Top Ten Worst Buzzfeed Articles

Buzzfeed is the worst website in modern history. Here are 10 lists that prove that.
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20 Slightly Incorrect Names For Food

Probably the laziest article I've ever seen, even the lists on TTT without comments take more effort than this.

Not as bad as the borderline racist ones, but ridiculously lazy nonetheless

You Might Be Cleaning Your Penis Wrong

What the hell

This one's horrible on so many different levels:

The topic

The title

The idea of wrongly cleaning your junk

The fact that they think they're doing something worth-while and helpfull;

It's just all bad

17 Foods That White People Have Ruined

“17 Foods that people have ruined” could have been a typical harmless BuzzFeed article, but they just had to unnecessarily contribute to racial division, didn’t they?

The worst thing is that the woman writing this is white.

How is this below a bunch of innocent food puns?

Buzzfeed can have somewhat interesting articles, but they're also just SJW propaganda
This is coming from a somewhat leftist myself

20 Reasons Why White People Can't Be Trusted

Why is buzzfeed even allowed to post this stuff that is literally racist

"Only WE'RE allowed to be racist! 1! " - Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed you're drunk go home.

Racism! BuzzFeed is on drugs!

Sound the F****** Alarms, Zac Efron Fell While Running on the Beach

If that title was a sarcastic comment made to make someone laugh, it would have been more acceptable

6 Reasons You Should Stop Referring to Women as "Females" Right Now

As a woman I am fine with someone calling me a female

That is just retarded why is this an article?!

Drugs, drugs and drugs! All they do is drugs!

"I like lean, I like drugs, I like beans, I got plugs" - Lil Xan 2018

What Type Of Grilled Cheese Are You?

Really buzzfeed? Come on, try to put more effort into it.

I'm the one with hamburger grilled cheese

I am gourmet
I am better than you

I am cheddar cheese

Why White People Shouldn't Be Allowed to Name Kids

They renamed it to "Some People", but it's still bad in this first place

Also I've read the list, and some of these are actually nice names

It’s not even funny...

You’ve got to be joking

Which "Baby” Song Are You?

Ugh, Buzzfeed quizes. Where brain cells come to tie plastic bags around there necks to choke themselves.

Buzzfeed is still on drugs

I’m not any ‘because the parents used condoms

Should Anyone Talk To You?

Uhhh, yes, because I have to verbally interact with people on a daily basis to survive and do anything productive.

Yes. Social interaction is important to maintaining good mental health.

Duh, they should

Would be harmless if someone wasn’t getting paid for such a lazy article

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Make a Sandwich and We'll Guess What Shrek Character You Are in Bed

I made a Big Mac and guess what? The drug dealers (BuzzFeed) were confused.

I can't believe buzzfeed told me to make a sandwich. that's a bit contradictory, isn't it?

What the hell?

What the actual hecl?!

Why Men Should Shut the Hell Up About Women Wearing Too Much Make-Up

Yeah, you show em girls! You don't let those disgusting men share their opinions on a meaningless subject that originated from a survey that asked people you don't know!


is this why aliens don't visit us.

(The Amazing Athiest made a good video about this one, so go watch it.)

15 Reasons We Actually Don't Need Feminism

If they're referring to feminism nowadays, then I absolutely agree.

The third wave feminism, not the second or first waves.

They must be trolling on this one

I'm Very Sorry, Sweetie, But I Won't Let You Finish Your Day Until You See Mario's Penis
How Much Taco Bell Have You Eaten?

I've never had one taco bell, I've never even had a taco before

I don't even know this, how are they?

Let me guess...this one consists of endless fart and diarrhea jokes...
This “joke” is a fossil.

If You Can Find the Poop In Under a Minute, than Your a Certified Genius

Genius by Buzzfeed standards, where you can get the Nobel Peace Prize for analyzing all the different hats Leonardo Decaprio wears...

Thank you I like poopie

Does SpongeBob SquarePants Have A Penis? An Investigation
I Tried Adele’s Eyeliner Tutorial And It Was Actually Awesome

Yeah, what did you expect it's a tutorial?

We Need to Talk About Voldermort's Penis

Of all the weird things JK Rowling has said about her books, I don't think she'd ever say anything about Voldemort's...elder wand.

Imagine if someone randomly went up to you and said that

JK Rowling would be disgusted if you talk about Voldermort's penis.

24 Reasons "Happy Gilmore" and "Billy Madison" Are the Two Most Important Movies Ever Made

Good movies, but aren't the most important

Both movies suck.

A Serious Investigation Into SpongeBob's Sexual Practices

Stephen Hillenburg spoke that Spongebob is asexual.

This Alphabet Food Test Will Reveal Your Future Boyfriend

I didn’t eat for a day, therefore I will NEVER have an icy boyfriend! MWAHAHAAHA!

Why White People Should Be Able to Say the N Word
13 Potatoes That Look Like Channing Tatum

Why? Just why?... (Spoiler: they don't even look alike)

€13 Condoms That Look Like Muffet13”

14 Times Spaghetti Lived by It's Own Damn Rules

It makes no sense. All that happens is some random person puts spaghetti everywhere.

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