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21 Numb Numb

Heard it in concert by Eminem and Rihanna and that's the only reason I will listen to it when it comes on. Not a fan of this song though

Ugh, a song that repeats the same thing over and over. A cliche that should not exist.

Every Eminem and Rihanna song has been awful, can he please stop working with her

Quote: "I'm the butt police and I'm staring at your rear, rear, rear."


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22 Berzerk Berzerk

Not this isn't that bad... sure it doesn't have the best flow or even crack the top 5 on the album (Rap God, Survival, Legacy, Bad Guy, The Monster) but it's not his 15th worst song.

This song isn't that bad, but it doesn't fit with the album at all so it comes off as really really bad

It honestly sounds more like something that would be on Relapse, except unlike most of Relapse, this song is good.

What!? Berserk, survival, and rap god are the three best songs off this album!

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23 I Need a Doctor I Need a Doctor

Why is this on here I have it in my top 10 it's got a good meaning

I actually really like this song this is church music compared to Fack

Insanely touching. The beat isn't great though..

God this is just dreadful, the awful rapping, the awful chorus which will haunt you worse than a Justin Bieber song for sure, just pure bad music.

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24 Same Song & Dance Same Song & Dance

The Metallica sample is awesome here.

Eminen's voice on this song is God-awful, but damn, the beat is amazing.

3rd best song on relapse after Deja Vu and My Darling (bonus CD but I'll count it)

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25 Drop the Bomb on 'em Drop the Bomb on 'em

I like this one, but the accent is worse than nails on a chalkboard.



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26 Not Afraid Not Afraid

Kim is awesome. Perhaps the most emotional song I've ever heard. STAN?! STAN IS WITHOUT A DOUBT IN HIS TOP 5 SONGS. Remember me and one shot 2shot are great. Just lose it is decent, no way it's his fourth worst song. This list is stupid.

Two things about this comment piss me off. 1: Kim isn't a song. 2:Stan is amazing.

This song is amazing! Who put it on this list? It's a great song about him struggling with drugs and overcoming his demons.

I guarantee that if this song wasn't on the radio, no one would ever say anything bad about it

Lyrically Recovery was one of the greatest this guy made.

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27 One Shot 2 Shot One Shot 2 Shot

Encore is a lot better than people give credit. But this song doesn't deserve to be on this list. One shot 2 shot and Never enough are my two favorites on this album.

I like it because he is telling a story.

This is the best song off encore...

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28 Space Bound Space Bound

Why is this on the list? This is my favorite song off of Recovery and one of my favorite Eminem songs of all time. It was amazing lyrically and it was amazing with the beat and the chorus and the verses and rapping and flow too.

It was lyrically the best of Recovery.

This is Eminem's greatest work in my opinion. The only song that can compete with it is Bad Guy

Erm... Love is evil spell it backwards ill show you (actual lyric)

Em Evil spelt backwards is live, not love, unless you meant to say Evol, which is short for evolution, in which case that is optimistic, however Eminem is not an optimist, have you heard "If I had

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29 Won't Back Down Won't Back Down

If this is one of Slim's worst songs then how did it get to the Rapture tour?

Best song on recovery (which isn't saying much)

THIS IS NOT A BAD SONG if it was treyarc would not put it in the zombie map five as an Easter egg

Just too overrated. Pink's part is awful

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30 '97 Bonnie and Clyde '97 Bonnie and Clyde

This song is pretty great. While being twisted, I love it. Somehow, it makes me feel closer to my own father (no, he hasn't killed my mom... Not yet anyways)

I like this song. It's really dark, a bit creepy...

A pretty twisted song really, however well written, rhymed and versed, so not deserving to be here.

A pretty dark song,deep down. But a good one, despite it being disturbing, this also is the inspiration for the SSLP album cover. Ifigured it out while listening to "Role model" and it is pretty dark.

