Top 10 Ways YouTube Sucks Now

YouTube was once so great to go on back in the day.

But recently, it has become a piece of bullcrap like nothing else.

Some might agree or disagree with what's said on here, but it's the truth, no harm done.

Here are the reasons why YouTube sucks nowadays.
The Top Ten
1 Copyright Paranoia

YouTube, what are you doing? The copyright system is flawed to the point where it's just so easy to falsely claim copyright. The claimer, when caught, doesn't even get in trouble for it.

It just takes three flawed claims to ruin an entire channel, or life, depending on what channel is deleted. Do you even know what the word "fair use" means? Legitimate parodies are getting taken down. Are you kidding me? YouTube probably won't see this, but whatever.

2 Too Many Advertisements

There are ads that are like an hour long! Yes, you can skip them, but if I'm listening to music or something and just leave my phone playing, I have to go over to my phone just to skip. Then there are the double ads where there are literally two in a row! Or when you have a 5-minute video with an ad before, in the middle, and after! All this does is turn people off.

95% of YouTube I watch on PC so I can run AdBlock. If it wasn't for the ad spam, they would have made more advertising money off me. These are just the problems with the ads, but of course, YouTube has many more problems.

(Censorship of speech, demonetization, false copyright claims, left-wing bias, and the world's worst trending page that consists of 50% LGBTQ makeup tutorials, 40% ads, and 10% music videos.) They claim to be a platform, but they haven't been a platform in years.

3 Clickbait

One of my biggest pet peeves. I'm sick of seeing video thumbnails with exposed body parts (if you use the view source feature and search for og:image, you'll see the full-size image) flung all over YouTube.

There are so many videos like this that I am sure children are seeing because I don't sign into YouTube, proving there is no maturity filter present. Thanks, clickbait. Because idiots click that crap in the hopes of actually seeing what is depicted in the picture, more and more clickbait exists.

4 Buffering

What happened to the commentary? I agree. I found this site because I was unable to find a way to increase the buffer size in video downloads. I have a slow connection and used to buffer a video while I did something else.

Now I have to watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, watch 3 seconds of a video, wait, and so on. It's incredibly frustrating.

5 Good Videos Get Removed While Bad Videos Don't

It's such a shame that people's favorite channels, including my own personal favorites, get taken down for stupid reasons or no reason at all while YouTube doesn't even bother dealing with idiot jerks and criminals like SSSniperWolf.

Parody channels that make people laugh are often shuttered while channels harassing others stay.

Whoever mentioned the YouTube kids video nonsense and Logan Paul, THANK YOU! Also, the grounded videos are so annoying, and yet they're still on there.

6 Susan Wojcicki

Yes! She's one of the worst CEOs of YouTube. My account was successful, then it got terminated because of false flagging. I tried to appeal, but it didn't work. She's also a helpless person. She should be fired forever!

She keeps kicking out small channels trying to be successful but keeps the big YouTubers on YouTube. That's why many people hate her! Good that her videos get a lot of dislikes.

She deserves to be thrown down the Death Star reactor. Many of my favorite channels like Armchair Historian, Dr. Ludwig, among many other history and gaming channels, have suffered because of her.

7 Double Ads

Constantly, the same bad adverts. I am making a habit of not buying anything from an advert on YouTube until there are fewer ads.

Double ads are one of the most annoying things on YouTube. A video needs two ads before it plays. Some of them take 15 seconds and are unskippable.

Not only repetitive ads but the same industry too. And every 10 minutes, it's disgusting.

8 No More Originality

I agree with many of the things that everyone says here. I also want to add that it's exceptionally hard to find actual good, artistic videos these days.

In 2005 up until maybe 2010-2011, YouTube was a social network site where you could broadcast yourself and watch original videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, Urban Ninja, Evolution of Dance, Smosh (when they were good), and Nigahiga (when he was good).

Now YouTube's basically a low-quality streaming service filled with ads and low-quality YouTubers who make the same reviews, bad gaming videos, and stuff just to make money. It's a shame that YouTube went from an original social network of fun videos to a safe haven for the richest 1%.

