand or graveyard, and using Exodius or Exodia Necross to destroy the opponent. Sometimes you can simply win by getting all the pieces in one place; your hand, or graveyard if you have Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord in play. He is the single most powerful duel monster created, even having decks and support cards just for him.

Exodia is the strongest Yugioh monster easily. You don't even have to summon all his pieces to win. When his parts are together in your hand, you win! Plus, he is so strong that he had to be split up into five card! That's how powerful he is. When he is full again, he is so strong he guarantees you a win

I have exodia the dark master and have herd lots of opinions of its existance. I learned that it do sent have all the other things on it like other cards because the first few cards created for yugioh when it started were to look like cards in the show which don't have the extra stuff on them. Also exodia the dark master comes in one piece.

3 Slifer the Sky Dragon

The Anime version is so powerful that Yugi almost lost to this god card because of Slifer's second mouth. The second mouth nails all monsters that were summoned onto the field as long as they were 2000 or less ATK and DEF. Ultimately Slifer is very powerful because of the second mouth making it impossible to summon the good monsters and can leave you in the dust if not stopped immediately. I have used this card myself because of its ability to take control of the Battlefield. One more thing is in the anime if you've seen it is that Marik Destroyed Slifer's intended Stratagy and Ultimately Made Slifer Untouchable but as a consequence left his deck wide open with his Strategy. If Yugi didn't notice this flaw he would have lost and lost his Dark Magician. But if Marik didn't try and alter Slifer's Strategy he probably would have won. This is why it's my personal favorite of the Three God Cards and no mater what you say you can't change my mind about it. Slifer is #1 in my opinion.

4 Obelisk the Tormentor

I actually think he may be the strongest card even though ra is ranked higher in godly rankings. As Laibach said a gods power is an illusion so cards like ra and silver which rely on your opponents or a special circumstance in the game they can be useless. Obelisk on the the other hand has 4000 attack and defense and a killer effect so either way he can kill monsters on its own. No wonder kaiba liked it so much after critics cling silver and ra so much!

M8 you can't beat INFINITE ATTACK. Obelisk is the only card in existance to get infinite attack and still be unaffected by card effects. He'll crush ra's skull, tie slifer in a knot and send exodia's "obliterate" tight back at him. Literally no-one can beat the original obelisk card.

His power to nullify effects can easily crush any other card in the game, you would have to already have a card like Five Headed Dragon or Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon summoned to eliminate him.

5 Last Turn

Combine this card with any monster that prevents special summoning and you instantly sin.

6 Holactie the Creator of Light

She's actually the strongest since she destroyed effortlessly Zorc Necrophades in just one hit. And by doing so, she's definitely much stronger than the rest for example The Great Leviathan. She's actually considered the ultimate card for being the only one where enemies are automatically considered lose when this card is successfully summoned. Also, the three Egyptians god when combined will summon horakhty and I think she's also unbeatable when battled with exodia.

Best card ever! Almost the same as exodia.
Here is his effect:Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 3 monsters whose original names are "Obelisk the Tormentor", "The Winged Dragon of Ra", and "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. The Special Summon of this card cannot be negated. The player that Special Summons this card wins the Duel.
Sweet, hein!

7 Apoqliphort Towers

This thing was banned for a reason. It's immune to almost every effect, its stats are pretty good, and it lowers the atk of all special-summoned monsters by 500. If you know you're going against this thing, you better bring your anti-summon cards.

Good card. The term towers comes from this card.

Just too hard to beat

8 Five-Headed Dragon

Rocks cannot be destroyed in battle by other cards only specific cards it can be attacked by. This actually I feel is really strong but its rarity is not that well since I have two... as I said very strong cannot be normal summoned usually I'm up to ten life points haha ha. But it's better in my opinion than any other god card, because the god cards just make you loose your life points for well taking out one monster when this guy can do all of it.