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31 My Fault My Fault

It's just a song about a girl overdosing on shrooms, what

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32 Superman Superman

I LOVE Superman Saturday to Sunday Monday Monday through Sunday yo

It would appear I am the only one who hates this song. Like Cleaning Out My Closet, it rattles off stuff he already said in a less charming way. The Eminem Show is awesome, but this just blows.

This song doesn't make sense like FACK and Kim but this is worse I mean there's nothing God in this song

It ain't bad it's just disgusting

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33 Desperation Desperation

While this isn't one of the better songs from the MMLP2, it's still not that bad. The beat is unique and the lyrics are fine.

34 Maxine

Personally, I feel that Infinite is his most underrated album. Not his best, but a lot of people hate on it for just having bad production. Keep in mind that this album was made in 1996 and he wasn't a full-time rapper yet, and dirt-poor as well. Even so, this album binds excellent verses with Nasty Nas style flow, and the minimalist beats actually help give off a mid-90s poor rapper vibe. For an album that only sold 999 copies, this album is pretty amazing considering its low budget.
As far as the song goes, well, it's not Infinite's best, but it tells the story of a prostitute dying of HIV/AIDS. The mature topic is surprisingly handled well in the situation, but unfortunately the sexual references from the guest verses hinder it. However, the gritty, low-quality phone conversation at the end only galvanize this dark song.
So before you hate on Infinite the same way you did with Encore or Relapse, think of it this way. You may see a charm in the minimalist album you didn't see ...more

I don't know If this was suppose to be catchy or what but its annoying. Eminem's rapping was good but as far as producing he was working with amateurs on this one.

35 Hell Breaks Loose Hell Breaks Loose

This is one of my favorite songs to "bump" in my car.

I like big butts and I cannot lie

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36 No Love No Love

Hey dude, this is the WORST Eminem songs list, should be lower, great song, I agree

He disses Wayne in the song. Huh. I did not see that coming. But still this song is amazing.

As I say, "bad people can make good music". In this case, Lil Wayne. - WonkeyDude98

Lil Wayne's a great person idiot

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37 Hailie's Song Hailie's Song

Are you kidding me? Who put this song in the list? It's a masterpiece, he put all of his heart and soul for his daughter.

I did to see how many people that blindly hate Stronger Than I Was I can attract. - WonkeyDude98

Who put the song here it's awesome! - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

I wish people wouldn't compare this to stronger than I was. This has a catchy song structure, and though corny it is heartfelt. It feels like a song FOR HAILIE. He dosen't force himself to do any hard singing, and lets the beat do some of the work. He also has a distinctive chorus and verses. He is aware of a bit of the corniness in the song, and has a fast moving instrumental that makes the song seem short and sweet. On stronger than I was, it is a minimalist, slow moving istrumental that FORCES the vocals to the forefront. And, stronger than I was never varies in tone and is extremely boring. There aren't even any cheap, poppy thrills as there are in hailies song. Also, we ALREADY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HATE KIM. He dosen't give us a different, never-seen-before side of him, and it certainly dosen't make me want to sympathize with him. He is happy and playful in hailies song, something we don't see that often, in stronger than I was he gives us the usual angry him, which is fine, but in ...more - Themusicman

Why is this a bad song, this song is really good. Eminem sings about how much he loves his daughter

It is really good. I'm just interested to see how many people like this song and hate Stronger Than I Was. - WonkeyDude98

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38 313

One of the best songs off his first real album.

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39 Baby Baby

Great song, one of the best on MMLP2. Doesn't supposed to be on this list. - guitar

The baby crying in the intro is obnoxious, I suppose you skip that part. - Hotheart123

40 Groundhog Day Groundhog Day

Umm how is this on the worst list?

Ahem, this is a WORST Eminem songs list, stop putting his masterpieces here. Listen to this bar:

"Promisin' complete dominance, Sugar Ray Robinson,
I'm in a lead Muhammad's in, Ali's my colleague bombing em,
Probably end up on top of them like Ndamukong,
I'm rushing (Russian) like a Ukrainian LaDainian Tomlinson!

Everyone sleeps on his best bars. - WonkeyDude98

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