Top Ten Biggest Problems With Vlogging

Vlogs can be interesting, as they share their personal life to others and make quality videos, but there are certainly problems with it, like with many other things.

It's one of those things that started out good, but then went downhill.
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1 Lack of Originality

Sites like YouTube were once great and even original, vlogging was once useful as well, but then, it started to focus mainly on people telling weird stories about their life, and they start talking about their sexualities toward others, and they even make up these videos about weird foods and take certain issues especially as jokes, they even make up these "Challenges" that hardly make any sense, and they are more like weird "jokes" rather than actual challenges
If you look up each person's vlog, it's practically the same thing no matter what person.
This is an example of no originality, Where's the originality videos had?
Sites like YouTube used to have originality, with awesome shows, music, documentaries, movies and stuff.
Yet people even made up characters and entertained audiences with their true talent.

Now all we get are videos about people telling others weird parts about their life, sexual stories and crazy "challenges", as a way to draw more viewers and make money.

What has happened to the internet?

2 Relying on Shock Value

People are just making vlogs that only rely on shock value, when someone talks about certain stuff or uses certain language, it's usually done for shock value, as well as for more views and money, it might work for the first time, but when it's done over and over again, the shock value fades away.

3 Weird Topics

When people discuss topics with others, they should be interactive, most of the modern topics on vlogs nowadays are just "weird" and not worth getting into.

It's the truth that people do those kinds of things just to bring attention and other things, they don't necessarily work.

4 Weird Stories

People were once sharing fun parts about their life towards others, but now, they're just making up weird stories about things, such as food, issues, and their life.

It's just so unsettling that people behave that way now because they think they're trying to get more views and money by doing that stuff, but it doesn't work.

5 Challenges

Believe it or not? that's what videos are about these days, Challenges.

People are making up "challenges" because their "fans" think it's funny and cool.
But it's really not to be honest with you.

They do stuff like Charlie Charlie, Eat It, Condoms, Sex Position and stuff.

Why would people do that kind of stuff? Views and Money.

There are honestly better ways to get more views, by doing something more original, like make awesome shows and that are actually funny and entertaining and contain story lines.

Challenges are not any of that to be honest.

6 Fighting

Vlogs can sometimes have fighting, and that's a big issue with them these days.

Lots of people are fighting and doing the most insensible things toward others and the vlogs.

When someone says mean things to others and others struggle to ignore them, they usually get into a fight and try to hurt the others, both feelings and even themselves.

It's very shameful that people do those kinds of things.

7 Swearing

Swearing is a big problem with videos these days, people like to swear in them, we know that there's a chance to swear and that almost everybody says a bad word at least once in their lifetime.

But swearing especially too much is a big problem with videos, even those watching them with headphones can be negatively influenced by the language, and get into swearing too much as well.

People need to be nicer and talk more positively, with respect and friendship.

Swearing just makes people including me want to go away from them.

8 Sexual Revelations

Every once in a while, during a vlog, someone will reveal his/her sexuality toward others, and while that's something to be somewhat proud of, as we get to know more about a big part of their life, it can be a problem, especially with what's done afterwards.

9 Copyright Infringement

Even vlogs were once original back then, but not anymore, and when someone does a vlog about a certain thing, others usually do the same thing as well, and whether it's a coincidence or stealing, it's a problem to copy what others are doing.

Stealing someone else's work is just wrong, and infringes copyright, especially when someone talks about relationships or does DIYs, each of those videos is usually the same, it's against the terms of use to steal other people's work, and that kind of stuff is just so wrong to do.

Even if there were some inaccuracies on those or here, I decided to put this here as there is truth to that.

10 Misleading Thumbnails

When you go on a vlog channel, as in during the modern days, like the present, you'll find videos that are titled with weird looking and misleading thumbnails.
They look so annoying and inaccurate, and so are the titles, when you find a video with a good title, it's worse than you think, and when you look a video with an offensive or gross title, it's not as bad as you find it.

People need to make videos, including vlogs, more accurate, especially like they were back then.

The Contenders
11 Misleading titles
12 Shaky Videos

Probably the most common problem with vlogging.

13 Greed

This is a serious problem with vlogging, and pretty much anything.
People including vloggers, many, are just doing crazy stuff just for money, they are desperate and being enslaved by the now evil groups we call Google and YouTube.

14 Fakeness
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