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81 The God Delusion

This is actually a very good book, if you people would just stop to READ it and keep an open mind instead of shunning every single thing that might be a danger to your tightly-held beliefs.

Ok I am a Christian, but this shouldn't be on here. And I also understand this is a site for opinions but it doesn't mean people can put down another belief or faith! We live in a country for freedom of beliefs. So whatever you believe in you should not be put down for it. And does anyone else feel like the person who did this is listing every popular book that has sold a lot of books?

Seriously the worst book ever. Why care about what someone else thinks and just let them be? Why can't anyone do that? Any book criticizing a religion or religion in general should be on this list. Just leave everyone be. That is what's wrong with this world.

Please leave religious books out of this. It's very hurtful to see these types of books being criticised.

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82 The Infinite Sea
83 Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

This book, and the series, is not bad! - 906389

84 Injustice: Gods Among Us



85 The Da Vinci Code

Why is this on here? I'd really like to know why everyone hates this book so much.

Oh put this on the list? The church?

This is a downright crappy book. Just terrible. Poorly written. Badly plotted. Characters made of piss sodden toilet paper.

Okay, the romance part was NOT the greatest, but it was so interesting! (I'm a history and conspiracy geek! )

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86 The Diary of Anne Frank

Go into hiding yourself from the Nazis and then see who's hating this book

It might be boring for some people. But remember, the Nazis took her away. I think Anne Frank is an amazing person.

Wow. Whoever put this on this list has no empathy for Anne Frank.

I never read it, but it looks like a good book. - AnimeDrawer

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87 My Big Shouting Day

How is this only 56? Twilight and this horrible book should swap places right now and I mean it this should be so much higher because this book has no plot its just a stupid little girl who wears a red dress and throws a temper tantrum for almost the whole story!

Bella is just female Caillou or Caillou 2.0

Caillou is Gravity Falls compered to this

I'm 5 I love this book this book taught me how to scream now my parents are trying to kill me!

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88 The Shadow God

Yep we all looked up "worst book ever" and this showed up in an Amazon review.

89 Fallen - Lauren Kate

To be honest this is the worst thing I've read. Ever.

I like dildos. I eat them all the time. Please give me more dildos. please donate to me at 6969 sexy street, California.

90 Island of the Blue Dolphins

I loved this book! It was very interesting and it should definitely not be on this list

What is this doing here!? The book is awesome!

No! This book is awesome!

I love this book!

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91 The Day My Butt Went Psycho

The fact that it says "based on a true story" (written on the cover) worries me

By looking at the title I already know that this book is trash. Same goes to butt wars: the final conflict.

Official name: The Day When Some Idiot Thought That This Would Be Something Worth It To Write About

This is so stupid, my friend's a year older (in the seventh grade) and she believes this crap... Andy wrote this as a drunk man.

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92 The Atlas of Creation

This book is so unscientific that it would make any biologist laugh for hours upon end.

93 Lights, Camera, Hairballs!: Garfield at the Movies

The only bad thing about it was the X-rated section with the big censor bar covering it. But other than that, this book was okay.

Why does that ugly cat always have that weird grin? Predator

Hey,you! garfield is awesome and funny,you snitch! don't ever say that!,you brat!

94 One Day
95 Eragon: The Inheritance Trilogy

This was a great book! If you hated it, it was probably because you cannot handle complex and long books. I loved every character, and I am glad I read it!

If you disliked this book, it was probably due to your failing reading skills. Don't blame a fantastic book for your stupidity. That's really immature.

I zoomed right through it. Every page left my on the edge of my seat, and I was amazed at every move. Fantastic read.

It was really really really really good. I'm reading it for the second time already. My favorite character was glaedr. He was really cool.

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96 Holes

How can anybody hate this book?

Get this off the list NOW


No please no, get it off please, plzzz it's a very good book :(

97 The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

It barely even has a plot. It seems like just random words with no meaning. Such an overrated book. - Edgelord

I can not tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but it's a dictionary

Uh.. A dictionary?

By the way, I like dictionaries, I like reading them, so yeah, it should not be on the list. - AnimeDrawer

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98 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

I bet your some fourth grader who still reads counting books...
Honestly, I am fed up with people hating on Harry Potter without even reading it. Read it. I dare you.
Believe it or not, there was once a time I didn't like Harry Potter (resounding gasps). I avoided it. I didn't hate it, but I didn't bother with it.
Then, I picked up the book. It was SPECTACULAR. I hung on to every book, every page, sentence, word, and detail! I binge-read them and still am! Not only was the plot, characters, plot TWISTS, humor, and description great, but it had emotional value to me. Ron, Harry, and Hermione are the only true friends I have. The only ones I want. The only ones I need.
As Alan Rickman said:
"One day, when I'm 80 years old, I'll be sitting in my rocking chair reading Harry Potter. My family will say 'After all this time? ' and I'll answer: 'ALWAYS...'"
That last part always gets me! Excuse me. I've got something in my eye. );

WHY IS THIS EVEN ON THE LIST WHOEVER CREATED THIS IS PROBABLY A PERSON WHO HAS NEVER READ A GOOD BOOK IN THEIR LIFE. Harry Potter is a classic tale about friendship and courage and it teaches valuable life lessons. It is the only book series that I've been able to re read over ten times and I plan to read this to my kids one day. Harry Potter is absolutely amazing and it is one of the only book series that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT put down. EVER. I swear I can read all seven books in one week. J.K. Rowling created a spellbinding price of literature that will captivate audiences of all ages all around the world for many many years to come. This book series should be in the top ten list instead of this disgrace.

Every single book in this series is amazing! Whoever put this here must hate reading. Maybe

The first Harry Potter book I read, but I found the series boring at first. I was completely wrong, I read the first book and then I loved it. Remember, start from the first book in order to get the rest. - AnimeDrawer

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99 Dragon Ball, Vol. 1

This is the sexiest part of the series!

It sucks because mickey didn't cameo in it

Good times when goku got naked every 2 seconds, bulma was a super slut, and roshi was a super perv! This is my favorite volume of the entire dragon ball series


100 Halo: The Fall of Reach

It's a movie not a book idiot who put this on


A movie? Come on! Read the topic!

Lol guys lets read a movie

This is a movie...

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