Top 10 Ways YouTube Sucks Now

YouTube was once so great to go on back in the day.

But recently, it has become a piece of bullcrap like nothing else.

Some might agree or disagree with what's said on here, but it's the truth, no harm done.

Here are the reasons why YouTube sucks nowadays.
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1 Copyright Paranoia

YouTube, what are you doing? The copyright is bullcrap, it's even going to lose you money. The copyright system is flawed to the point were it's just so easy to falsely claim copyright, the claimer when they are caught doesn't even get into terrible for it. It just takes 3 flawed claims to ruin a entire channel, or life depending on what channel is deleted. Do you even know what the word "fair use" even means? Legit parodies are getting taken down, PARODIES, are you kidding me? Well, YouTube probably won't see this, but whatever.

Unfortunately, it's like these days YouTube videos don't seem to have any background music or other videos put into theirs to explain their point for a source. It's probably because of copyright. Also, I don't think using background music for certain videos is that bad. I also don't like it when people bleep out the cuss word for some reason, if there are kids watching your videos , then don't cuss at all.

This is actually why I'm the angriest at youtube I've ever been. It used to allow parody channels to exist, but they figured they may as well delete them because of "copyright" even though it was perfectly legal. Frankly, I may just start using another video uploading site, I'm not sure if I can deal with youtube anymore after it deleted one of my favorite channels

YouTube's copyright system is so bad to the point where many people have gotten copyright claims or strikes on videos that don't contain any copyrighted material, plus people who make false claims don't even get punished.

Also, YouTube was originally a website to watch copyrighted stuff until it got sued by Viacom in the late 2000s.

2 Too Many Advertisements

Even when skipping to a forward point, you have to go through the adverts... 30 seconds of adverts for a 25 second video and then repeat!

There are ads that are like an hour long! Yes you can skip them but if I'm listening to music or something and I just leave my phone playing I have to go over to my phone just to skip. Then there is the double ads where there are literally 2 in a row! Or when you have a 5 minute video with an ad before, middle, and after! All this does is turn people off. 95% of YouTube I watch on PC so I can run AdBlock, if it wasn't for the ad spam they would have made more advertising money of me. These are just the problems with the ads but of course YT has many more problems. (Censorship of Speech, Demonitization, False Copyright, Left Wing Bias, world's worst trending page that consists of 50% LGBTQ make-up tutorials, 40% Ads, and 10% music videos. They claim to be a platform, but they haven't been a platform in years.

YouTube's ads are bad for all the wrong reasons. When I try to watch a gaming video, it gives me an ad for a mobile game, that 1. Looks absolutely terrible, 2. Shows some stupid caption, and 3. Promotes stupid/unethical concepts (e.g. Breaking out of jail, Finding the man who cheated on you, or trying, but failing to pander to the youth with Spongebob pics, Disney World jokes. Also, TikTok ads exist and play on every single video I watch, which makes me NOT want to download the app.

YouTube wants/needs Ad Revenue. Rather than ban controversial videos because they aren't Disney clean, why not acquire advertisers more congenial to the content? Lingerie and singles resorts advertise somewhere, don't they? And they pay premium bucks. To restate myself: Why not sort out the advertisers rather than censor the content?

3 Clickbait

One of my biggest pet peeves. I'm sick of seeing video thumbnails with exposed body parts (yes if you use the view source feature and search for og:image youll see the full size image) flung all over YouTube. There are so many videos with this that I am sure children are seeing because I don't sign into YouTube. Thus proving that there is no maturity filter present. Thanks click bait... Because idiots click that crap in the hopes of actually seeing what is depicted in the picture more and more crapbait exists.

It's honestly so infuriating seeing those types of YouTube videos. The ones with the effortlessly made fake thumbnails so that the video can get views only to find out that it didn't have that at all in the video. That's the exact reason why people dislike on reaction videos because reaction videos nowadays only ever want clout and viewers.

Clickbait basically runs the site now. Every "popular" video uses it to draw in viewers who then point out that it's a clickbait video and yet Youtube themselves continues to promotes this junk.

5MinuteCrafts and all the sister channels of it are great examples. Almost everything about the videos are lies. Rarely is there a case where the thumbnail and title accurately represent the video contents.