9 Doesn't Care About Smaller Channels

This is all because of that Susan Wojcicki moron who only wants money from the bigger creators. It's not that hard to help smaller channels, come on!

Why isn't this higher on the list? In my opinion, this is the main reason why YouTube stinks nowadays. YouTube fails to support newer channels, leading to a lack of original content.

YouTube is not giving any opportunities to smaller channels. Several YouTubers have had to quit YouTube to find jobs because YouTube is not supporting them. The new YouTube policy is a huge middle finger to smaller YouTube channels. YouTube clearly does not care about smaller channels, and this is the absolute worst.

10 Disgusting Jokes

I always hate disgusting jokes.

The Contenders
11 Cringe Compilations

It doesn't help the kids who are called "cringy" with their videos. It just shames and bullies innocent kids instead of giving them helpful feedback and constructive criticism.

The videos aren't even cringeworthy. I wish these videos were replaced with ones giving beginners advice.

Why would you want to watch a bunch of videos that are all either disturbing to watch or just complete garbage?

Just let other people be themselves. YouTube should ban these videos.

12 COPPA Update

This update ruined animated videos for me because now I can't read any comments to see what people think of a particular cartoon.

YouTube is going downhill because many YouTubers can't post the content they want and have to use clean language. YouTube used to be so simple, and now it's like a website that North Korea has made!

A popular YouTuber should start a new website to post videos. They are trying to remove all non-family-friendly channels and delete YouTube Kids so that the normal YouTube will become a kids' site. A YouTuber needs to create a new alternative to take over YouTube because by 2025, YouTube will be a fully functional kids' website.

13 Demonetization

How is this not in the top three? I notice people are getting demonetized for really stupid reasons. There are some cases where it happens for no reason. I wish it never existed.

Yeah, this is another beef I have. YouTube demonetizes every time someone uses a short clip to make a point. Where's the Fair Use?

Why isn't this higher? Some YouTubers are starting to cater to 8-year-olds so they don't lose money from swearing.

14 Kids Cartoons

How to make a YT "kids cartoon":

1. Use Disney princesses and Spider-Man for no reason, or creepy babies with eyes that almost never blink.
2. Include a nursery rhyme that teaches lying to children (Johnny Johnny) or a song that has overstayed its welcome (Baby Shark).
3. Ensure your animation is so bad it gives "Ratatoing" a run for its money.
4. Add at least five stupid "trends" such as fidget spinners or the ice bucket challenge. Congrats! You have made a video that nobody over the age of 2 can figure out the purpose of!

15 Removal of the Dislikes Count

I read that the reason the dislike counter was removed was to prevent people from spamming "dislike attacks" on certain creators. Realistically speaking, did we really need this update? Did content creators actually care about these so-called "dislike attacks"? No!

Removing the dislike counter makes it even more difficult to find good videos on this broken site. We might as well remove the dislike button altogether at this point.

This is probably the worst thing YouTube has done in recent years. It's worse than the COPPA policy, Adpocalypse, and everything else. Susan Wojcicki just wants to protect herself and big corporations from constructive criticism, so she removed the dislike count and used small creators as an excuse to justify this.

It's pointless because the user still has the option to disable ratings on their videos. The only hope for YouTube to survive is to force them to fire Susan.

16 No More Entertainment

I'm 14, and I must honestly say, when I first started seeing ads on YouTube back in 2015, I thought, well, this is new. Everything is not good anymore. Music has been dead since 2004 or 2005. I was only 1 or 2 when music's popularity went to garbage. Also, there are a lot of rude jerks in this world, not just on YouTube but also in real life.

I was wearing my Oilers hat when this little ignorant, awful piece of crap called it garbage. I wanted to kick his teeth in. I hope he gets knocked out. He is a dumbass. His personality is garbage. He is like 12 or 13 or something.

