World's Deadliest Sharks

The Top Ten World's Deadliest Sharks

1 Great White Shark The great white shark, also known as the great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death, is a species of large lamniform shark which can be found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans.

I was attacked by a great white and a bull shark, the great white shark was by far the worst as I lost both my legs in one bite, six years later with prostetic limbs I returned to the water to resume scuba diving. A year after returning to the ocean I was attacked in Florida by a bull shark, I estimated it to be 12 feet long and all I lost was my right hand below the elbow, so in my opinon I believe the great white is the deadlier!

Thousands of years ago the megalodon was the king of the sea but now there gone the great white is the king

Yes, it is probably one of the most famous, but bull sharks are more dangerous. - Chamrosh-canorno

I was watching shark attacks and the Great White Shark will not know the difference between a person or a seal because they have little legs but the shark will still think it is a person cause because they both have legs and arms but the seal just a little shorter that is mainly why they eat people and seals because they do not know the difference. If you have questions you can comment and leave a message for me.

2 Bull Shark The bull shark is a requiem shark that is considerably dangerous. These sharks live in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Bull sharks can be recognized by seeing a shark in freshwater and watching the shark due a hit and run.

Why is this NOT the deadliest? It it's very deadly. It is more aggressive than the Great White. It also can live in freshwater while the Great White can. The Bull Shark also is more closer to the surface than the Great White so it can attack more people. My point taken.

I don't think megalodon in it's prehistoric form still exists (who knows, though), but bull sharks are very aggressive. - Chamrosh-canorno

Some people probably don't realize this, but the Bull Shark really is the deadliest shark in the world. Why? Unlike most sharks they can tolerate fresh water and salt water and they have the highest testosterone level in the animal kingdom so they're more aggressive and more likely to attack humans than any other shark. Bull shark should be #1!

Bull sharks are mean sharks that can be in both fresh and salt water so that can be a problem. Though despite the bull shark being in the fearsome three (it, tiger shark and great white shark), the tiger shark and itself has kills in the double digits while the great white shark has kills in the triple digits. Don't get me wrong, very good silver medal but when it comes to statistics you can't argue with that - Destroyar4699

3 Megalodon The megalodon is an extinct species of shark which was about 59 feet (18 meters) long and hunted in the seas until about 1.5 million years ago. It was similar to today's great white shark-but three times longer and 20 times heavier. more.

It is the deadliest shark ever lived

It's massive next to any shark.

How is this only 11th?

Fossils indicate that the Megalodon Shark reached lengths of almost 70 feet, 20 meters long and was much wider and stockier than your typical great white shark believed to have weighed almost 100 tons. A Megalodon could also devour 4 Great White Sharks in one bite.

4 Tiger Shark The tiger shark is a species of requiem shark and the only extant member of the genus Galeocerdo. It is a large macropredator, capable of attaining a length over 5 m. Populations are found in many tropical and temperate waters, especially around central Pacific islands.

I am 15 and I saw one of these before when I was boogie boarding on the water. It was about 11 feet long and it was coming towards me so I started to run with my board back to shore. I told my parents and they told the lifeguard, who actually did see it too, and started shouting through the megaphone to get out of the water. I was kind of traumatized for that vacation, but I still enjoyed it, because they had great ice cream. That's besides the point though. The point is, I saw one at 5 feet in the water, and that is rare, I think. I was shocked, but then later, my friends knew about it somehow and they thought I was really cool and brave. Basically, if you want to be popular at your school, you have to see a shark coming towards you. Nice society that we're living in.

They're so cool, and are probably second most dangerous after bull shark. But orcas can take them. Orcas can take down most sharks when they're together. - Chamrosh-canorno

A tiger shark can eat anything I read in a book that they found a torpedo in a tiger shark, a wallet in a tiger shark, and a suit of armor and they can blend in to the places they live they are also one of the worlds biggest sharks plus they can practicly bite someone in half!

This shark is dangerous and very deadly. I am in middle school and I know many things about them. But I have heard that they do not attack as much as the others. Don't call them monsters!

5 Shortfin Mako

This is my favorite shark. This should be number 1. It is the fastest shark in the world and a very large and dangerous shark. There has been 20 mako shark attacks a year. 4 are fatal. The size is 10 - 15 feet for this shark. Also, its life span can reach to 30 years max! MY FAVORITE SHARK :D Please like.