4 Buffering

What happened to the commentary? I agree, I found this site because I was unable to find a way to increase the buffer size in video downloads. I have a slow connection and use to buffer a video while I did something else. Now I have to watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a ...more

Or when it actually loads but refuses to play
Or when they care more to load their ads instead of the main video...
Or it decides to made to troll you.
Back then you could wait until the video fully loads and then hit play. Since around 2010 it loads only few seconds and it needs to be running to load more, and if you jump it erases all it already loaded. It's so idiot how it works now compared to how it was. I wonder what explains that...
Their main competitor is probably Facebook, with their "watch" thing. But just imagine the Facebook YouTube...

My computer is pretty good, but I've noticed an influx of buffering in the past it just me?

I really hate it when your videos load for a really long time, especially for 25 min.

5 Good Videos Get Removed While Bad Videos Don't

Parody channels that make people laugh are often shuttered while channels harassing others stays.

Whoever the idea of bad video staying. It gets more views with negative comments.

Whoever mentioned the YouTube kids video bs and Logan Paul THANK YOU! Also the grounded videos are so annoying and yet they're still on there

I've seen this with other youtubers that I watched.

6 Susan Wojcicki

Yes! She's one of the worst CEOs of YouTube. My account was successful then it got terminated because of the false flagging and I tried to appeal but it doesn't work, she's also a helpless person. She should be fired forever! She is the one who keeps on kicking out small channels who are trying to be successful but she keeps the big YouTubers on YouTube. That's why many people hate her! Good her videos get a lot of dislikes.

She deserves to be throw down the death star reactor. Many of my favourite channels like Armchair Historian, Dr Ludwig, amounts many other historic and gaming channels.

She's a bad business woman who cares for money. She's one of the reason why Youtube became worser.

She is the reason why YouTube became a sewer of terrible things?

7 Double Ads

Constantly, the same bad adverts. I am making a habit of NOT buying anything from an advert on YouTube until there are less ads

Double ads are the one of the most annoying thing in Youtube. A video needs two ads before it plays. Some of them takes 15 seconds and it's unskippable.

Not only repetitive ads but same industry too. And every 10 minutes, it's disgusting.

I have no words for this

8 No More Originality

I had just posted a lego war video on my channel. It was stop motion and I had been working on it for about 3 months. I posted an I thought to myself, hey, maybe my first video will be a hit. So about 2 weeks later I check on how the video had done and I was speechless at what I had seen. My channel had deleted. And for what reason? For the usual things that Susan deletes small channels for. Probably because she had seen my video, which the bad guy of it was named not Susan Wojcicki. And boom. 3 months of hard work gone. And all because I was thinking of doing something original. My idea was to create a lego war show that deals with the aftermath. But no. Susan says no.

In 2005 up until maybe 2010-2011, YouTube was a social network site where you could broadcast yourself and watch original videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, Urban Ninja, Evolution of Dance, Smosh (when they were good, and Nigahiga (when he was good).

Now YouTube's basically a low-quality streaming service filled with ads and low-quality YouTubers who make the same reviews, bad gaming videos, and stuff just to make money. It's a shame that YouTube went from an original social network of fun videos to a safe haven for the richest 1%.

Everyone wants to copy instead of coming up with original content, yes this includes the bland looking animations of vloggers pretending to be animators. Then of course we have channels reacting to their own content, but of course they need to make a video for everyone else to see and others to folow suit. I could list a million reasons why but sadly I think this is the most logical one out of the top 10 list itself.

Three words: Clash Royale YouTubers. Honestly they have the easiest job in the world: 1. Wake up 2. Go on Twitter 3. Find "good" challenge to do that is 100% no sarcasm *cough* "unoriginal" 3. Post video with facecam of you getting super excited that your Goblins beat a Prince or something 4. Don't reply to comments because that's for "causal youtubers" 5. Go to bed 6.Repeat

Thumbs up if you agree

9 Doesn't Care About Smaller Channels

I just started and I only have 2 YouTubers and I sometimes get called the forgotten YouTuber! And YouTube dosen't support me enough!

Why isn't this higher on the list? In my opinion, this is the main reason why YouTube stinks nowadays. YouTube fails to support newer channels, which is leading to a lack of original content. Also, YouTube is not giving any opportunities to smaller channels. Several YouTubers have had to quit YouTube to find jobs, and this is because YouTube is not supporting them. The new YouTube policy is a huge middle finger to smaller YouTube channels. YouTube clearly does not care about smaller channels, and this is the absolute worst.

Considering how YouTube's more business oriented and junk, only the big, money-making YouTubers like Pewdiepie get attention. Whenever you go on the homepage and look in your suggested videos, all you find are a bunch of television stuff and videos from larger YouTubers. Also, people are very picky about the quality of the video these days...