But anyway, let's get back to talking about YouTube. I still watch older YouTube videos from 2010 and 2013. But nowadays, there are just stupid trolls in the comments. I hate that. I want YouTube to get better.

17 Account Termination for No Apparent Reason

When I said that PETA is the most hypocritical company, YouTube isn't far behind. They terminated Mumkey Jones for making a satirical video about Elliot Rodger, yet both Logan Paul and Peluchin Entertainment only got a slap on the wrist for severely violating the Terms of Service.

Logan Paul laughed at a man who committed suicide in the suicide forest, while Peluchin Entertainment brutally beat his pet cat to death. The number of subscribers is not an excuse since Mumkey Jones had more subscribers prior to his termination than Peluchin Entertainment has today.

18 No More Creativity

YouTube used to be so creative back then. There were cool videos. Some were funny, and some even helped you learn things.

But sadly, this isn't the case with YouTube nowadays. The videos you see now are nothing but a bunch of crap done for nothing but attention and views. Those people don't even know how to make good videos or be creative. Even the DIY projects aren't creative. They're more like bad builds rather than actual DIY projects. The results are garbage.

Nobody is good at them anymore. I agree with the guy who brought our "favorite character" back for a sequel, but still, we've lost the wide range of creativity we used to have on YouTube.

19 Bullying Comments

When you see a video and comment on it, not long afterwards, people start posting mean comments about the videos and other people. Some even say they want to harm or kill others.

Many make fun of other people and their bodies. Some even say "kill it with fire," and that's not even the worst. The worst is, "if you don't like them, don't watch them." It's so mean because they're telling others to go away just because they don't like the videos or people.

Opinions exist, but mean comments are unnecessary and only hurt other people's feelings. They can even cause fights, which can ruin lives. That's bullying, and it's one of the worst things in the world.

It's one of the main things that has ruined YouTube.

20 Retro Hipster Kids that Think They're the Best Because They Like Pop Culture from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's While Their Peers Don't

Why isn't this number 1? I hate it in the comments when old people say, "Our generation was better!" Then cherry-pick information about what kids today do. I'm a kid, and I don't go drinking and twerking at parties. I bet 99.9% of what they think about kids is based on what they see on those "shocking" news channels where a kid gets kidnapped by a pedophile for posting nudes on Instagram.

Then they say, "Kids these days lie, cheat, and steal." Like yeah, you've never lied to your mom to get a candy bar, never looked over someone's shoulder on a test, never took something without asking in your entire life.

It's even more annoying when teenagers try to copy those old people by trying to be "edgy" by hating on popular things for no reason. Just because someone shakes their butt once, they hate the song or video and then try to say that all videos are like that. There were songs and videos like that back in the "good old days," except they were mostly hidden due to there being a lot fewer internet users.

And don't get me started on those "I wish I didn't live in this generation so I could see all the greats" kind of people.

The point is, it's okay to like old stuff, but it's annoying to shove it in other people's faces and say that you're somehow a better person because of it.

21 YouTubers Not Handling the Slightest Amounts of Criticism
22 Game Theorist Fans

To all MatPat fans, shut up! You keep getting pissed off when we disprove a theory. You keep spamming "Mario is mental, MatPat is right!" and finally, you spawned one of the worst fandoms in 2017.

Hopefully, you know what it is (It's not really Cuphead. Someone else caused the fandom to become rabid).

Not the biggest thing, but God, will they ever shut up about disproved "theories"? Do they even know what theory means?

23 Advertisement Friendly Guidelines
24 Trolls Everywhere

The problem is the system of YouTube, which is full of mutants. It's like the Stalker Zone.

This was always on the internet, but I hate those.

Imagine someone hurt themselves because of trolls. Trolls are hurtful narcissists.

25 Bad Video System/Quality Controls

Old YouTube: you click the quality you want, you play it, and you can skip back and forward with minimal buffering.

Current YouTube: you click the quality you want, click play, wait 20 minutes to buffer, hope that your quality doesn't drop to 144p, and maybe, if you're lucky after five refreshes, your video plays.

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