Alexander Song

Ok, mako sharks are scary all the way. Something tells me this thing should even be ahead of the megalodon (because it's dead). Now the most deadly aspect about mako's is its sheer speed. But then again out of all the shark attacks a year by a mako (about 20), there is an average of just 4 fatalities. That sounds like a lot until compared to by great white sharks, bull sharks and tiger sharks. Mako deadly not deadliest. - Destroyar4699

Fastest shark, I hear they can go up to 60 mph.

The mako can reach speeds of 30 to 60 mph and the fastest shark in the ocean and it's a pretty big shark it so deserves fist place

6 Oceanic Whitetip Shark

This shark killed hundreds of crew members from the Indianapolis when it was down. 900 crew members escapedtho the water, and only 316 were saved. Tue Whitetips have feeding frenzies which are insane. This shark is brutal, and is a natural predator. Amazing

Whitetip sharks are dangerous no question, also popular. Though again stated from "titan", only 5 people died from that creature. The ship story in Indianapolis sounds a little sketchy to be true. And if it was, it was multiple sharks not one. I mean if I said three great whites were biting your body to pieces what would you say about that. Again deadly, but not deadliest. - Destroyar4699

This is really deadly because I have seen one attack our boat it was insane!

Yes, this shark is by far the deadliest killing thousands of sailors during WW 2 when their ships were sunk.

7 Hammerhead Shark

Hammer heads look ferocious at first and can be if not dealt with correctly but think about it, how many fatalities has it done a year? That I'll leave you to research - Destroyar4699

This shark can nearly shred any stuff one day I went to USA then saw a hammer head with 5 Swiss Army knives in its gut

I think it is beautiful

They look ugly

8 Sandtiger Shark

I think that the sandtiger shark should be number 5 or 4 because if you look at the teeth you'll freak I know a lot about sharks but the sandtiger shark has about only a couple attacks thanks!

If anything this should be one if the last. Sand sharks are completely harmless to humans. They only attack if they are messed with first.

They look scary but have never attacked a human. All they eat are crabs anyway. That's why they have the sharp teeth

They look scary but they aren't mean - DoroExploro13

9 Blue Shark

Ready to kill you blue sharks are extremely deadly but not deadliest, still very dangerous creatures

Deadly, but not THE deadliest.

Blue Sharks have NEVER attacked humans - DoroExploro13

More deadly then the extinct Megalodon

10 Goblin Shark

Yeah it's scary, but it's been reported to not be naturally aggressive towards humans

The Goblin Shark has only been seen about 50 times since it's discovery in 1897. It's a strange shark, indeed, with its protrusible jaws and crooked teeth. I can see where it gets its name.

I don't know how you would think a deep sea dweller like that would be a threat to humans.

Weird looking

The Contenders

11 Lemon Shark

Leomen sharks are really aggressive you can get killed in you go to close to them

20 reported deaths since 1892 make this shark very dangerous. Aggressive if provoked.

Hey I call my friend lemen

12 Blacktip Reef Shark

Ummm My dad cought one and I was on the boat he cought a five foot one

They are a close relatives to the white tip sharks often found together in feeding frenzies.

A mako can kill them

I've seen the video where idiots drag a live shark behind a boat at high speeds uploaded by CBS This Morning and the comments are horrific. I'll name all the commenters who should be ashamed of there selves: Sammy Huff, I'm Awesome, AlyceeluvWKND, Cruise, Gerry Beaumariage, and GottaHateLeo are stupid. But there's commenters who said be dragged by their foot by a truck for miles to see how they like it: Victor Casas, Stephanie Smith, Amelia Reagen Wright, Trolencio, and antlivejj. Benjamins Junk Mail (a commenter from that video) is stupid because sharks don't "bully animals" they need to eat to survive just like humans do, and sharks keep the ecosystem healthy. Idiots. I hate humanity.

13 Greenland (Sleeper) Shark

How can a shark that swims at 0.76 mph be any threat to anything other than drowned creatures.

Deadliest shark alive. Big, fast and with amazingly deadly jaws, it deserves to be number one.

It can grow pretty big and live long and has poisonous flesh so if another predator eats lots of it raw it would die.