While this may be somewhat true, the viewers are the ones that bring Smaller Channels to light.

If you make content, you are most likely not gonna make it, unless you have a loyal viewer base.

The algorithm will recommend your content if it applies to a demographic.

10 Disgusting Jokes

Also the reaction channel's are so bad I can't believe people actually call that talent and call themeselfs You tubing people. Silly as jokes is annoying and doing anything to get attention I miss eating people making stories.

I always hate disgusting jokes.

I'm looking at you, Senza.

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? Removal of Community Captions
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11 Cringe Compilations

It doesn't even help the kids who are called "Cringy" with their videos. It just shames and bullies innocent kids instead of giving them helpful feedback and constructive criticism. And the video's aren't even cringeworthy. I wish these videos were replaced with giving beginners advice.

Why would you want to watch a bunch of videos that are all either disturbing to watch or just complete cancer?

Cringe comps aren't that bad
I tried to make 3 cringe comp videos and they got lots of views within a few weeks...

Just let other people be themselves. Youtube should ban these videos.

12 COPPA Update

YouTube is going to go downhill soon because lots of YouTubers aren't able to post their content they want and they have to use clean words, youtube was so simple and now it's just like a website that North Korea has made! A popular YouTuber should start a new website to post videos anyway! Because I can tell you right now, they are doing this to remove all non family friendly channels and they are trying to delete YouTube kids so that the normal YouTube will become a kids YouTube! A YouTuber just needs to make a new alternative to take over YouTube because I think by 2025, YouTube is a fully functional kids website!

YouTube is trying to delete YouTube kids to make the normal Youtube the new YouTube kids! It looks like the company is run by Kim Jong un!

Coppa one of the worst things ever happened in YouTube why would it exist let me tell you comments being disabled that's it, that's how I explained to you coppa is the worst COPPA should never exist but if we did exist because of that Susan wojciki I hate her I hate nazi tube I hate coppa I hate children that's it!

The 2019 COPPA update is stupid and unnecessary, plus it's unfair to all of us 13+ users on the website. In addition, many people worried about getting fined $42,000 in late 2019 because of the announcement of this update.

13 Demonetization

Well then maybe don't revolve your life around sitting on your ass all day making gaming videos for YouTube as your "job" and this wouldn't be a problem. YouTube was never supposed to be a job, and I'm getting sick of people treating it like it is.

How is this not in the top three? I notice people are getting demonetized for really stupid reasons. There are some that happened for no reason. I wish it never existed.

Yeah, this is another beef I have. YouTube demonetizing every time someone uses a short clip to make a point. Where's the Fair Use?

Why isn't this higher? Some Youtubers are starting to cater to 8 year olds so they don't lose money from swearing.

14 Kids Cartoons

How to make a YT "kids cartoon
1. Put on either Disney princesses and Spider-Man for seemingly no reason or creepy babies with eyes that almost never blink.
2. Throw in a nursery rhyme that teaches lying to children (Johnny Johnny) or a song that has overstayed its welcome 2 months ago (baby shark)
3. Make sure your animation is so bad, it gives "Ratatoing" a run for it's money.
4. Throw in at least five stupid "trends" such as fidget spinners or the ice bucket challenge. Congrats! You have made a video that nobody over the age of 2 can't figure out the purpose of its existence!

They ruined YouTube for me. I swear they are everywhere and no matter how many times I click not interested they still won't go away. Just go into incognito mode and look at your recommended and you'll see what I mean

Scary "kids" videos on YT Kids. Videos that show popular kids characters doing things like sticking metal in a socket, harming themselves, and a lot of creepy things that kids couldn't see.

I think what's the problem is cartoons disguised as "Child-friendly"
Normal baby stuff is fine, as far as I say. They're for babies, not you.
The inappropriate ones are the ones worth worrying about.

15 No More Entertainment

I'm 14 and I must honestly say when I first started seeing ads on YouTube was back in 2015. I was all like well this is new. Everything is not good anymore. Music has been dead since 2004 2005 something like that. I was only 1 or 2 when music popularity when't just garbage. Also their are a lot of rude jerks in this world. Not just on YouTube but also real life. I was wearing my Oilers hat when this little ignorent God awful piece of crap called it garbage. I wanted to kick his stupid teeth in. I hope he gets knocked out. He is a dumbass. His personality is garbage. He is like 12 to 13 or something. But anyway let's get back to talking about YouTube. I still watch older YouTube videos from 2010 and 2013. But nowadays their are just stupid trolls in the comments. I hate that. I wan't YouTube to get better.