Thanks for reading it, I hope I did not hurt any ones feelings. :) good luck

I have a cheat to get him on the battle field faster first get five low level monster cards (any type) then in the same turn use D. Tribe to turn all of your monster cards into dragons then use polymerization on all of them together and the you get five headed dragon!

It is very hard to summon but I have never lost a Yugioh card game if I summoned this card. Plus, it can't be destroyed by battle with a wind, water, fire, dark or earth monster. AMAZING!

9 Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus
10 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Best dragon in my deck not the most
powerful attack but special summon 1 dragon type no tributes, flood the field with dragons while your opponents face slowly drops and with castle of dragon souls and black metal dragon I can make his attack 4100!

Awesome card. You can summon him by just tributing 1 dragon on the field. His ability lets him special summon 1 dragonn in your graveyard or hand.

Great Card. I always win with this card.

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11 Red Nova Dragon

He is by far the strongest dragon second only to five headed dragon. I have never lost a duel when I got it on the field, and my deck is built around summoning it so its super easy to summon

It's attack is very high and it's effect is pretty awesome but compared to the divine gods it's not powerful enough.

My strongest card Legendary Fiend with a attack of 1700 and defense of 2000 but, also has an effect which every turn that's mine he ganes 700 attack. Anyways he has no chance standing any of these cards

12 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Strongest dragon with original Atkins that can be summoned again after being destroyed plus mega morph him then he's at 9000 Atkins and have. Lord of d so he can't be targeted by card effects

YES this is the most powerful I have two blue eyes white dragons and that only just beat it! But the dragons I used had magic cards for attack so I think it's the BEST CARD EVER

My friends call me Kaiba because of how many times I placed this down, it's my new signature card AWESOME!

13 Wightprincess
14 Relinquished

Relinquished can take your opponents monster and your enemy is hurt with battle damage too. If Relinquished would be destroyed, the equipped monster is destroyed so relinquished can take the stronger monster

This card can take any monster card's attack and use it against your opponent! Beside this card is easy to summon because it's a level one. You know what's better? A Gravity Bind on the field. After you do those... GG!

So cool he can take control of you enemy's monsters and use them. And if he is attacked by a stronger monster he can use the monster he took control of a a sacrifice and you opponent takes all the damege

15 Harpie's Feather Duster
16 Kuriboh

Kuriboh is the best ever

He is the strongest

Yeah he is so powerful he can jump and point his ferocious claws at the opponent

17 Heavy Storm

They should un-ban this card! It's great to use against people who are too dependent on the back row, including pendulum zones

Banned but removes all spell 7 trap cards on the field.

Ya this is super powerful!

18 Toadally Awesome
19 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Of course pre-errata: Setting up your graveyard, then special summon this, send your oppoents hand to the graveyard and get an bunch of resources back. An instant win that is even searchable as a dark dragon monster.

Having checked the ban lists of every update for the past 10 years, I can confirm that this card has been flat out banned for AT LEAST a decade. That means something

Chaos emperor is the strongest card by far stronger than eve Slifer and obelisk. He is envoy of the end for a legit reason

20 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Hamon has super effect when you destroy enemy monster, he makes your enemy pay 1000 life points as tribute, so if you attack lover level monster in attack position, he losses half or more of his total life points... Laugh out loud

Hard to summon but super awesome!

Yo this guy is awesome!

21 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

This ultimate beast is mighty it can negate any cards effect it has more attack it can absorb all the overlay units and gain 500 attack for each on. Also it can keep attacking. It can simply crush the gods cards combined with the attack of 4500 and the unescapable effect this monster is clearly one of the top strongest monster.

-Its not really hard to bring out when you have strong decks
-It is the ultimate form of Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
-2nd Strongest Galaxy Eyes along with Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon after Galaxy Eyes Neutron Dragon.

It is cool. If can keep attacking and you will get murdered. It is a beAst it will kick donkey

22 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
23 Lava Golem
24 Magic Cylinder

This card is the trap card ever, no doubt about it.

Basically if you can end the game with an attack while it's face down well your screwed

25 Solemn Judgement
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