I don't get how you could put a shark like that in the contenders.

14 Thresher Shark

Tail can grow about it's body length which they can grow to 10-12 feet with tails up to 11ft! One whip of the tail can knock you unconscious and can even kill - bubbles1111

They have the longest tail of all sharks. They also have shorter snouts and big round eyes.

The shark's tail is powerful, able to knock you unconscious, paralyze you, and even kill you

Thresher sharks are my favourite shark awesome

15 Whale Shark The whale shark is the world's largest living shark as well as the largest living fish. Whale sharks grow up to 45 ft. (13.7 m) long, and can weigh as much as 13 tons (11.6 tonnes). Their mouths alone are a whopping 6 ft. (1.8 m) across-big enough to gulp down three percent of their body weight in food more.

Actually, the Whale Shark isn't really a threat to humans. It doesn't mess with humans and feeds on small things like plankton and shrimp. Some people need to watch more educational programs or do more research.

This is not a dangerous shark. These beauty's are very gentle to scuba divers, and although they do look dangerous to people who don't recognize them, they are mostly harmless. Their diet consists of only Plankton, too.

Actually pretty docile just avoid its tail

Whale sharks? They are friendly to humans, people call them gentle giants a reason, not really a threat.

16 Basking Shark

What? This is such a friendly shark with the whale shark, they are called gentle giants for a reason.

If this shark bashes into your boat you will be knocked out
And it the 2nd largest shark behind the harmless whale shark

In reality their are only 10 speices that harm humans.

I amdoing a project on this shark and that it can get up to 5.2 tons and 45ft long

17 Dwarf Lanternshark
18 Silky Shark
19 Angel Shark
20 Hybodus

Huh what’s this? Checks Scribblenauts... comes back WHAT THE HECK THAT TOLD ME nothing LOL. No seriously tell me - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

Why are their extinct species on here?

21 Salmon Shark

Should be no 4

22 Grey Reef Shark

Should be about number 5...

It can kill a human in 1 bite

23 Sevengill Cow Shark
24 Spiny Dogfish

WOW that's the only shark that's never killed anybody on this list! Do some research before you make your lists please

25 Leopard Shark

These sharks kill more people every year than Great Whites! Definitely should be number 1!

Its small but its teeth can knock you out


26 Cookie Cutter Shark

It is not capable of killing a whale they are one of the smallest sharks there is.megalodon is the only shark that can kill a whale in one bite get your facts right

Cookie cutter shark should be the top 10 because they will kill u

What is a cookie cutter shark?

They are a small breed of shark that takes chunks out of their prey, similar to a cookie cutter, which is where it gets its name.

They eat great whites just come on

27 Cretoxyrhina

This shark is extinct, so why is this on this list? - DinoLover4242

28 Reef Shark
29 Prickly Shark

The rarest shark is the prickly shark

30 Blacktip Shark

It's not deadly but I do sailing and we have seen a bunch but we still swim in the ocean they don't hunt us but if we get in their area they will come after us but I am just glad their mostly stay in their habitat

31 Galapagos Shark

I can tell this shark is going to be a beast

32 Copper Shark
33 Ganges Shark

This is a gangster shark

34 Crested Horn Shark

I am a boy with a life

This could also be 3rd.

35 Dunkleosteus

Is not a shark

This is a prehistoric shark - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

36 Stethacanthus

Copy and paste it on google. It has spikes on it's back. - micahisthebest

37 Bluntnose Sixgill Shark
38 Humpback Catshark
39 Horned Shark
40 Nurse Shark

Coolest shark in the world!

We are talking about deadliest not the coolest

Almost like a snake

41 Wobbegong

Wobbleong sharks will bite if thretend

42 Spinner Shark

It can jump out of the water and spin

43 Sleeper Shark
44 Frilled Shark

I don't think that this shark is even dangerous to people. It just looks strange. - DinoLover4242

They look more like a cross between a snake and a fish. They don't even look like a shark, but to think they are... Strange, indeed.

45 Whitetip Reef Shark

Killed my friendwhen fihing

46 Bigeyed Sixgill Shark

This shark is sometimes dangerous when threatened.

47 Porbeagle Shark
48 Helicoprion
49 Sawshark
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