YouTube was once entertaining to go on, but then very recently, it has started to change like nothing else.

Many users have either gone crazy or YouTube gained crazy users, they aren't even funny at all, they just do stupid and random things that rely too much on shock value and junk, like worse than vomit.

They just want to discuss the worst parts of their personal lives to others, and yet the people also use bad words and talk too much about certain things, like when was the last time someone lost his/her virginity? It's just stupid that people on YouTube these days are especially taking it the wrong way.
And not only that, they do that stuff because they're too desperate for money and yet since YouTube has paid them to do things, they're especially nowadays going way too overboard on it.

Yet even the best YouTube channels are either gone or messed up by idiots, again, because of money.

Now we don't have anything entertaining nor original on YouTube ...more

Very true, it was once great, but took the DeviantArt path and became a horrible site.
People are fighting and making some of the worst videos about some of the worst parts about their personal lives and letting others invade their privacy.
And the reactions don't make any sense and the anime fans are just going out of control.
It used to be great, but now it sucks.

There are some channels that I think are still entertaining, but with most of them, video after video is them jumping on a stupid trend like the 3 AM Challenge.

16 Removal of the Dislikes Count

This is probably the worst thing YouTube has done in the recent years. It's worse than the Coppa policy, adpocalypse and everything else. Susan Wojingpei just wants to protect herself and big corporations from constructive criticism so she removed the dislike count and she used small creators, which she never wanted to see succeed as as excuse to justify all this. Also it's pretty pointless because the user still has the option to disable ratings on their videos. The only hope for YouTube to survive is to force them to fire Susan.

The dislike count was a good way to tell if the video was worth my time or not. I could figure out if the video was misinforming, mean, clickbait, etc. Dislikes could also be a way of telling the creator they made a mistake in the video– that is, if they didn't know. Now, that the dislike count is gone, none of that can be done as easily. Sure, maybe there is the comment section, but unless the dislike ratio is significantly larger, and there are fewer comments it won't be as easy to find comments that bring up the video's flaws. Even though it's been a couple months since YouTube made this idiotic choice, sometimes my brain just decides, "Hey, get mad over this, even though you should try to live with it." And that– doesn't seem very healthy... Honestly, at this point, I'm just ready to move to another video platform... or just turn off the computer and get some fresh air. Both would be good solutions.

How is this 17!? This is without a doubt, the absolute worst thing YouTube has ever done. Now I can't tell if a video is TRULY good or not.

It's one of various examples of YouTube's censorship.

17 Account Termination for No Apparent Reason

When I said that PETA is the most hypocritical company, YouTube actually isn't that far behind. They terminated Mumkey Jones just for making a satirical video about Elliot Rodger, yet both Logan Paul and Peluchin Entertainment only got a slap on the wrist for severely violating the Terms of Service. Logan Paul laughed at a man who committed suicide at the suicide forest, while Peluchin Entertainment brutally beat his pet cat to death. And no, the number of subscribers is not an excuse since Mumkey Jones had more subscribers prior to his termination than Peluchin Entertainment has today.

My son is now going through this. Unable to communicate with anyone from YouTube to discuss the issue. Seems YouTube is untouchable.

Everyone knows someone who got at least one bogus strike. Multiple strikes can occur as a result of the system automatically detecting something inaccurately and trying to get it resolved is an uphill battle as it's difficult to get anyone at Youtube to respond.

Try to get info about the termination. You get in to this Kafka YouTube Hell.

18 Bullying Comments

When you see a video, you comment on it, but then not long afterwards, there were people posting mean comments about the videos and other people, some even said they want to f others off or even kill them.

Many even made fun of other people and/or their bodies/body parts and used the wrong words.
And some even said "kill it with fire" and that isn't even the worst, the worst is "if you don't like them, don't watch them", it's so mean because they're telling the others to go away/to h just because they don't like the videos/people.

Opinions exist, but mean comments are unnecessary and only hurt other people's feelings, and can even cause fights, which would ruin their lives, yet that's bullying and that's one of the worst things in the world.

It's one of the main things that ruined YouTube.

The thing is about the internet is that people don't seem to get the difference between bullying and constructive criticism. Rebecca Black gets cyberbullied and death threats for a song that SHE didn't even make. That's real bullying. Some actor gets a couple of comments saying that he's cringey, his acting is bad and that's somewhat worse than what happened to people like Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber or Victoria Justice who literally got told to die and got blamed for supposedly "ending Victorious". Some people are honestly so CLOSED-MINDED that it irritates me. It's like people just never seen to want to accept constructive criticism. Some people get shamed for their appearance and getting told that they should kill themselves because of how they look! Those types of comments are somewhat okay but getting told that you're bad at acting is a bigger problem than anything else. First off, I really can't take the amount of attention seeking anymore and the person who I'm talking about ...more

One of the biggest examples being Anime America Podcast. Those people bully people over anime like Clannad and Sword Art Online. We get it! You guys hate Clannad and Sword Art Online! But you don't have to bully and block people for it! I can't believe I actually used to like them. Now that I know the truth about them, I hate Anime America Podcast now.

YouTube is also known as "one of the worst places on the internet." Bullying is the main reason behind it. YouTubers nowadays are so arrogant and full of themselves. That mostly applies to anime reviewers.

19 No More Creativity

YouTube used to be so creative back then, there were cool videos, some were funny, some even helped you learn things.

But sadly, this isn't the case with YouTube nowadays, the videos you're seeing now are nothing but a bunch of crap done for nothing but attention and views, those people don't even know how to make good videos or be creative, even the DIY projects aren't creative, they're more like poop builds rather than actual DIY projects, the results are garbage.

Nobody is good at them anymore, and I agree with that guy who brought our "favorite character" back for a sequel, but still, we've lost the wide range of creativity we used to have on YouTube.

Yup, true. Now youtube is filled with talking, vlogging, and the same repeated content like bottle flip challenges and we see a lot of bottle flip challenges and the same game people are playing! And videos these days are sharing their personal lives about their boyfriend, girlfriend, and others. The videos these days are mostly people talking

Everyone just wants money, they follow what is popular.

20 Retro Hipster Kids that Think They're the Best Because They Like Pop Culture from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's While Their Peers Don't

Why isn't this number 1? I hate it in the comments when old people are like "Our generation was better! " Then cherry-pick information about what kids today do. I'm a kid and I don't go drinking and twerking at parties. I bet 99.9% of what they think about kids is what they see on those "shocking" news channels where the kid(s) get kidnapped by a pedo for posting some nudes on Instagram or whatever. And then those, "Kids these days lie, cheat, and steal." Like yeah, you've never lied to your mom to get a candy bar, never looked over someone's shoulder on a test, never took something without asking in your ENTIRE LIFE.
It's even more annoying when teenagers try to copy those old people by trying to be "edgy" by hating on popular things for no reason. Just because someone shakes their butt ONCE then they hate the song/video and then they try to say that ALL videos are like that. There WERE songs and video like that back in the "good old days" except they were mostly hidden due to ...more

So true, most of them say "social media is ruining everything" when they're using it right now. There are also lots of people with this strange obsession with pretty much everything from 2013 but that's the most recent year that gets overloved. by the way it's now more like "70's, 80's and 90's" I hate those kids, just because you like old stuff doesn't mean you're special.

Honestly, I'm a kid that loves many things from before I was born, but I don't think that makes me superior to other people my age.

Acid Attack everyone that hates One Direction, and the haters deserve it.

21 YouTubers Not Handling the Slightest Amounts of Criticism
22 Game Theorist Fans

To all matpat fans, shut up! You keep getting pissed off when we disprove a theory, you keep spamming "Mario is mental, matpat is right! ", and finally, you spawned one of the worst fandoms in 2017. Hopefully you know what it is (It's not really Cuphead. Someone else caused the fandom to become rabbid).

Not the biggest thing but god will they ever shut up about disproved "theories? " Do they even know what theory means?

What's wrong with game theorists! At least we don't spend all our time playing fortnite

What does this even mean

23 Advertisement Friendly Guidelines
24 Trolls Everywhere

The problem of the system of YouTube which is full of mutants. It's like Stalker Zone.

This was always on the internet but I hate those.

Imagine someone hurt themselves because of trolls smh. Trolls are hurtful narcissists.

25 Bad Video System/Quality Controls

Old YouTube, you click the quality you want, you play it, and you can skip back forward with minimal buffering. Current YouTube, you click the quality you want, click play, wait 20 minutes to buffer, hope that your quality doesn't drop to 144p, and maybe, if you're lucky after 5 refreshes, your video plays.

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